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June 26, 2017

Super Simple Strategies for SEO Success

seo success - traffic jam

Throughout the history of search engines, websites, blogs, and all things internet, search engine optimization (SEO) has often been viewed as a form of rocket science. Its not that difficult if you follow strategies for SEO Success.

seo success - traffic jam

It is not at all like rocket science, though, it IS a form of science – technically speaking, of course. SEO is a multi-layered dimensional portal that is often daunting for those that lack technical expertise, but have a desire to create a brand, promote a service, or sell a product on the World Wide Web. The good news is, though, that there are several super simple strategies for SEO success!

They are as follows:

  1. The first step to SEO success is VERY simple; that is, create a URL that is considered to be user-friendly for your website, blog, or other online virtual real estate space. The URL should include the main keyword that is associated with your niche. This will make it noticeable and discoverable in major search engines by searches conducted by your target market. Next, each page of your online site should include a descriptive title that is short, yet detailed.
  2. The next success strategy for SEO is to optimize the readability of your site. Your visitors should be able to read the content on your site from top to bottom. Each page should include a compelling headline. The content should be helpful, informative, and as detailed as possible. It should conclude with a quick call-to-action that tells your visitors EXACTLY what to do next!
  3. When creating the content for your website, make certain that it is compelling and enriches the life of the reader. Oh, and don’t forgot those keywords and keyword phrases! These should be placed in headlines, subtitles, in images, meta descriptions, and sprinkled throughout the content. Be sure not to overdo it, though! If you include too many keywords, keyword phrases, or simply repeat phrases too often, you WILL be penalized by major search engines.

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June 12, 2017

3 Unspoken “Laws” of Social Media Success

Social Media Success might feel like a secret

Accountability, accessibility enhancement, and attribution are on the minds of every marketer in today’s virtual environments. Larger amounts of time, effort, and money are being spent on digital-based marketing. Social Media success might start to feel like someone is keeping a big secret.

Social Media Success might feel like a secret

Business owners are heading to areas where customers spend the majority of their time. While once considered to be nothing more than an add-on to complete the socialization process of a website, social media is now a highly-evolved, technologically-advanced component to online success. Social media platforms are considered to be an integral and highly-necessary aspect to a thorough and effective marketing campaign. '

Unfortunately, many businesses are having a hard time making social media work for them. What is the problem?

Those businesses are simply not aware of the top 3 unspoken “laws” of social media success. In this post, you will be introduced to these laws. If you want to rule the playing field in your niche, continue reading to learn how!

Law 1: Find and Utilize Influence

The first law to social media success is to find and utilize influencers. That is, people and businesses that have high-quality targeted audiences for your niche. These are people that will have the highest degree of interest in your posts, your products, your services, and other aspects of your business.

They will be interested in what you have to say and what you have to share. In turn, they are likely to then share what you share. This could result in the reaping of numerous rewards.

Law 2: Reciprocate

In order to achieve a high level of social media success, it is imperative to ensure that you reciprocate actions taken by others. For example, if an online influencer shares your content and discusses it, you should then make an effort to share and discuss their content.

You will quickly find that by helping others, those individuals will help you. It is a simply concept, really. Simply think of it as the “Golden Rule of Social Media”.

Law 3: High-Quality Content Creation with Focus

The third law of social media success is to create high-quality content that is focused to your niche. Simply promoting that which you offer is not enough. In fact, it is a complete turn-off for social networking users.

You must remember that “content is king”. Offer helpful, educational, and even entertaining content that will draw in your target audience. Have a direct focus when creating that content. It is then that you will build your brand and be deemed an “expert” in your niche.

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