build your email list - size doesnt matter
source: pixabay

For years, you have probably thought that size matters when it comes to your email list; however, this is not exactly true. Yes, several entrepreneurs, upper management professionals, and even potential partners may state otherwise. Many are simply impressed by large volume.

In all actuality, the true value of an email list is how effective it is in engaging subscribers.

In today’s online virtual business platform, click-through rates, conversion rates, and average revenue you obtain per subscriber are extremely more important than the number of subscribers. Avoid voraciously obtaining new subscribers and blasting messages. Instead, place your focus on optimizing the overall value by providing relevant content and developing strong relationships that foster loyalty.

According to statistics, approximately 205 billion emails are sent and are received on a daily basis. Given the sheer volume amount of emails being exchanged, it only makes sense that only the most strategic emails with the most relevant content are going to be welcomed by your subscribers, opened by those on your email list, and quickly responded to.

Avoid getting into the mindset that each email is a potential method of transaction. Instead, focus on creating email campaigns that will quickly and easily resonate with your customers.

Place an emphasis on cultivating relationships.

This, in turn, inspires brand loyalty and increases purchases. Once initial purchases are made, you will find that you quickly develop repeat customers. Quickly, these individuals become brand ambassadors for your company!

One of the best ways to resonate with your customers is to learn more about them. Allow them the opportunity to update their profiles and get a little personal. For example, provide them with the ability to choose topics that they want to receive information about.

You may also include optional inquiries. For example, you could ask about their birthday. When that day arrives, send them a personal birthday wish and offer them a coupon, heavy discounts, or even freebies.

In addition, make sure that your email list software and your website has a means of tracking the purchasing history of your customers. This will allow you to offer suggestions to them through your email marketing campaign on future purchases.

The purpose and intent of marketing your email list should not be to obtain as many subscribers as possible; instead, use it as an opportunity to connect on a personal level with your subscribers.

If a subscriber feels a personal connection with your brand, they’re more likely to take action.