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April 25, 2016

Successful Email Campaigns. Part 2

successful email campaigns part 2

successful email campaigns part 2

We thank you for continuing our series, Improving the Quality and the Relevance of a Promotional Email Campaign Leads to Success.

Last week, you learned that a strong email campaign has the potential to result in massive levels of success for your online business. You learned that it is necessary to determine the purpose and intent of your promotional email campaign. You also learned that it is necessary to define the audience that you are attempting to target.

This week, we will outline the importance of choosing the type of message to fit your campaign.

Message Type

When creating a promotional email campaign, you should create and send messages that are relevant to the purpose and intent that you learned about in last week’s installment. For example, if you are targeting those that have signed up for your emails after purchasing a product and/or service from your business, you should send the audience a distinctly different message than the one that you send to those that you are attempting to encourage to purchase your products and/or services.

In most instances, subscribers may be described as informational seekers, seekers of specials and freebies, and confirmed buyers. The goal of each message you send is to promote by building trust; however, if you are sending messages to informational seekers, you should provide more information and less promotion.

If you are sending messages to seekers of specials and freebies, you should ensure that you offer more specials and freebies. If you are sending messages to confirmed buyers, you should promote more products and/or services.

Types of Email Campaigns

If you are attempting to improve the quality and relevance of your promotional email campaign, it is important to understand that there are, essentially, two main types of campaigns.

The first type are purely promotional. The second type is newsletters.

Newsletters may be sent out on a regular basis – such as daily, weekly, or monthly. Promotional emails, on the other hand, should be sent out less. You do not want to seem as if you are trying too hard to push a sale or promote your products. Instead, you should use promotional campaigns to help a potential customer know that you know the problems that they face and may aid them in overcoming those problems.

Newsletters are the types of emails that should be sent out if you are seeking to share information about your company, and other types of similar information.

While mobile devices are increasing in popularity and social media platforms are growing as the preferred method of communication among consumers, nearly 90% of all potential customers still prefer email. These individuals typically check their email several times daily.

In a world of rapidly-evolving innovative, email is a consistent. That is, most people still have, check, and use their email addresses regularly.

Technology forecasters and other experts expect this to remain the same for several years to come. Why not harness the power of email?

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April 22, 2016

Successful Email Campaigns – Part 1

Improving the Quality and the Relevance of a Promotional Email Campaign Can Lead to Success!


A strong promotional email campaign can play a huge part in the overall success of an online business. If the campaign is properly executed, it will have the ability to reach thousands of potential customers with little cost.

To create an email campaign that will lead to vast amounts of success, use the detailed knowledge that you have obtained about your target audience and you must know and understand your product and/or service inside, out.

When created and performed in an effective manner, your promotional email campaign has the unique potential of bringing your business a very high rate of investment on all of your efforts. In this multi-part series, we will be sharing strategies that may be used to improve both the quality and the relevance of your promotional email campaign. By following the methods that we will share with you, you are sure to experience an immense level of success with the campaign!

The Purpose and Intent of Your Campaign

In order to boost the quality and the relevance of your promotional email marketing campaign, you must start by identifying the purpose and intent of said campaign. You may want to introduce new products and/or services that you offer, you may want to promote special discounts to your target audience, it may be to build your brand, or to simply get your brand out there so that you have access to more potential customers.

In order for your promotional email campaign to be relevant to your target audience, you must first determine the purpose and intent of the endeavor. Once you have accomplished this, all other aspects of the campaign will come together successfully.

Define Your Target Audience

Now that you have established WHY you are doing the promotional email campaign, it is time to define your target audience. By knowing who your customer is, you have the ability to understand their perspective. This will aid in maximizing sales. To define your target audience, you may take the following steps:

  1. First, you will need to understand the various problems and complications that your products and/or services may solve for your potential customer. This will help you narrow down your target audience. You will know who will need your products and/or services, and why.
  2. There is a certain degree of value in all promotional email campaigns. In order to determine your target audience, you should determine what types of people would benefit from the value that you are currently offering.
  3. Finally, you must consider your business and your level of expertise. If you have a special level of knowledge about a certain geographical region or certain types of people, you may want to target individuals that fit within the range of your expertise.

By placing a special emphasis on the quality and the relevance of your promotional email campaign, you have the ability to reap high levels of success. In the first installment of our multi-part series, we have outlined the fact that you should determine the purpose and intent of your campaign. Immediately thereafter, you should then define your target audience. Be sure to return next week to learn about more tips and tricks to optimizing your promotional email campaign!

April 13, 2016

Using Facebook for Business – Part 2

using facebook for business growth

using facebook for business growth

Provide an Instant Boost to Your Business by Leveraging the Power of Facebook – Part 2

Thank you for continuing our series, Provide an Instant Boost to Your Business by Leveraging the Power of Facebook. Last week, we expounded on the fact that Facebook is considered to be THE dominant force in the ever-evolving world of social media networking.

The website currently has over one billion users. As a result of this fact, it has the potential to provide your business with an immense amount of worldwide interest.

You learned that the consumer holds ALL of the power on the social media platform because they navigate the platform based on their needs and interests.

This week, we will continue this series by expounding on the fact that the first thing that you will need to do in order to make the most of Facebook for your business is to set goals.

Begin with the End

When initiating the task of setting goals so that you may leverage the power of Facebook for your business, you must start with the end in mind. You must know and understand that which you truly want to achieve.

The following outlines common goals that you may choose from when attempting to harness the power of the social media platform:

  • You may want to increase the brand awareness of your business and the overall favorability among consumers towards your business.
  • You may want to generate a general level of “buzz” about your business so that you may learn more about what audiences are doing online and how they are spending their time online.
  • You may want to develop a way that consumers may engage and interact with your brand that is considered to be meaningful and memorable.
  • It may be that you want a method that will optimize the customer service of your business.
  • If your business hosts special types of events and/or campaigns, you may need away to promote those activities.
  • You may want to obtain customer insights as a proactive means to responding to changes and various types of opportunities that exist within your marketplace.
  • Your business may need a means of driving traffic.
  • You may want to boost the loyalty of your brand.
  • Your business may need a way to receive instantaneous feedback from customers about the products and/or services that you offer.

Measurable Goals

Goals are objectives. In order to ensure that you have clearly objective goals, you must ensure that the goals that you set are measurable. This way, you have a means of determining if you have met your goals, as of yet.

The top examples of measurable goals include sales, traffic, and leads. You may also measure the search engine optimization, brand awareness, retention, customer engagement, and overall interaction of your business by using Facebook.

You may succeed in this endeavor by using Facebook Insights – a free tool that aids in measuring various statistics about your business.

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April 4, 2016

Facebook for Business – Part 1

facebook for business

Provide an Instant Boost to Your Business by Leveraging the Power of Facebook – Part 1

facebook for business

Facebook provides you with the unique opportunity to provide an instant boost to your business; however, you must know and understanding how to leverage its unique power.

Throughout the years, Facebook has been considered to be a dominant force in the world of social networking. On occasion, it has been challenged a bit by other emerging social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Despite this fact, Facebook remains to be the single most popular social network website throughout the world.

Currently, the platform has over one billion active members. That is an immense level of worldwide interest that you may use to the advantage of your business.

Facebook – At a Glance

facebook for business-icon

You probably already know what Facebook is all about; therefore, we are going to keep this on the simple side.

Essentially, it is a network that is designed to connect people to other people such as family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and those that share the same interests.

The social media network has such a large amount of traffic that many businesses are finding it to be a highly lucrative measure to promote their business on Facebook.

This social network website will allow you to get found by your target audience when they are searching for the products and/or services that you offer, will allow your business to create a specific community that will allow you to connect to and engage with your target audience, and will allow you to promote your marketing efforts. In turn, this allows you to convert your followers into paying customers.

The True Power Lies with the Consumer

When attempting to leverage the power of Facebook to grow your business, it is important to know and understand that the true power lies with the consumer. In fact, according to statistics, consumers hold ALL of the power.

When on a social media website, the consumer gets to choose if they interact with you, when they interact with you, and how they interact with you. Users navigate the platform based on their unique interests and needs.

By creating a strong presence on Facebook, you have the ability to be discovered by those consumers that are a part of your target audience. Facebook could be the most fundamental and the most important first point of contact to a consumer’s journey to becoming one of your customers!

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