Social media platforms – such as Facebook, Instagram Threads, and WhatsApp – allow internet users to freely interact and engage with one another. These same platforms offer numerous methods for marketers to reach, interact, and engage with consumers that may take an interest in the goods and/or services that they provide. In pulling from academic research, in-depth discussions with leaders in the industry, and other types of data, this article will highlight the top social media trends for businesses in the year of 2024.

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Social Media – At a Glance

In today’s world, billions of individuals are utilizing social media platforms on a daily basis. In fact, these platforms have established themselves as a defining technology of the current times.

In October of 2023, it was established that there was a total of 5.3 billion users of the internet and 4.95 billion of these users regularly utilized social media platforms. That translates into a total of 61.4% of the total population of the world. As a result of this, businesses must embrace social media as a solid and productive channel for the marketing of their goods and services.

The Definition of Social Media

Social media may be defined in numerous ways. At the most basic level, it is a collection of digital technologies that are dependent upon and stem from software programs. These include apps, websites, and those technologies that are similar in nature. Users are provided with comprehensive digital environments where content and information may be sent and received.

Social media platforms are a type of ecosystem that is technologically-centric. This ecosystem allows for interactions, exchanges, and various types of behaviors to occur. The social media landscape consists of two defined elements.

The first is the platform as a whole and the emerging platforms contained within. The second is how people and businesses utilize the platforms and associated technologies and for what type of purpose.

The Trends of 2024

There are numerous trends associated with businesses and social media in the year of 2024. Here are the five hottest social media trends for business right now.

1. AI Emerges as a Content Assistant


In a recent study, it was established that 64% of today’s marketers are utilizing the power of artificial intelligence. A total of 38% that have not been using this technology in their marketing endeavors are planning on initiating the process this year, 2024.

85% of marketers have experienced positive changes in content creation due to generative AI. Another 63% of these marketers have stated that most of the content that they create in 2024 and beyond will be created with the direct assistance of generative AI.

The content possibilities are virtually endless with AI. Those utilizing artificial intelligence in social media platforms and beyond state that the content is of the highest quality and it ranks higher – organically – in all search engines. By using AI to produce posts for social media platforms, images, blogs, product descriptions, and more, you will render higher levels of success.

2. Video Content

The next social media trend of 2024 is video content. In fact, this type of content is considered to be the “King” of all types of video content. The visual and engaging nature of videos aid in capturing the attention of your target audience, engaging those individuals, and helps to build a level of trust and connection with those audience members.

HubSpot states that videos utilized on social media platforms generates approximately 1200% more shares than those of both text-based posts and image-based posts, combined. To maximize this opportunity in your marketing endeavors, be certain to create and share videos that are a minute or less in length.

Clips, reels, and similar content will offer you many benefits. Make the content authentic, light, on the fun side, and completely shareable.

3. Augmented Reality (AR)

While we are on the topic of video marketing, it is important to express the fact that augmented reality (AR) interactive video experiences are quickly arising in popularity on social media platforms. These shoppable videos help transition the standard passive viewer as an active participant. In short, these videos allow viewers to do certain types of activities – such as trying on clothes or shoes or makeup – in a virtual manner.

AR videos allow you to provide a humanized element to your business and brand. It helps to engage your audience in new, fun, and creative ways. These allow your business to stay ahead of the competition.

If you want to leave a lasting and positive impression, you want your business to be viewed as friendly, you want your activities to be shareable, and you want to rank in at the highest level in terms of being “shoppable” augmented reality (AR) videos will allow you to do all of that and more!

4. Ephemeral Content

This is a specialized content type. It is any type of content that is only visible to an audience for a short period of time. In most instances, this is about 24 hours. It could be less; it could be longer.

Many marketing specialists refer to this as “disappearing content”. Unlike “evergreen content”, this type of content is not viewable at a later time.

Types of ephemeral content include:

  • Facebook stories
  • Instagram stories
  • TikTok stories.

This type of content is effective because

  • it boosts engagement
  • it helps in leveraging the fear of missing out (FOMO),
  • it’s interactive it helps in building authenticity,
  • it’s fun!

Despite making an instant arrival and being gone later, ephemeral content is memorable. Examples of this type of content include behind-the-scenes glimpses, polls, testimonials, success stories, and those activities that are similar in nature. This type of content offers a quick and an engaging way for your business to connect with your audience on a regular basis. You can interest with your audience fast and the effort is minimal, in terms of production.

5. Entertainment

If you are in search of a social media trend that will help you experience the highest level of return on investment, go for entertainment. Statistically-speaking, consumers have said that one of the top reasons that they utilize social media platforms is to unwind on a mental level and to be entertained.

If you focus on entertaining your target audience through social media, you will experience vast levels of success throughout 2024.

In short, you just have to provide enjoyment. You could be inspiring, you could create content that results in the development of excitement, you could share motivational content, or even just share content that helps your audience learn something new. Just be sure to be relatable. Remember, entertainment boils down to utilizing an active space where an exchange of true value occurs in a fun and enjoyable manner.

Always follow the lead of your audience. Learn what they want to see. If the opportunity arises, ask what they want through polls and other methods. Experiment with various techniques while placing the social component of the experience as the long game of the post. Social networking takes time.


While utilizing these social media trends, remember to take advantage of the automation that is possible on the various types of social media platforms. This includes automation that pertains to the scheduling of content that will be posted and the curation of the content that you post through the use of artificial intelligence and similar strategies.

You may also utilize social monitoring tools that will allow you to effectively track when your brand is mentioned, hashtags, and even your competition.

Advanced community engagement is important, too. When using automation, you can be on top of your social game while interacting on a personal level, too.

Personal Touch

You should know and understand that all of your followers – regardless of social media platform – will appreciate the fact that you are authenticate and you offer a personal touch to your interaction. By striking the appropriate balance, you will build real and lasting relationships with your followers. You must understand that your brand is viewed as a persona. As a result of this, you should act like a persona. It never hurts to display a little personality. It is highly beneficial to put a little perk behind all of your marketing endeavors.

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