Brick Road Media is excited and pleased to announce the inception and launch of a new line of content marketing services called Do It for You services. Within this new product, there are three levels of value: Local Biz Essentials, Local Biz +, and Total Biz.

The first, Local Biz Essentials, focuses on getting the client on the right track to boosting traffic and conversion to their business page. This is our most affordable package and is for our clients who need little to no assistance—just some guidance. It includes services like keyword research, weekly blog posts, and installing SEO plugins.

The second level, Local Biz +, includes everything you would get in the first level package plus some extras. This is designed for our clients who would like to take technology by the horns, but either don’t have the time or the know-how. Some extras included in this particular package are setting up MailChimp, developing a sales funnel, and setting up a free giveaway.

The third and final level is Total Biz. This level is for small business owners would feel better if their website was in our hands. It is all-inclusive of everything in the first two levels plus launching a Facebook Ad campaign and monitoring the campaign as well as call tracking. While a bit pricier than the other two levels, our clients don’t have to do anything except sit back and watch their business grow by leaps and bounds.