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January 31, 2017

Welcome Kitchen Dance To The BRM Family

kitchen dance

kitchen danceKitchen Dance is a supplier of disposable aluminum foil pans to bakeries, hotels, restaurants, delis, and caterers since 2002. Located in sunny Southern California, their warehouse ships products nationally and internationally on the daily. Lots of them!

Brick Road Media is proud to be working with such a successful and well-established business!

About Kitchen Dance

Online since 2002, Kitchen Dance provides well over 700 different products to personal and commercial kitchens all over the world. From tart pans to to roasters, if it can be made out of aluminum foil and used in the kitchen or for science projects, they have it.

pie pansWhile there are a few stores that are bigger, customers get more of a personal touch when shopping with this still-growing family-owned business. And we love working with businesses in that sweet spot of past success plus tons of room for growth.

Not just a place to buy foil pans and other kitchen accessories, Kitchen Dance also helps customers with ideas for different desserts and meals they can make with these products. Chefs, caterers, and bakers are always on the lookout for new ideas to give their clients that "wow" factor, so it has always been important to provide food for thought along with pie pans and other baking products.

Over the years the product line has expanded to include many items their customers also require, such as turkey basters, ramekins, recipe cards, knives, and even washing machine aluminum lint traps. Having one place to grab all their needs is a great convenience to Kitchen Dance customers.

Our Work

Brickroad Media is responsible for growing visibility for Kitchen Dance. Specifically to make more of their ideal customers aware of the range and quality of products in their line. And to make it all easy to find. 

We are super happy to welcome Kitchen Dance to the BRM family!

January 24, 2017

Mobile Marketing in 2017

Mobile Marketing in 2017

According to numerous reports, individuals in the United States alone will spend in excess of $40 billion on mobile marketing advertisements in 2017. In 2016, 53% of all internet use was done through mobile devices and that mobile ad spending greatly exceeded desktop ad spending.

According to these same studies, it is estimated that – by the end of the year of 2017 – approximately 75% of all of the consumption of online content will be through mobile devices.

If you own, operate, or manage a website and/or an online business, learn as much as you possibly can about mobile marketing as that knowledge will – ultimately – lead to your business success on the World Wide Web.

Mobile Marketing in 2017

Mobile Marketing in 2017

Always Connected

We reside in a world where consumers are always connected to the internet. Internet users crave instant gratification. In fact, they have come to expect it. Retailers and website owners have to re-evaluate the basic and traditional marketing techniques that have been utilized in the past to ensure that they correspond with the expectations of the average internet user.

Instead of simply purchasing from a broadcasting of a product and/or service, retailers and website owners have an obligation to provide the most comprehensive content possible pertaining to their products and services. Internet users have plenty of time to research that in which they are interested.

Online site owners and retailers must push to make sure that the necessary content is available to achieve the success that they desire in the year of 2017.

Responsive Design

The next mobile marketing trend of 2017 will be responsive design. Actually, this has been a large trend over the past year or so. Companies and brands that elect to take their merchandise, content, and/or services online must construct a website that will respond to the electronic device that the internet user is using to access that site.

In other words, responsive design must be used so that all of the site content may be viewed on tablets, smartphones, desktops, and a multitude of other electronic, internet-accessible devices.

Life Improvement

The final mobile trend that we will cover for 2017 in this brief guide is life improvement. Advertisers must show consumers how their products and services will improve their lives. In the past, it was acceptable to outline all of the features associated with a product and/or service. Consumers are SO past this. Today, they want to know how a product and/or service will benefit them or improve their quality of life. If you want to succeed, you must ensure that you incorporate this into your marketing regimen.

For assistance with your mobile marketing 2017 campaign, we here at Brick Road Media can help! We offer individual business packages that come with social media advertising, website development and programming, as well as high-quality content creation.

For more information on all of the ways that we can help you reach the success that you desire, simply call us today at:


January 16, 2017

James Strauss, Vietnam Vet and Author

james strauss

Brick Road Media is proud and excited to welcome James Strauss!

james straussJames is our latest client and has a very interesting story to share with the world. (Actually, he's got many stories both nonfiction and fiction.) Strauss is the author of "30 Days Has September," a full account of his time as a Marine in the Vietnam war. 

Strauss' other works are available on his site for free, or on Kindle, and include:

James is taking a different approach to publishing in that he is putting all chapters of his books on his website for free. If people would like to download to their favorite reader, they are also available on Kindle and in paperback.

30 days has september

Caution: Once you start reading his Vietnam war story, it is going to be hard to stop. The level of chatter this book-in-progress is generating on the site and all over social media is amazing... and intense. Vietnam vets from all over are finding James' style and honesty refreshing in an age where this war has been all but forgotten, along with the surviving soldiers who fought in it. (And still fight to this day!)

About James Strauss

James Strauss was born into a Coast Guard family during WWII. He’s lived in four countries and twenty-seven states, in places from South Manitou Island, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Honolulu, Hawaii. He’s held a variety of positions in many careers, from being a Marine Corps Officer wounded in Vietnam, life insurance agent, timeshare salesman, physician’s assistant, and a college professor in anthropology.

As a CIA team leader in the field he traveled to 122 countries, where he remains welcome in most of them to this day.He is credentialed in the areas of deep sea diving, fixed wing and rotary piloting and hot air ballooning. 


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January 11, 2017

SEO & Marketing Trends for 2017: Responsive Design

responsive design

responsive design

Why Responsive Design Important for Your Business Website

Mobile technology is becoming increasingly popular – not by the year, not by the month, and not by the day; its popularity is growing by the minute. Nearly everywhere you look, you will see individuals utilizing laptop computers, tablets, digital reading devices, and smartphones. Internet users are all about instant gratification.

Today, these individuals have the unique ability to surf the internet, check their email, engage in online shopping, actively participate in social media, play games, and a multitude of other activities in virtually any location, at any time, and in any way that they desire.

If you have a business website, it is imperative that you know and understand this simple fact – your visitors utilize a host of accessories to visit your site; as a result, your website should incorporate a responsive design theme.

What is Responsive Design?

responsive design devicesResponsive web design is a specific approach that outlines that the development and overall design of a website should be immediately adaptable to the behavior and environment in which an internet user accesses that website.

In simple terms, the design of the site should immediately respond to the size of the screen that the internet user has, the platform in which the internet user is accessing the website, and the general orientation associated with the utilization of that website.

Responsive design themes on business websites utilize CSS media-based queries in an intelligent manner in order to accommodate users in terms of screen resolution, the size of the images that are present on the device being used, as well as the scripting abilities.

This is a type of design that automatically responds to each device used to access the site and does not require additional programming and development for each technological-based electronic gadget that comes into existence.

The Advantages

There are numerous advantages associated with responsive design themes on a business website. First and foremost, this reduces the expenses of development and design immensely.

Secondly, everyone who accesses the website will be able to easily view the content contained on that site.

Finally, it enhances credibility and builds the brand. If you have a business website, responsive designed themes are an essential component to your overall success.

If you do not have this type of design, we here at Brick Road Media can assist you!

Simply give us a call today and we can start helping you achieve the success that you desire as quickly as tomorrow: