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August 26, 2019

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in Business

artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Into Your Business Plan Will Give You an Immediate Competitive Edge and Ensure Optimal Success

In the years of our past, artificial intelligence carried the characterization of a smart technology associated with dystopias in the world of science fiction; however, that is now changing – and at an alarming rate. In today’s world, artificial intelligence is now considered to be commonplace.

This technology is expanding and advancing at a phenomenal level. While still considered to be relatively new, the concept has been around for decades. If you own and/or operate a business, it is critical that you incorporate AI into your business plan. Doing so could mean the difference between failure and success.

Artificial Intelligence and Business Processes

Artificial intelligence has a broad array of uses in the business sector. Each and every single day, most internet users are regularly interacting with AI.

Examples include through the use of virtual assistants, chatbots, asking a smartphone for information, social media, online traffic reports, spam filters in email programs, robot reading programs, mobile banking, online shopping, voice-to-text on mobile devices, Alexa and Echo, and more!

Surprising, right?

As the technologies associated with artificial intelligence, businesses will be required to get “on board” or simply be left behind.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Generally speaking, artificial intelligence is a branch of computer-based science that focuses on the creation of unique machines that possess intelligence. This level of intelligence is so advanced that the machines are completely capable of working and of reacting in a manner that is similar to humans.

AI is capable of recognizing speech, learning, engaging in the planning process, and solving problems.

One of the main advantages associated with artificial intelligence is that it has direct access to a large variety of information, is capable of pulling from that information, learning new information – all at immensely rapid speeds.

The Support Tool of Our Era

Many in the business world are hesitant to utilize artificial intelligence for the simple fact that they do not want to take opportunities away from human employees or to “replace” those individuals with machines.

This is not the intention or the purpose of AI; rather, it is to act as a support tool.

Humans will always be in demand due to their emotions, common sense, and creation capabilities.

AI – on the other hand – is necessary due to its ability to process and analyze massive levels of data in a faster way than humans are currently capable. Additionally, it can create actionable steps that help to guide the activities of a human user.

The Ultimate “Call to Action”

Software programs that utilize artificial intelligence are seeing that it has the unique ability to actually make decisions. In some instances, this capability far exceeds the expectations of those responsible for the programming of the software.

In today’s world, businesses are integrating artificial intelligence in order to help their website visitors make decisions, educate them on the next steps that must be taken, guiding them to purchasing choices, and more!

If you are looking to achieve success in your business, artificial intelligence will be necessary.

Customer Relations

Customer relationship management is a critical component to your business. There are multitudes of CRM systems in place at corporations across the world.

When these are combined with artificial intelligence, your business will suddenly have a platform in place that is able to update itself, fix itself, interact with your customers every single time they access your website, and work with those customers until a purchase is made.

Even after, that AI program will continue to make an attempt to draw in your customers.

Artificial Intelligence is Growing Smarter

Throughout our history as humans, most of what currently exists – such as cars that do not require drivers – was only seen on science fiction movies, in comic books, or read about in novels. AI has taken the “impossible” and has transitioned it to the “possible”.

It is now the fastest growing trend. Fast processes, the expansion of technology, three dimensional screens, and a multitude of other advancements are in the works.

By incorporating this smart technology – that is consistently growing smarter – you will have a business that is consistently smarter. If you fail to incorporate artificial intelligence into your business plan, you will lose your competitive edge.

How We Help

We here at Brick Road Media stand behind the fact that artificial intelligence has the ability to make your business and it is here to stay.

We can work in collaboration with you to ensure that your website and/or blog are optimized for that which is to come in the AI world.

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July 21, 2019

Personalized Marketing – A Digital Marketing Trend Gaining in Popularity

Handshake over computer

Handshake over computerHow do you stand out in a world of technological innovations, expansive internet coverage, advertising blasts, and the rise of artificial intelligence?

The answer is simple – “personalized marketing”.

Despite the ability to reach customers in an instance, most consumers no longer find advertising blasts appealing. While artificial intelligence has the capability to learn and advertise based on a consumer’s behaviors, it lacks the emotional response that people are looking for.

Technology has risen to new levels, but at its core, it is still simply an electronic-based device operated by apps and other forms of software. Your customers are in search of a “connection”; a personal connection.

A Personalized Experience

In a recent study, it was established that 80% of all people are more likely to do business with companies if those companies offer a highly personalized experience. In a world that is constantly advancing and evolving, personalization is not only expected, it is highly valued among consumers.

Personalized marketing is not about tailoring your approach to marketing, it is about the immediate reaction to the complex shifts and evolutions that occur with consumer behaviors. Consumers are not only in search of personalized marketing; they have the unique ability to take 100% control over the marketing in which they are exposed. Consider the following facts:

  • Over half of all of the people on the internet today are blocking advertisements on their online devices – be it a desktop computer, a reading device, a tablet, or a smartphone.
  • Approximately 95% of all of the internet users have a smartphone. This means that smartphone ownership is now considered to be “universal” and most consumers are constantly connected to the internet.
  • Three out of every four people are making online purchases each and every single month.
  • 30% of all of the people that purchase online are making use of VPNs to avoid advertisements and solicitations.
  • 98% of all of today’s internet users are part of a social network platform. This means that nearly ALL audiences for your business can be reached on these networks.

Deep Insights

In a world that is constantly connected, consumers are reaching towards businesses that reach towards them – on a personal level. Advertising based on an age group, gender, location, social status, income, and ethnicity are no longer the “norms”.

You must obtain deep data to uncover who a consumer or internet user is and then use this data to connect to them on a personal, emotional level. Customers have attitudes and engage in behaviors that make them uniquely THEM. You must do this to succeed.

It is referred to as “micro-targeting”.

By personalizing your marketing and segmenting your audience based on personality, traits, and behaviors, you will find that it is much easier to target their thoughts and influence their actions.

People want and need “real” connections.

By being personal to your target micro-audience, they will connect to you – in return.


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June 24, 2019

How to Get More Customers for Your Local Business

open for business sign on door

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you have successfully performed the launch of your business and have acquired a few customers.

Congratulations! You are now traveling towards the success that you desire.

You are now probably quite eager to expand your local business in such a way that you can experience growth and a higher return on your investment. Expanding your customer base is a necessary, but challenging endeavor.

The good news is, it is not impossible. By simply engaging in content marketing, you can quickly attract the customers that you seek.

Step #1: Target the Local Keywords

In order to attract customers in your area, they must first be able to discover you – or, at least the content that you market. In order for them to discover what you have to offer; you must figure out what the locals are searching for.

In other words, the words and phrases that they use to search for local businesses on the internet. Once you have determined what the keywords are, you must include those within the highly valuable content that you share.

In taking this measure, the customers will discover you and your company. In turn, this means a higher level of clientele for your business.

writing blog post on a typewriter

Step #2: Create Guest Posts

As a business owner, you are part of a niche. You are an “expert” on that niche. What better way to share your expertise and promote your local business than to create guest posts for other websites?

You lack the writing skill? That is no problem!

You can have a professional writer or freelancer ghost write the content for you and submit it to the other websites out there using your name and providing a link to your local business. This is a super easy and relatively inexpensive means of driving traffic to your online business as well as your brick and mortar business.

Step #3: Build Popularity by Linking to and From Other Businesses

In today’s world, the new “business card” is the website of your company. It is essential that it is indexed in all major search engines for the purpose and intent of discoverability.

If you are attempting to grow a local business, it is quite likely that you have developed relationships with other local businesses.

If they have a website, you should build connections with them by backlinking to one another. They link to your business, and you link to theirs.

This will increase your online popularity and – in turn – also build your local popularity!

Let Us Help

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May 28, 2019

Video Integration is a Critical Component of Your Digital Marketing Campaign’s Overall Success

In an era where consumers are constantly connected to the internet, the rules associated with customer engagement are consistently evolving. Today’s internet users are being consistently exposed to a vast amount of promotional-based content on various channels.

video camera filming

In fact, it has been established that advertising is an integral component of our lives.

As a result, businesses should create a digital marketing campaign that steps outside of tradition and incorporates the use of video.

By placing a focus on video integration, you will add value, a high level of authenticity, and an immense amount of information to your digital marketing campaign; therefore, increasing its overall success.

Statistics Supporting Video Integration

When considering the importance of adding video to your digital marketing campaign, consider the following statistics:

  • A recent consumer study conducted by Microsoft concluded that internet users are only prepared to spend approximately 8 seconds on any source of information; that is, unless additional value is provided. Most agree that videos provide that additional value.
  • Approximately 70% of all consumers state that they have engaged in the act of sharing a video from a brand.
  • A total of 72% of all businesses that integrate videos into their digital marketing campaign state that their conversion rate has been drastically improved.
  • 52% of all consumers have stated that product videos help in establishing their confidence level when making online purchases.
  • A third of all activities that occur online is watching videos.
  • Each day, at least a half a billion internet users watch videos on the Facebook platform.
  • Every single second, at least one million minutes of video-based content is expected to cross IP networks across the globe by the year of 2021.
  • Currently, a total of 85% of the entire audience in the United States watches videos on the World Wide Web.
  • A total of 87% of ALL online marketers are using video content in their digital marketing campaign and this is expected to continue to grow by the year of 2019 and beyond.

The 1:1 Video Approach

Most know and understand that film equipment and production carry a hefty cost.

The good news is, with the emergence of the high-quality cameras included on smartphones and other mobile devices, this expense is no longer posing any negative effects on internet marketers.

In fact, most businesses and those involved with internet marketing are now creating personalized videos with these devices.

This is identified as the “1:1 Video Approach” and is becoming the way to go in today’s advertising world.

You no longer have to be a professional to create “professional” videos. You just have to be personable.

Yes, you read that right! By using the standard devices currently available and creating personalized videos, you can experience an instantaneous boost to the success of your digital marketing campaign.

passion led us here

It’s All About Engagement

All those monotonous and highly informational videos are no longer desired by today’s internet users. Instead, consumers are seeking engagement. In order to ensure that your videos are a success, you must know and understand that it is all about engagement.

In a world where consumers are consistently lost within their constantly connected devices, they are seeking to engage with others that are engaged in the virtual world.

This includes businesses.

There are several platforms where engagement is the basis of success for online marketers. Examples include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and those that are similar in nature.

Go Live

To provide a boost to your digital marketing campaign, you should ensure that you “Go Live” as much as possible.

These videos display you as a “real” person. It helps to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of you and your products, allows for a candid view of who you are, and allows consumers to interact with you on a personal level.

People absolutely love the “candid camera” aspect of live videos.

If you want to reach higher levels of success, opt for the “Live” feature at your disposal.

Let Us Help

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We will evaluate your business to determine where it stands and help you establish a digital footprint that is sure to lead you to a successful future.

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March 25, 2019

Increase Your Search Engine Rank Fast by Dominating the Voice Search Arena

Voice Search

Voice SearchAnalysts have now predicted that 2019 is THE YEAR for voice searches. According to research, internet users are using voice search assistant programs – such as Siri, Google, and Alexa – to do searches on the World Wide Web, discover businesses in their area, make purchases, obtain news feeds, and more.

Approximately 65% of all people between the ages of 25 and 49 speak directly to the devices that include voice assistant programs at least once each and every single day. This age group accounts for the highest amount of general online searches, too.

If you have a blog, a website, and/or an online business, it is in your best interest to dominate the voice search arena. In doing so, you will find that your SEO rankings instantly increase.

Voice Search Assistant

What Are Voice Search Assistants?

Voice search assistants – such as Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and Cortana – is a type of voice-activated software that is capable of learning and performing tasks based on a consumer’s verbal commands on “smart” devices, such as a computer, Kindle, and smartphone.

Due to the integration of artificial intelligence, these programs have the unique ability to both recognize and respond to direct queries. As time progresses, these responses are improving at an alarming rate. As a result, consumers are becoming more and more inclined to using the voice search assistants.

As a result of the higher demand, the future of all electronic devices is sure to place a high emphasis on voice control and expanding the overall capability of the voice search assistants on the market.

Enhancement of the User Experience

We have transitioned into a society with very little patience and a need for immediate results. As a result of these facts, voice search is becoming increasingly popular. The ability to simply speak to a voice search assistant and get an immediate result drastically enhances an internet user’s over all experience.

Because of this, by the year of 2020, it is estimated that at least HALF of ALL online searches will be conducted through a voice search assistant program. What does this mean for people who have blogs, businesses, and/or websites? A LOT!

Now, search engines are placing an exceptional high emphasis on voice searches and are ranking sites that cater to these searches much higher than those that do not.

Analytics Chart

How to Dominate to Boost SEO

People talk differently than they type. People type differently than they talk. This is just a fact. If you have a website, blog, and/or an online business, you have to make sure it is optimized for both the written word and the spoken word.

This is the first and most important move that you can make to ensure first page results across all major search engines. Next, you have to understand that when a person uses voice search, they expect faster results.

Finally, internet users expect and want to have access to as much information as possible.

With that being said, use the following strategies to dominate the voice search arena and instantly boost your rankings:

  1. First, you must make certain that your website is responsive; that is, it works well across all types of devices – be it a desktop computer, an internet reading device, or a smartphone.
  2. Next, make certain that your website loads very quickly. You can achieve this by optimizing images, compressing the files you include on your site, and using a caching system to improve the speed of each of your pages.
  3. Third, write how people talk. In most instances, a person will ASK questions when using voice search. This means you should include “who”, “what”, “when”, “where”, “why”, and “how” questions into your site’s content. Also, voice searches will include more long-tail keywords than traditional typed inquiries.
  4. Next, you should include a snippet that outlines a summary of the content that you have on each of your pages.
  5. Be sure to consider the fact that many are searching for information pertaining to their general area. For this reason, you should use phrases such as “close to me”, “near me”, “locally”.

We Can Help

Generally speaking, it is easy to dominate the voice search arena; however, steps must be taken now to succeed. This is where we here at Brick Road Media come in – we can help you!

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February 25, 2019

How to Seize the “Micro-Moments” by Google

micro moments

According to extensive research, most Google searches are being conducted by internet users on mobile devices than on traditional computers. There are multitudes of smart devices now readily available on the market. These are electronic in nature, connect to other types of devices or various types of networks through wireless protocols, and have the capability to operate in an interactive and an autonomous manner. Examples include smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, phablets, smart speakers, and smart bands. As a result of the increasingly high level of popularity associated with these devices, Google has branded a new, technological-based unit of time. This is called the “micro-moment”. If you have a website or blog that utilizes content, it is critical that you learn how to seize the “micro-moments”. Continue reading to learn more.

micro moments

What is a “Micro-Moment”?

A “micro-moment” refers to those periods in each of our lives when we discover that we have a need. This could include a problem that we need to solve, a product that we have a need to purchase, or as simple as something as an answer to a question that we have.

When we pick up our smartphone or other mobile smart device to find a solution to that need that we have identified, this is referred to as a “micro-moment”.

As a society, we are all actively engaged and on the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As one who is marketing online, it is in your best interest to learn how to seize these “micro-moments” that internet users have around the clock.

In doing so, you will experience exceptionally high levels of success.

The Steps to Seizing Micro-Moments Among Internet Users

When utilizing content to promote your business, your products, and/or your services online, it is imperative that you follow the steps outlined below in order to seize those newfound Google “micro-moments”:

  1. When creating content, consider your customer before headlines, keywords, and word count. Who are you in line with servicing? When will your customers need what you have to offer? By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your customer, you will have the ability to create content that is geared towards them and their needs. In turn, this will allow your content to show up at the “right place in the right time”.
  2. Next, avoid advertising schemes when creating your content. Instead, focus on the placement of information that helps your customers solve the problems that you are able to help with. No one wants to be “sold”; however, everyone wants and needs “help”.
  3. The ultimate goal of all content is to attract customers, convert those customers, close the sale, and ensure satisfaction. When creating content designed for micro-moments, you need to do all of this very quickly. First, gain an understanding of the problem. Identify that problem in your content and provide a quick solution. This makes for actionable and highly-profitable content.

Create the “I Want To” Moments

Now that you understand what “micro-moments” are, it is time to create the “I want to” moments through your content. These include the “I want to know”, “I want to go”, “I want to buy”, and “I want to do”. You must anticipate the questions that your target audience will have, incorporate SEO best practices, create content that provides a quick and concise answer, and link to your site.

If you need help with this, we here at Brick Road Media are here to help. Simply contact us today and have your micro-moments ready quickly:

January 28, 2019

Top SEO Trends in 2019 That Every Website Owner Needs to Know About

As a website owner, it's important to stay on top of the “latest and greatest”, in terms of search engine optimization (SEO). One of the most productive means of doing this is analyzing that which took place in the previous year, as well as current emerging trends.

For the purpose and intent of this article, we are going to base our information on Google and their amazingly powerful search engine. This popular search engine is unique from others in how it ranks the search results that stem from user inquiries.

The SEO trends you will be introduced to in this guide will help you with your website’s rank within Google’s search engine. If you are ready for an influx of website traffic and an instantaneous boost to your online business, continue reading.

Google Traffic Report

SEO Trend #1: The “Brain” Behind the Artificial Intelligence Learning System

Artificial intelligence is emerging as a leader in assisting Google in ranking websites. Their AI system has a “brain”, too! “RankBrain”, to be exact.

This is a specially-designed learning system that helps the Google search engine to quickly sort results.

This is made possible by measuring how internet users interact with the websites that they choose to go on within search results. This system measures how long internet users stay on your website’s page and the percentage that click on your website.

To become a big mover and shaker in 2019, learn as much as you are able to about RankBrain and customize your website so that you get massive signals from RankBrain.

According to Google, the signals that come from this artificial intelligence system carry a lot of weight in how high a website ranks in their search engine.

SEO Trend #2: Professionally-Written Content

One of the rank factors with RankBrain is referred to as “Dwell Time”. In short, this refers to the amount of time that an internet user spends on your website. In order to increase this, you must have professionally-written content posted on your pages.

SEO content creators know how to properly compose content that includes strategically-placed keywords, content that is designed for mobile users, and content geared towards voice searches.

If you are not comfortable with writing your own content, you will be pleased to know that there are several writers on the market that specialize in search engine optimization.

If you require written content for your website, contact us here at Brick Road Media for more information.

Google Voice Microphone icon for search

SEO Trend #3: Ensure Voice Search Compatibility

While traditional searches are still quite popular, voice search is quickly gaining momentum. This is likely to take off in 2019 as more handheld and mobile devices hit the market. Out of every five adults, two use voice searches on a daily basis.

You must ensure that the content listed throughout your website is optimized for voice search. This means, when composing content, ensure that you have question and answer format throughout your website.

This will help your search engine rank tremendously. Simply consider the keywords and keyword phrases that people are likely to use when they use the voice search option on their mobile devices.

Optimize for human usage and interaction, not just to appeal to the actual algorithms that search engines utilize.

SEO Trend #4: Place Larger Content on Your Website

Google likes to rank content pieces that are exceptionally long as these are usually more in-depth than shorter articles.

You may compose long blogs or even integrate some type of “ultimate guide” into your website.

In addition to appearing to be more comprehensive with websites, internet users will spend more time on your site reading your content if it is longer. This is a win-win situation, in terms of search engine optimization.

When composing longer pieces, it is important to break up the content so it is easier for internet users to read and digest. For example, use subheadings, lists, and other methods of breaking the information up.

SEO Trend #5: Evergreen Content That is Highly Authoritative

When it comes to content on your website, you want to ensure that it contains a lot of information, is in-depth, and authoritative.

You also want to make certain that it is “evergreen”. In essence, this simply means that the content is always considered to be relevant and does not become outdated. This makes it easier to find online as it is always there and always contains pertinent information.

If you create evergreen content where you display your expertise – in-depth – you will find that you get more shares on social media, more page views, AND more backlinks!


SEO Trend #6: Include Keywords That Relate to Your Main Keyword

When creating content on your website, it is important to include keywords that are related – but different – to your main keyword.

These are often referred to as “LSI” keywords.

That stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing”. These keywords are those that are “semantically” related to the primary keyword that you elect to utilize in your content; however, they are not synonyms. They are keywords that have the same context.

For example, if you are writing about drivable cars, your LSI keywords would include “vehicle”, “dealers”, “automobile”, and so on and so forth. There are many LSI keyword generators online that you may use for free.

SEO Trend #7: Make Sure Your Website is Mobile-Friendly

By this point in the game, your website should be mobile-friendly. If not, it is time to get onboard. This is referred to as “Mobile-first indexing”. Google now counts the mobile version as the “real” website – not the traditional desktop version.

You must opt for this as over 60% of all searches within Google are done from a mobile device. This figure is expected to expand even further throughout 2019 and 2020.

Let Us Help

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December 24, 2018

Free Report to Increase Exposure

Increase Your Online Exposure, Capture More Leads, and Create a Larger Customer Base with Our FREE Customized Digital Marketing Report

As a business owner with an online presence, the goal is to ensure value in the products and/or services that you offer and connect those items to the demographically-correct customer base.

While this seems like a relatively simple endeavor, it is one that that could take many of millions of concepts and techniques to achieve.

Your digital interfaces – website, emails, the social media platforms that you elect to utilize, online videos, banners, and other items that are used to entice and excite internet users – utilize a special blend of keywords, direct interaction, and niche-centered content in order to reach your target audience.

By signing up for our free customized digital marketing report, you have the potential to achieve higher levels of success through all of your tomorrows.

traffic and social media graph

What Information is in the Free Report?

The information that we provide you is customized – based on your website.

First, it will show you information pertaining to your traffic.

It is not just traffic that you need, but the right type of traffic; therefore, we also include information on the content that you have on your site. This is what gets your targeted traffic inside your website. In most instances, you will likely need a new content marketing plan. We are capable of providing all of the information on that.

The free report also contains information on your social media campaigns.

Social media is one of our specialties. We can tell you what you need to make it work for you and how to do it! Finally, we will provide information on your conversion rates and overall sales. The goal is to convert all of your visitors to buying customers. We know exactly how to make that happen!


We here at Brick Road Media have the knowledge and expertise to evaluate your online presence and provide you with steps and strategies to optimize your performance.

We have the capability of determining where you stand among your online competition.

We can then provide you with information on how to excel – even in the most saturated of all markets. We can teach you how to rank high in search engines, boost your social platform marketing, and become a high traffic business that is booming!

If you are seeking to achieve higher levels of success – be it now, in the new year, or for years to come – we are here to help you through the process.

Getting the Free Report

If you are ready to learn how your online business is performing, simply click HERE.

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November 26, 2018

Improve Search Engine Rankings in 2019 with Topic Clusters

topic clusters

If you are in search of a new way to improve your website’s rankings in major search engines in 2019, start utilizing topic clusters.

topic clusters

What is a Topic Cluster?

A topic cluster is a specially-designed strategy that is done in order to optimize the overall virtual architecture of your website, assist search engines in discovering new pages, and to help in the process of improving website rankings.

Generally speaking, the art of creating topic clusters is not new.

Websites such as HubSpot have been creating these clusters for years; however, there is now a new focus on topic clusters due to the fact that it helps provide quality to a content marketing campaign and stresses the overall importance of internal linkage.

How Does a Topic Cluster Work?

Each cluster initiates with a main pillar page. In terms that are understood among today’s website owners and content marketers, this main page acts as a “hub” for a topic. Then, a variety of new content pages are created that relate to the topic on the hub page.

These pages link back to that main page.

Additionally, they link to one another. By performing these linking measures, all of the major search engines view the main page as the “authority”. As time progresses, that page – as well as the content pages connected to it through internal links – start to rank higher among search engines.

How to Create Topic Clusters

Now that you have a basic idea of what a topic cluster is and how it works, it is time to start the process of creating your own topic clusters. The following steps will help in this process:

  1. Identify the Main Topic – You need to consider the products and/or services that your company offers or specializes. Then, create a theme that is relatively broad. Once you create a theme, you are ready for the next step.
  2. Create the Main Page – Now, you are ready to create the main page of your virtual “hub”. You will want to create some type of comprehensive guide or provide informative information about the theme. When creating this page, be sure to incorporate some way to enhance your conversion rate. You may want to offer a free product, include a poll, or offer visitors the opportunity to provide their email address. Be certain to include links to the subtopic pages of your topic cluster – if they have already been prepared and published.
  3. The Subtopic Pages – Next create detailed content associated with the theme and topic of your topic cluster. It is important to narrow down the information contained on these pages and make them more specific.
  4. Time to Link – Once all of your pages are ready, it is time to publish and then take those links and link to all of the other pages within the cluster.

Essentially, topic clusters help you to create linking architectures that increase the page rank of each page on your website.

This is THE best way to optimize your rankings in 2019.

October 22, 2018

Website Optimization – Where to Start?

seo optimization

Website optimization – which is commonly referred to as “search engine optimization” or “SEO” – is a type of marketing discipline that has the primary focus on optimizing a website’s overall visibility in organic based – or “non-paid” – results in search engines, such as Google. Website optimization is an absolute “must” when it comes to achieving success on the World Wide Web. To learn where to start and how to do it, continue reading.

seo optimization

Why Does My Website Need to be Optimized?

A large portion of all web “traffic” is driven by major search engines. The top-rated search engines in today’s world are Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, and AOL.

In addition to search engines, other platforms – such as those in social media like Facebook and Twitter – aid in the generation of visits.

It does not matter if you specialize in information, sell certain products, or offer services – it is imperative that your website is optimized in such a way that internet users can be directed to it. In essence, search engines and other platforms act as the “roads” on the information super highway that lead users to the destination that is most appropriate for their needs. This is the ultimate goal of website optimization – ensuring your site is found and visited.

Step #1: Get a Website Audit

The first step that should be taken in order to ensure that your website is properly optimized is to get a website audit. This is a specially-designed inspection that evaluates all aspects of your website in order to determine what needs to be revised in order to attract visitors, engage those visitors on your website, and convert them into paying, loyal customers.

The recommendations are geared towards your overall success and are designed to ensure that you are able to grow your customer base and your profits.

To get up-to-date on all the latest and greatest in search engine optimization strategies for your website, you may obtain a free website audit today contacting us.

Step #2: Pay Attention to the Words and Phrases That You Use

In search engine optimization for websites, search queries are the backbone to success. These are the words and phrases that internet users when searching for items of interest on the internet. These words and phrases are often dubbed “keywords” or “keyword phrases”.

These simple terms and phrases have the ability to make or break your site. You have to be certain that you use those that internet users will type in, as well as those that users may use when using voice searches on their mobile devices.

By integrating both types into your website, you are sure to find that you receive higher amounts of traffic and generate more profits, over time.

Step #3: Create Content for Users, Not Search Engines

One of the main methods to optimizing your website is to generate content that is designed for internet users and not search engines. We realize that this may be a bit confusing – especially since this is all about optimization for ranking your website higher in search engines, but, we will explain. In essence, a search engine is a type of software program that answers questions.

Include content on your website that answers questions for REAL people – not for search engines.

Your website should include valuable content that is considered to be unique, not just duplicate content that is already on the internet. If you create a website that is rich with unique information, you are sure to find that you achieve higher levels of success than you ever thought possible.

Step #4: You Need Sales. Your Website Visitors Do Not

If you have a website, it is likely that you are trying to sell a service or a product. You have to remember that YOU are the one that needs sales to generate profits, NOT your website visitors. Do not create content to “sell”; rather, consider the WHY behind your visitor landing on your page. According to professionals in the industry, people search the internet because they have a need.

They NEED an answer to a question, a solution to a problem, or other type of information to assist them in one way or another.

DO NOT push sales.

Instead, offer answers, solutions, and the information that your visitors NEED. If you do this, they will do what YOU want; that is, make a purchase. Optimize all content to ensure it gives answers, provides solutions, and offers value and you will generate profits in return.

Step #5: Get Social

The next step to ensuring website optimization is to get social; that is, take your website on social media platforms. Today, the most popular social media networks and Apps are Facebook, YouTube (Yes, it IS now considered to be a social media network), Instagram, Qzone, Weibo, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest,, and Tumblr. When you take your website onto these networks and/or Apps, be sure to be engaging, interact with other users, and offer links to relevant content on your website. Social signals carry a high amount of weight when it comes to website optimization. In addition to your website rankings going up, getting social helps you build your brand, increase trust, and build loyalty – all of which are necessary for the success that you want to achieve on the web!

We Can Help!

Here at Brick Road Media, we specialize in helping people just like you in website optimization, creation, and ranking. By visiting us today, you can get a FREE, no-hassle website audit that will pinpoint exactly what needs to be changed or revised on your site.

In addition to this, you can find assistance in getting professionally-written, search engine optimized content for your site, social media integration, and several other tools and services. It is our goal to make each and every single one of our clients successful.

You have nothing to lose, but, everything to gain. Visit us today and achieve the online success that you desire for all of your tomorrows:

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