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3 SEO Tips for Improving Online Visibility

seo tips

seo tipsIf you have a business on the internet – whether you specialize in selling products and/or services, have a website that you have elected to monetize, or, simply share information through a blog where you profit from an affiliate program or pay-per-click – you must focus on your online visibility.

By consistently working to improve your online visibility, your products, information about your services, your website content, and/or your blog posts will reach a larger audience. Regardless of your industry, your niche, or your goals, a larger audience will render larger profits. In the digital landscape, search engine optimization is essential.

In this brief guide, you will learn a few SEO tips that will assist in optimizing your online visibility. Follow these tips, and you are sure to experience vast amounts of success!

Tip # 1: Ensure Only Quality Content is Posted

The first and most important tip for improving online visibility is to ensure that you post only high-quality content on your website, your blog, and/or your social media pages. You should avoid pushing sales on a consistent basis. Today’s internet user wants comprehensive information. You could create posts about your products and/or services, how to use those products and/or services, and how your products and/or services may help to solve a problem for your target audience. You may use written content, graphics, infographics, videos, and more! There are many ways to create the desirable content that your target audience is searching for online. Just make sure it is creative, it is high in quality, and it does not seem as if you are consistently pushing for a sale.

Tip # 2: Build Website Connections

The next step to increasing your visibility in the digital world is to build website connections. You will want to ensure that the connections are to websites that have similar types of content. Once the connection is established, consider offering to link back to that website if that website will link to your website. Not only will this increase the amount of traffic that your website or blog receives, but, it will increase your website or blog’s ranking in major search engines, such as Google.

Tip # 3: Use Keyword and Keyword Phrases That Your Target Audience Would Use

The third and final tip in this guide to increase online visibility is to use keywords and keyword phrases within your content that your target audience would use when searching the internet. Remember, a lot of people are now using voice search programs on their mobile devices to discover content. Because of this, you may want to use more relaxed and/or conversational keyword and keyword phrases.

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May 23, 2016

Optimize Your Blog for Google Voice Search – Part 2

google voice search

Thank you for continuing to follow our series, Optimized Your Blog for Voice Search. Last week, you learned that Google Voice Search is emerging as the leading component in the growth and maturity of search engine optimization. You learned what Google Voice Search is and that, if you own a blog, it is imperative to develop a web presence so that the new Google search tool finds you and that users are able to access the content that you are electing to share.

This week, we will continue to expand on the role of SEO, the Google Voice Search tool, and how to optimize your blog for this new, innovative online search tool.

google voice search

Dynamic and Evolving

SEO is considered to be a digital practice that is highly dynamic and consistently evolving. In recent years, major search engines – such as Google and even Bing – have drastically increased in their level of sophistication. The processes of crawling, indexing, and ranking have resulted in the development of new tools and features for internet users.

Google Voice Search is one of the newest, yet most respected, channels online. Google Voice Search is a feature and a tool that allows blog users to capitalize on the newest demands as put forth by internet users. Blog owners that optimize their content for Google Voice Search are the individuals that stand to gain the most in the dynamic and constantly evolving world of search engine optimization.

google microphoneThe Three Pillars of SEO Success with Google Voice Search

If you have a desire to optimize your blog for Google Voice Search, there are, basically, three main pillars of SEO success. First, your content. Second, the links pointing to and from your content. Finally, the experience of the user that is subjected to your content. Below, you will find relevant facts pertaining to each of these pillars. If you carefully consider these points when creating blog posts, you are sure to rank high in search results on the Google Voice Search platform:

  1. The content that you place on your blog should not only attract and educate, but, it should also inform and entertain. Keyword research and relevance really has remained the same; however, when you create content, you should focus on being creative with your themes, your angle, and your format.
  2. When creating content, ensure that you use keyword and keyword phrases that internet users are likely to speak, rather than type. It has been established that traditional online search queries are a bit more formal than those that have been performed on Google Voice Search. As a result of this fact, the content on your blog should integrate a few of the less formal phrases in order to draw the attention of Google Voice Search.
  3. When focusing on link building, ensure to hyperlink content from your posts to link back to previously published content. This is an easy strategy that is sure to gain the attention of the Google Voice Search tool. In addition to this, you may hyperlink out to highly-reputable, high-ranking websites.
  4. As a blog owner, you should never purchase inbound links to your content. Search engines will actually penalize your site when engaging in this practice.
  5. In order to optimize the user experience, it is imperative to ensure that your blog loads quickly and users do not have to wait to view your content. An internet user will use Google Voice Search to get immediate results. If your blog fails to load quickly, they are sure to leave your blog.
  6. The next step to ensuring that Google Voice users are attracted to your blog is to ensure that you offer a secure viewing experience.
  7. Finally, your blog should be helpful. It should entice while providing assistance to your readers.

Google Voice Search is more than a trend. It is a feature. No, it is more than a feature. It is a tool.

It is a tool that is sure to become a common element when searching the World Wide Web.

Search engine optimization is different when comparing the written word to the spoken word. If you want to achieve SEO success with the Google Voice Search tool, you must create content, link, and create a user experience that will aid in this endeavor.

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May 18, 2016

Optimize Your Blog for Voice Search. Part 1


If you have a blog presence on the World Wide Web, it is absolutely imperative to ensure that you get your blog optimized for Google Voice Search. The web design world moves very quickly. As a blog owner, it is essential that you stay ahead of the game.

The increase of mobile technology, the recent emergence of systems that specialize in virtual reality, new app features, and varying user expectations are just a few of the trends and technological topics that play a role in the crazes that surround blog design and search engine optimization. Out of all of the trends and topics pertaining to blog design, one of the most significant is the emergence and usage of Voice Search.

In this multi-part series, you will learn how to optimize your blog for Voice Search so that you rank exceptionally high in SEO.

What is Google Voice Search?

Google Voice Search (often referred to as “Search by Voice”) is a specially-designed Google product that allows internet users to search the World Wide Web by speaking into their mobile phone, mobile device, or computer via a mic in order to retrieve specific types of information. While the initial release of this search tool was over a decade ago, it has only just recently emerged as a trend among mobile device and computer users.

Today, internet users may use their voice on either a special Google app or on Chrome. Basic searches may be performed, reminders may be created, weather information may be retrieved, and directions may be obtained from the World Wide Web. If you have a blog, the information and content included on that blog must be optimized for Google Voice.

Web Presence Matters

If you want your blog to rank in the most competitive position possible for keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant to the products, services, and data that you specialize in, you must create a digital-based presence with your blog that is considered to be easily accessible, fast, and highly secure. In addition to this, your blog must result in an information experience that is considered to be high in demand with your target audience.

Furthermore, the content that you place on your blog must be considered to be worthy of sharing and distributing by internet users and social media contacts. There are many internet channels that are competing for both the attention of internet users and online resources; however, Google Voice Search is a promising internet channel that will continue to grow in popularity as users adjust to the new feature.

The Secret of Search Engine Optimization

In recent years, there has been tremendous debate as to whether or not SEO has been experiencing a virtual death. Recent studies confirm that SEO is far from its death. In fact, SEO is actually taking on a new life. Search engine optimization is not dying.

It is simply maturing and emerging into a new practice, a new skill, and a new profession. The integration of Google Voice Search has caused this new level of maturity to emerge.

If you are ready to take your blog to the next level, the content must be delivered in such a way that Google Voice Search users pick up on it. We here at Brick Road Media can provide you with the tools, information, and resources required to ensure your success. Simply contact us today at:


May 11, 2016

Successful Email Campaigns – Part 4

Successful Email Campaigns

Improving Quality and Relevance Leads to Successful Email Campaigns!

If you want your business to reach the highest levels of success, you have to improve quality and relevance of your email campaigns.

This process starts with determining the purpose for your campaign. Then, you must immediately identify your target audience. Once you know who will be receiving your messages, you must then determine the types of messages that you will send to that audience. Next, you must know what types of email campaigns you may engage in and when it is appropriate to use a specific type of campaign. You must then determine the type of content that you will share and how often you will contact your target audience.

Successful Email Campaigns

This week, you will learn the final step in creating successful email campaigns is to create an informative blog that may be used to further enhance communications with your target audience.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a type of online journal. It is an area on the internet that allows you to express yourself and share information with the entire world. You may share your thoughts, your deepest secrets, and/or your passion – the choice is yours! A blog is a type of website that you update on a regular basis. Many may elect to update a blog daily, while others elect to provide three to four updates weekly.

If you are running a promotional email campaign for your business, it is obvious that you have news or other types of information to share with others. This means that you absolutely need a blog. A blog will allow you to share information with your target audience whenever you like – without bombarding them with a ton of emails!

Why Use a Blog to Communicate During an Email Campaign?

At this point, you are probably wondering why it is important to use a blog to communicate during a promotional email campaign, right? Well, as mentioned a bit ago, you may share on a blog as often or as little as you wish. You no longer have to worry if you are sending too many emails or if you are sending too little. Yes, you should still send out those emails, but, you should supplement the emails with high-quality information on your blog.

When sending an email out, you are limited by the amount of email addresses that you have. When creating a blog, there is no limitation to the amount of readers that you may reach! In addition to this, when you have a blog, you are not restricted to the topic. When sending out emails, you are restricted to the topic. This provides you with a wonderful means of sharing even more information with the world!

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May 3, 2016

Prosperity Quote From Unknown Author



"Confidence comes not from always being right but not fearing to be wrong."

– Unknown

The quote is awesome. Too bad the author is "Unknown." What would it be like to leave this world with something great that you created and then have it attributed to "Unknown?"

On the web, to be known is everything. Known in search, known on social, and for having a business that helps people solve a problem or be successful. But we're not just here to build businesses and make money to pay for stuff and bills.

We're here to leave a mark. To prosper in life as well as business and have it known that we created something that served people well in our lifetimes.

Don't be "Unknown." Get some help with your marketing, get more traffic, and get known! Talk to us, we can help you!

And check out Prosperity Quotes for daily inspiration for yourself and your business.

May 3, 2016

Successful Email Campaigns – Part 3

successful email campaigns

successful email campaigns

Successful email campaigns are essential to an online business environment.

In the past couple of weeks, we have expounded on the fact that, by improving the quality and the relevance of a promotional email campaign, your business may reach new levels of success.

First, you must determine the purpose and the intent associated with the promotional email campaign. Next, you must be certain to define the audience that your business is attempting to target. Then, you must determine the type of message that you will send out to your target audience. Finally, you must know what types of email campaigns exist and when to use them.

Examples include purely promotional, newsletters, and standard email. This week, we will discuss developing "the mix" to create successful email campaigns. Essentially, this means determining what type of content you will share and how often you will share.

The Content

The true underlying purpose of any email campaign is to build long-lasting relationships with potential customers and maintain the relationships that have currently been built. It is imperative to ensure that, despite the fact that you are running a promotional email campaign, that not all of your content is promotional in nature. You will want to combine editorial-based content with the promotional content to balance your messages out a bit among your subscribers.

You must determine what type of content will aid in building relationships with your current customers and what type of information will encourage prospects to become your customers. The following outlines questions that you may ask yourself that will aid in the construction of suitable content for your email marketing campaign:

  • What type of information are my customers and my prospects currently seeking?
  • What type of content would be read by those that I contact?
  • Would my contacts respond better with certain types of content?
  • Are my readers seeking information to solve specific problems?
  • If my readers are in the market to solve problems, what are those problems?
  • Is there urgent information that needs to be shared that is relevant to my industry?
  • Would my readers appreciate casual types of greetings, such as wishes for a good day, birthday wishes, or other types of greetings pertaining to special events?

Frequency of Contact

Once you have an idea of what type of content you will share with your readers, you should then determine how often you will contact your target audience. All online marketers know and understand that there is a delicate balance between communicating too often and not communicating enough. If individuals have opted-in to your email list, they are willing to receive communication from you; however, do not overwhelm them with too much information. If you do, many will opt-out from receiving your content.

If you must blast your information in short intervals, provide a combination of promotional and informational content. No one likes to be “sold”.

If you need help creating relevant content for email campaigns, give us a call