Successful brands don’t get that way by chance. They develop a strategy to attract their target audience and position themselves within their market. Building a brand involves developing a name and a design. It also involves engaging in activities that draw attention to your business. In this guide, you will be introduced to brand strategy ideas that will make your business look like a million bucks!

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What is a Brand Strategy?

Before jumping into all of the brand strategies that may be used to provide an instant boost to your business, we feel it is essential to outline the definition of a brand strategy.

A brand strategy is how your business builds its identity and overall level of favorability with both potential customers and current customers. The elements of strategy include the “voice”, the identity, the act of storytelling, outlining values, and the general “vibe” of the business.

Why is a Brand Strategy Important?

Brands that are backed by strength are successful in building a connection or various connections with customers. A brand strategy aids in driving awareness of a business brand, accumulating repeat business, improving loyalty, and inspiring marketing and referrals through word-of-mouth.

Brand strategies aid in transitioning an ordinary experience for a customer into an extraordinary one. As a result, customers will want to work with your business over and over again, and will help to encourage others to work with your business.

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What Brand Strategies Work?

We promised to provide you with brand strategy ideas that will really improve the appeal of your business. The following outlines ideas that truly work:

  1. Crowdsourcing – If you are attempting to attract consumers, one of the best things your company can do is put them at the forefront of your operations. You will achieve success with this endeavor through crowdsourcing. In short, this is where you use ideas and various resources directly from consumers. Individuals who participate in this will develop an emotional attachment to that which your company offers. As a result, they will make more purchases and encourage others to do the same.
  2. Brand Differentiation – This involves creating an offer that is not offered by those your business is in direct competition with. In taking this step, you are implying that your business is a step above the rest. In turn, many consumers will feel as if you offer a higher level of quality to them. This idea will increase your volume of sales and the growth of your revenue.
  3. Service Branding – In this brand idea, you will market the products that your company offers by placing an emphasis on additional services that you provide. For example, if you offer cell phones, you may offer setup services, free technical support, and other additional services that result in YOUR customers getting more bang for their buck!
  4. Product Branding – In this type of branding, your business should strive to make one of your products completely identifiable. For example, if you offer hot sauce, you may use a distinct symbol or logo on your packaging so that consumers are easily able to identify that hot sauce as being YOUR product and different than anything else that any other hot sauce company offers.
  5. Attitude Branding – This brand idea helps in constructing an image that helps in bringing out certain emotions within consumers. It helps develop a personality with your company. Let’s say that you offer athletic equipment. The motto of your company could go along the lines of encouraging people to live an active lifestyle to maintain their health. The “attitude” that you display is positive and your marketing efforts will result in pumping people up about taking charge of their health.
  6. Target a New Audience – As a business, you have a target audience. The target audience is essential. One branding idea is to do something different that will result in targeting a new audience. For example, maybe you create loan application apps for middle-aged adults that are interested in purchasing a home. To attract a different audience, you could create an app that helps young adults create a budget. You will find that if you target multiple audiences, you end up generating multiple streams of revenue.
  7. Private Label Branding – In short, this involves contracting with a type of manufacturer so that an item may be created and then placing your company’s logo on the product to sell. This is like launching your very own product line! The best part is, you can keep the price very low because it is YOUR product!
  8. Extend Your Brand – In this brand strategy, your company specializes in one thing, but starts specializing in another! For example, let’s say that you specialize in eBook reading devices. You could then start specializing in cell phones, too! You would use your company name and logo across all of your merchandise.
  9. Online Branding – This brand strategy involves placing your business online. In short, you create a website, a blog, pages on social media, and other types of online media in order to promote your company. Nearly all companies are online, so this is an excellent strategy for attracting potential customers and fitting in with all of your current customers!
  10. Brand Tagline – In this brand strategy, you strive to convey the overall spirit of your brand in the absolute shortest of all ways you are able. Just focus on using short, memorable words that aid in telling the story of your brand. It should be inspired by the positioning of your business. This is really popular with many companies. One of the most popular is Nike. Their brand tagline is “Just Do It”. If you come up with something crafty and catchy, it will be memorable and – eventually – become instantly recognizable!
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What is the Brand Strategy Phase?

The brand strategy phase is where you strive to convey what makes YOU and your BUSINESS different from similar businesses. It is a phase where you start to develop a level of trustworthiness. Your goal should be to be likable and make your business memorable.

The brand strategy phase is to outline the purpose of your business, the promises that you are making to consumers that you serve, and to outline how it is that you plan to solve the problems of individuals that have an interest in purchasing either goods or services.

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