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March 28, 2016

Refine Your Content to Attract Mobile Users – Part 4

Attract Mobile Users

Attract Mobile Users

Thank you for continuing to follow our series, Refine Your Content to Attract Mobile Users. Mobile devices are an essential and omnipresent part of today’s world. As time progresses, we will see these devices advance in ways that we cannot currently conceive.

You have a blog or a website that you want to attract more attention, right? The simple fact is that it if you want to attract a larger audience, you must place an emphasis on attracting mobile users. Your digital marketing plan must surround mobile devices. Your content must be optimized for the voice searches that stem from mobile devices.

This week, we conclude our series with a few basic facts that you should know if you want your online business endeavors to be successful.

Tangled up in the Mobile Web

If you are in the process of refining your content so that you are able to appeal to mobile users, you must know that users are mostly tangled up in the mobile web on popular social media platforms. In fact, it was determined that one out of every five minutes that a mobile user is online, they are on Facebook. Each day, as of March 2016, more than 934 million individual mobile users log in and use Facebook.

When working to attract all of those mobile users, it is imperative that you use this piece of knowledge to your advantage. Social media should always be used to promote the content that you create for your blog and/or website.

Facebook Pixel

If you are working to refine your content to attract mobile users, it is critical that you know about and utilize Facebook Pixel. Facebook is the leader of the industry when it comes to targeting consumers. This is made possible by analyzing the demographics of internet users, the behaviors of those users, and the actions that users have taken across all of their devices.

Facebook Pixel is a type of code that may be installed on your website in order to identify the internet users that visit your blog and/or website. By utilizing this code, you will be better able to determine who is interested in what you have to offer and you may then create content that is based on the needs and wants of that target audience.

We are Here to Help

Brick Road Media is can help in all of your online business endeavors. We work closely with all of our clients to ensure that their business is the best within their industry. We not only create content; we are a step ahead of the competitors in preparing our clients for their share of success in this consistently evolving mobile revolution.

If you are ready to create the business that you have always dreamed of having and are ready to jump on the mobile bandwagon, we are ready to help you!

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March 21, 2016

Refine Your Content to Attract Mobile Users – Part 3

Content to Attract Mobile Users 3

We welcome you back to our series, Refine Your Content to Attract Mobile Users. In the past couple of weeks, you have learned that a mobile revolution is upon us. Mobile devices are everywhere and used by millions of people. If you are seeking to achieve success on the internet, you have to follow your target audience. That is, you must have a mobile marketing plan. If you follow your target audience and appeal to their newfound desires in accessibility, your target audience will, in turn, follow you. We here at Brick Road Media are committed to ensuring your success. The future is now. Mobile technology has grown to such immense popularity that if you do not grow with it, you WILL be left behind.

Rewrite Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The top online marketers are now taking the time to rewrite their digital marketing strategy so that they are able to draw in consumers who spend the majority of their time on their mobile devices. Just a year ago, mobile users would often conduct for prospective purchases on their mobile device; however, they would then go to their desktop computer in order to complete their purchases. This has since changed. Now, mobile users are searching for prospective purchases and making those purchases on their mobile devices. This rapid shift in consumer behavior should have ALL marketers jumping to rapidly adapt to the changes.

Mobile-Based Commerce Sales

In each industry, retailers are quickly finding that mobile-based commerce sales are growing at an alarming rate. Let’s take the Wayfair Company, for example. In the year of 2013, the company had $90 million in mobile sales. In the year of 2015, these sales grew to a whopping $399 million! According to statistics, approximately 29.7% of all of the online sales in the United States stem from mobile devices. Mobile users are using their devices in a large assortment of ways. As a result, marketers MUST place their marketing funds towards mobile channels. While it is true that an estimated 47% of all people still spend a great deal of time on their traditional desktop computers, this is quickly changing. As mobile devices continue to add more services and features, users are likely to lean more towards these devices for all aspects of their internet usage.

Google’s Statistics

In order to truly see how widespread mobile usage is, let’s pull from Google’s statistics. In the year of 2015, Google states that 52% of all clicks came from a mobile device. The smartphone market accounted for 36% of the clicks. Tablets accounted for nearly 16% of all clicks. Google attempted to display more ads. Unfortunately, this resulted in a 4% drop in organic searches and desktop searches fell 3%. By the time of the fourth quarter for Google came, the search engine established that mobile search ads were their largest revenue source. When you combine the results of all of the studies and all of the statistics, you can clearly see WHY it is vitally important to refine YOUR content for mobile users.

If you need help with great content for mobile users, contact us today and let us help you!


March 15, 2016

Refine Your Content to Attract Mobile Users – Part 2

Content to Attract Mobile Users

Content to Attract Mobile Users

Thank you for following our multi-part series, Refine Your Content to Attract Mobile Users. Last week, you learned that mobile devices are now increasing in popularity. In fact, these devices seem to be omnipresent in today’s world. According to statistics, 60% of all of the shopping done digitally is performed on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. A mobile revolution is upon us. If you are a retailer that specializes in products and/or services, you must create a marketing plan specifically designed for mobile users. You learned that it is vital to create your website so that it is accessible and responsive to mobile users. Next, you learned that you must optimize for both text and voice search. This week, we will continue expounding on the ways that you may refine your content to appeal to mobile users.

Navigational Appeal

The navigational appeal between a regular computer user and a mobile user is the same, yet, very different. You must know this – right up front. When mobile users search, they typically use terms that are very easy to type into the device. This means that when you create your content, you should do so with navigational appeal in mind. You must place a special focus on category-based navigation, how your content is categorized, and the search filtering that is present on your site. You must incorporate the words that today’s mobile users are more likely to utilize. This is especially true with the integration of Apple’s Siri voice assistant, Google Now on Androids, and Echo assistant on Alexa. The mobile user is starting to speak and text more conversational keywords and keyword phrases. As a result, your website must have more conversational keywords and keyword phrases.

Voice Search to Take Off

All mobile users are currently curious and possibly experimenting with voice search and/or voice assistant programs. In order to succeed among mobile users, it is imperative that you pay close attention to this. Recently, 1,800 adults were surveyed in the United States. Out of those, 63.3% stated that they had actually used a voice-based search on their mobile device. Then, 41.6% stated that, within the prior 6 month period, they had experimented with voice search. At least 50% of the participants stated that they now use these voice search features on their mobile devices at daily or weekly. Mobile users are in the experimental phases of voice searches, but, you should ensure that you are not. You must prepare now in order to reap the rewards of this type of search in the future.

While computers and mobile devices do offer a lot of the same – in terms of capabilities and software – they are two, very distinct, types of devices. The users of mobile devices use more of a natural language search method. If you are seeking to refine your content in order to succeed among mobile users, you must use more natural language words and phrases in that content.

Brick Road Media specializes in providing clients with content that is refined for mobile users.

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March 3, 2016

Refine Your Content to Attract Mobile Users – Part 1

content for mobile users

content for mobile users

If you offer a product and/or service to consumers, it is quite likely that you also specialize in creating content that will educate, inform, and persuade those consumers as to why they need your products and/or services and how they will benefit. Not only does content help us open the door of communication with our potential clients, it also helps ranks our blogs, websites, and product pages higher in search engines. In turn, this makes it much easier for potential clients to find us online. It is a known fact that, until recently, most of the online shopping and online searches for needed/wanted products and services was done on an actual computer – such as a desktop PC or a laptop computer. Things have now changed.

The Mobile Takeover

Mobile devices are seemingly omnipresent. As a result, web access is widespread. In evaluating the 2015 holiday shopping trends, it was established that 18% of all sales stemmed from mobile devices. In 2014, this number was 13%. That may not seem significant, but, it is. A special research product determined that 60% of all of the digital-based shopping is performed on tablets, as well as smartphones – all mobile devices. The mobile takeover is here and it is going full speed ahead. As a retailer or products and/or services, you must take part in this mobile revolution. You must create mobile-first marketing plan that will ensure that your website is accessible and discoverable by mobile users.

Serve Your Customers

In order to take part in the mobile revolution, you must refine your content to attract mobile customers. First, you will need to design your sites so that they respond, positively, to the devices that mobile users utilize. Then, you must study your target audience. At this point, you must come to know the problems and needs that these users have and create a mobile-friendly marketing plan that will allow you to show and tell your mobile customers how you will help them. Once you have come up with this information, it is time to create your content.

Content Matters

Once your site is ready and you have adjusted your site search and created navigational-based approaches for your mobile customers, it is time to write the content created for those individuals. First and foremost, it is important to use keywords and keyword phrases that are commonly used in text-based searches and mobile voice searches. Next, you should make certain that you spend time in setting hyperlinks in your content that will direct your mobile clients to other areas on your site. Content is very important to any business – regardless of product and/or service. By refining your content, you are setting sail – full speed ahead – into the mobile revolution.

At Brick Road Media, we work to deliver refined, polished content that mobile users seek and rate highly! If you are ready to get started, simply contact us today!  Be sure to bookmark us and visit us for Part 2 of this series next week!