The overall success that your business will experience will depend on you having website in place that successfully converts leads into sales. In short, this is the true purpose and intent of each and every single website on the internet – transitioning leads to buying customers. If you keep that in mind while designing and creating content for the site, you will immediately have a competitive edge. The majority of all leads you will experience will stem from the internet. In this guide, we will provide you with innovative steps and techniques that will help you achieve success in converting leads into paying customers.

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Focus on Attracting Your Target Audience

In order to convert leads to sales, you must attract your target audience. If the wrong people come upon your website, no conversion will occur. To succeed in this endeavor, you must ensure that you utilize keywords that directly relate to your website. Incorporate both short-tail and long-tail keywords.

The secret is to rank for keywords and keyword phrases that YOUR audience would search for when they are online.

Next, promote your website on social media platforms where your target audience would be active. For example, promoting to an older audience? Facebook is the way to go. A younger audience? Try Snap Chat.

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Simple Yet Visually Stunning Design is Essential

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of those that visit your website. You must make every second count!

You will exceed in this endeavor by ensuring that the design of your site is simple, yet has a high level of being visually stunning.

By keeping it simple, it will enhance the user experience. By keeping it visually stunning, your visitors will remain on the site longer. Eventually, this will all transition into increased sales.

Create a Unique Selling Proposition

The unique selling proposition (USP) of your website is critical to your overall success. This is what makes your business different from other businesses.

Focus on making your USP offer upfront. By doing so, you’ll be more likely to get leads faster as opposed to losing leads to your competition.

For example, if you have a free trial that offers unique bonuses, make it known right away. Retention is imperative once your target audience lands on your website.

Make Certain Your Exhibit Signs of Trustworthiness

When your visitors land on your site, it is important that they are able to quickly establish that you are trustworthy.

The best “trust signs” for your website are to: show awards and associations, show testimonials, display your phone number or a way to contact you directly, have a secure website, offer a money-back guarantee, be active on your social media accounts, and have a return policy if applicable.

If you take these steps, your visitors will almost instantaneously convert from a lead to a buying customer.


Integrate Sales Copy

Sales copy will take a website visitor from the browsing stage to the acting stage. These will effectively convince those individuals to take action immediately. Integrate sales copy throughout your website.

Make it personal, utilize power words, compel the visitors to act, focus on the benefits that will be experienced, and stray away from placing a high emphasis on the features of that which you offer.

Remember, when composing sales copy, it is about your potential customer – not you or your business. If you place this as your focus, you will find that you experience a higher number of sales.

Create Call to Actions That Grab the Attention of Your Visitors

Your call to action tells your customers what to do next. They should instantly grab the attention of your website visitors.

Just as it is important to create those that really grab your visitor’s attention, you should be highly strategic on where you place them.

The goal is maximum visibility.

The best places to put your call to action? Above the fold, various spots after the fold, on the sidebars, and even in the navigation bar. Just about anywhere works, but EVERYWHERE is best! Remember – maximum visibility is essential.

Direct to Pages of Value

Do you know why a lot of websites never see their leads convert to sales? They are directing visitors to their homepage and not the ‘money pages’.

Your homepage may offer value and a real deal, but it’s best to direct your visitors to the pages that deliver the highest level of value for your business.

Valued linking and directing is most beneficial to your overall success. If visitors land on your valued pages, your search engine ranking will take care of itself.

Freebies are ALWAYS a Fan-Favorite

Everyone LOVES freebies! If you want to convert leads into sales, you must give a little something away.

Your visitors should be signing up for emails, creating accounts, downloading any apps you offer, and of course, making a purchase.

What is their incentive, though? Give them a reason! A FREE reason! Examples include a free trial, no-cost shipping, a download, a giveaway or contest, a free book – whatever you want! You could even just give out coupons or special discounts – the choice is yours!


Integrate Live Chat

Most people who visit websites want a way of communicating with the person or people that runs it. Yes, contact forms work – but they are old-fashioned and well, quite boring. Why not integrate a live chat option?

Users like this more and they will engage more.

You will find that this feature will increase the satisfaction levels of your website visitors, will reduce the possibility of an abandoned cart, and will increase the overall level of trustworthiness of your website.

With the innovative artificial intelligence models currently available, live chat can work around the clock. Best of all, many will not even realize they are chatting with an AI bot!

The Money-Back Guarantee

The next strategy for converting leads into sales is to offer a money-back guarantee. Yes, a little old-fashioned, but a method that is consistently trending among the most successful websites! This is a fundamental component to establishing trust with potential customers.

It eliminates the hesitation associated with purchases.

It helps in boosting sales. It provides you with a highly competitive edge.

Simply put, if a visitor makes a purchase and is not satisfied with that purchase, they may get their money back. There is no risk for loss on their end but every opportunity for gain on your end.


Speed it Up

Did you know that a delay of just 1 second could result in a 7% loss in conversions on your website? For this reason, you should regularly test the speed of your site and do all that you are able to make it fast.

Examples of popular speed techniques include optimizing images, using thumbnails instead of videos, obtaining a hosting plan that is high in quality, and using a special CDN service that provides images and script-based files. Any step that you take to speed up your site is a step in the right direction.

People want and EXPECT speed. Remember, you only have a few seconds…never lose sight of this point.

Focus on the Customer

The truth of the matter is, those website visitors are not really too much into caring about you or your business.

They are in search of the answer to their problems. How can you help THEM?

Keep your product descriptions, content, blog, images – EVERYTHING – focused directly on your customer. Nothing more and nothing less.

As you create your website, you must keep it completely focused on the customer. What is it that they want? What is the exact opposite of that which they want? Once they get what it is that they are after, how will it change their life?


Utilize Kickback Emails

Once you successfully go through all of the steps that we have outlined in this guide, it is important to consider utilizing kickback emails. This is sort of a bonus that helps ensure that the steps above are truly successful.

In short, once you have gathered the information from your website visitors, send them a quick little email to officially “thank” them.

Just make sure that you include calls to action and encourage the recipient to share with others.

Reward them or entice them to proceed with the calls to action and/or social sharing, offer ANOTHER free incentive! Then, watch those conversions go!

If you need assistance in ensuring the overall success of your website, we here at Brick Road Media can assist you. We specialize in website design, content, blogs, and more! We also guide you on your journey in converting your website traffic leads into long-term, buying customers. We can perform a complete evaluation of your website to determine what actions must be taken and to outline their priority.