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March 5, 2015

Content Marketing Tips. 5 Ways to Create Awesome Content

content-marketing-tipsAll content marketing strategies that are considered to be successful are, essentially, a form of ongoing communications that not only deliver useful and high-quality content, but, also focus on empathizing with customers.

In order to make your content awesome, you must view each content object that you publish as a form of communication that promises your target audience with useful information that is relevant. You must not view each piece as just an “article” or a “blog”.

You must place an emphasis on informing and inspiring your target audience. In doing so, you will create anticipation among your readers. According to those that have achieved a high level of success in their content marketing endeavors, there are few things and actions that are more powerful in attracting a following that is highly loyal than the anticipation of what will abound next. In this content marketing guide, you will be introduced to more than just blogging tips or article writing tips.

You will be provided with the top and absolutely essential components to creating a growing and successful momentum of awesome content.

1. Capture the Attention of Your Target Audience

In nearly all blogging tips and article marketing tips, you will discover information that expounds on the fact that your content must capture the attention of your reader.

While this is a productive measure, it is more productive to ensure that you capture the attention of your TARGET AUDIENCE – that is, the group of people that you WANT to ATTRACT in order to achieve success in your niche. In the past few years, individuals that stumble across various types of content – blogs, articles, social media posts, images, and videos – have grown exceptionally discerning.

You must deliver quality.

Your target audience is looking for expert information, personal and professional experiences, and appeal in each blog that you create, each article that you write, each video that you post, and every presentation that you are responsible.

You MUST capture their attention AND maintain their attention. The following steps may be used to achieve success in this endeavor:

  • First, you should focus on creating images that are unique and attractive. One of the best methods for succeeding in this task is to take imagery and use in order to create innovative and appealing images that may be used in your content marketing endeavors.
  • Second, you should consider combining different media types in order to attract and maintain the attention of your target audience. For example, if you create a blog or an article, you should consider adding YouTube videos or embedding your own videos to supplement the content. In addition to this, you may make use of infographics or tip-o-graphics in order to provide another medium for your target audience to consume, other than simply reading.
  • Finally, you may want to consider firing up SoundCloud in order to record your voice and place that within your post or article.

2. Forget SEO, Optimize for Readership and Engagement

Throughout the history of the internet, all content marketers have been pushed to optimize their blogs and articles for search engines.

While the use of keywords, keyword phrases, and even latent semantic indexing techniques are all still productive ways to ensure high rankings in major search engines, it is more important – these days – to optimize for readership and engagement, NOT for search engines. Search engines are nothing more than a complex program that reads in an unemotional manner.

target audience

Your target audience, on the other hand, is a complex group of people that read emotionally and seek high-quality content. When it comes to blogging tips and article writing tips, you should place a focus on optimizing for readership and getting that readership to engage.

For example, piece together content that is relevant to your readers. Then, embed Facebook, Google +, and other social media platforms on your post to optimize engagement.

3. Optimize for Conversion

The next secret to creating absolutely awesome content and succeeding in your content marketing efforts is to optimize your content for conversion.

Turn your target audience into email list subscribers, provide them with a free eBook, implement click-based pop-ups and toolbars so your target audience may instantly convert, provide links to other content on your website, and use exit pop-ups.

4. Intelligent Formatting

When it comes to creating awesome content that will reap high rewards in your content marketing strategy, it is important to indulge in intelligent formatting when creating your blogs and/or articles. The following tips will assist in this endeavor:

  • Create articles and blogs with bold subheadings that assist in grabbing a reader’s attention.
  • Be certain to use images throughout the piece to visually stimulate your target audience.
  • Utilize bullet points, and even numbered lists, to section off your article and provide information quickly and precisely.

5. Be Innovative

Your target audience is fickle. Most skim-read, others channel-surf and nearly all move quickly.

If you want to succeed in content marketing, you must be innovative. Different IS better when it comes to blogging and composing articles.

Tell stories, display honesty, be a content persona, and become an expert in your niche. All of these actions will make you unique and highly appealing.


Content marketing is the most productive means of achieving success on the web. In order to reap the rewards that you desire, you must create awesome content. By grabbing your target audiences’ attention, optimizing for readership and engagement, optimizing for conversion, using intelligent formatting, and being innovative, your content will be awesome!


For more information and for assistance in creating content that attracts, maintains interest, and sells, contact Brick Road Media today! Our team of optimization professionals and internet business specialists are standing by to take your business to the level that you desire and deserve! 765-439-4029

February 20, 2015

Team Up for A Better Content Strategy

content-strategyContent Strategy - Grab A Partner

The Advantages of Teaming up with Other Businesses to Leverage Content

Leverage is now considered to be the newest, most innovative form of achieving higher levels of success on the World Wide Web. By becoming content partners with other businesses within your industry, you have the unique ability to diversify the revenue streams that your business experiences, add a higher level of syndication to the content that you produce, reach new platforms, attract new markets, create a brand that is considered to be highly authentic, and increase your company’s level of adaptability. Innovations in the world of digital marketing, online promotions, and advertising have quickly changed the method in which publishers currently conduct business. From developing branded content, creating social media campaigns, and syndicating content, the content marketing industry within the United States – which is a $44 billion industry – is completely diversifying the way that businesses are able to create streams of income. By leveraging with other businesses and becoming content partners, you will find that your business is able to attract a larger following. In this guide, you will learn how to harness the power of leverage for your content strategy.

Content Marketing Statistics

In order to truly understand the amount of power behind leverage, it is first important to become familiar with a couple of statistics that pertain to content marketing. The following outlines the three most important facts that you should consider, as it pertains to content marketing:

  • According to studies, it has been established that 70% of all consumers have a preference of getting to know a company by reading the articles that they create and publish, rather than reading and seeing the advertisements that they create.
  • Approximately 20% of all the internet traffic occurs as a direct result of content that is shared among content partners and social media platforms.
  • Businesses that own, operate, and actively post to a blog are able to get up to 67% more leads than businesses that do not.

Leveraging Content – Brand-to-Brand

Since the induction of syndication, publisher-to-publisher forms of syndication have been exceptionally popular; however, in recent years, brand-to-brand publishing is becoming even more popular. Brands have audiences; many of which are massive. All brands require content. This content may be placed on blogs, listed on social media platforms, placed within a company website, or included on mobile-based apps. Brands – much like your brand – are searching for content that is trustworthy, has a high level of reliability, and is high in quality. This is where leveraging content comes into play. As a brand, you are searching for the same things. Why not collaborate with similar brands? Not only will you share content, but, you will be able to include links, hyperlinks, and resource boxes that will drive a brand’s audience to YOUR website! In return, you offer them the same consideration. Then, your audience will be driven to their website. It is a win-win situation to become brand-to-brand content partners and leverage content in order to maximize the potential for success on the World Wide Web.


In order to truly leverage content, you must become content partners with other brands that are shifting towards digital innovation. A global, comprehensive-based content strategy must be developed in order to reap the success that you desire for your business. The first step is reaching a larger audience, in a faster amount of time. In order to achieve success in acquiring a larger audience, steps must be taken to make yourself known to that audience. The easiest and most productive means of doing this is through leverage. By harnessing the power of leverage today, you and your content partners will achieve higher levels of business success on the internet for the rest of your tomorrows!

February 4, 2015

Increasing Engagement on Social Media Is Crucial To Success

increasing-engagement-on-social-mediaIncreasing Engagement on Social Media Is Crucial To Success

In reviewing the social media marketing courses that are currently available online, you will find that all agree that increasing engagement on social media platforms is the key component to success.

If you are in the social media startup phase of your business, it is imperative that you focus on getting internet users to “Like”, comment on, and share the posts and status updates that you provide.

In the early days of social networking, numbers were the focus. How many followers were obtained and how many “Likes” were received were at the top of every marketer’s list.

While numbers are still considered to be important in the world of marketing, they are not the only point of focus that should be evaluated when measuring the success of a campaign. Today, engagement is the new point of focus.

Engagement – At a Glance

Now that you know that all social media marketing courses point to engagement as the key component of success, it is time to learn what engagement is, as it pertains to the various social networking platforms.

In the simplest explanation of the term, it includes the activities that your fans and your followers take in order to interact with and actively engage with your brand.

This includes pressing the “Like” button on your status update on Facebook, electing to share your posts on their pages, and including comments on your posts. Engagement is a productive means of encouraging and constructing a large and extremely loyal fan base.

It also assists in optimizing your virality rate on the World Wide Web. Virality rate is the rate that measures how often and quickly your posts are able to spread on a social media platform.

How to Increase Engagement

There are many unique strategies for increasing engagement levels in your social media startup.

The most basic of all steps is to provide regular updates that include high-quality content and information. You will want to post content that is not only relevant, but, also shareable.

Your fans and followers should enjoy your posts and the information that you share on them so much that they are willing to show you by liking and commenting, and even by sharing your posts on their own pages.

Often times, it is best to provide posts that stand out from the crowd. Each day, millions of tidbits of data are passed in front of users on their social media platform of choice.

You must ensure that you stand out and draw in their attention.

Optimizing Your Posts

According to social media marketing courses, it is imperative to ensure that you optimize your posts by providing content that internet users want to see and use.

For example, it has been discovered that pictures have the ability to quickly captivate an audience and increase engagement.

You should ensure that you utilize pictures instead of text-based content in order to reap the highest level of success when it comes to engagement.

Videos are the next most popular form of content. Once you actively start posting pictures and videos, you should move on to questions. People love to answer questions as it allows them to interact with a brand.

You should always consider integrating questions through the use of polls, and similar content. When users provide answers to your questions, you should always “Like” the answers and even respond to them!

While all of these are very basic strategies for increasing engagement on social media platforms, they are also considered to be the most positive and productive, according to social media marketing courses.

By integrating them into your social media startup campaign, you are sure to see a drastic difference in your engagement levels.

June 30, 2014

Brick Road Media Ready to Launch New Content Marketing Services


Brick Road Media is excited and pleased to announce the inception and launch of a new line of content marketing services called Do It for You services. Within this new product, there are three levels of value: Local Biz Essentials, Local Biz +, and Total Biz.

The first, Local Biz Essentials, focuses on getting the client on the right track to boosting traffic and conversion to their business page. This is our most affordable package and is for our clients who need little to no assistance—just some guidance. It includes services like keyword research, weekly blog posts, and installing SEO plugins.

The second level, Local Biz +, includes everything you would get in the first level package plus some extras. This is designed for our clients who would like to take technology by the horns, but either don’t have the time or the know-how. Some extras included in this particular package are setting up MailChimp, developing a sales funnel, and setting up a free giveaway.

The third and final level is Total Biz. This level is for small business owners would feel better if their website was in our hands. It is all-inclusive of everything in the first two levels plus launching a Facebook Ad campaign and monitoring the campaign as well as call tracking. While a bit pricier than the other two levels, our clients don’t have to do anything except sit back and watch their business grow by leaps and bounds.

For more information on this provocative new program, click here, or to schedule a free strategy session with Jeremy, click here.

January 2, 2013

Local Business Internet Marketing Tips To Start 2013 With A Bang

Fireworks #1

Fireworks #1 (Photo credit: Camera Slayer)

Using the internet effectively to attract new customers and keep your repeat business growing requires a plan.  And with everything you and your staff must do to keep your business running, that plan must be simple and something you'll stick with over time to get the best results.

The web has so much to offer a local business which is visible where locals surf and share information.  Don't be intimidated by the technology.  And don't kid yourself about the fact that the web is your best tool to increase your business cost-effectively.  It's 2013.  It's time to get very serious about your web marketing!

Here's a simple 14-point list of ideas for gaining traction and visibility with your web marketing.  These points should be considered one by one in light of the resources you have to make them happen.  It is highly recommended that you don't spread yourself too thin and try to work on too many marketing tactics at the same time.

Rather, it is best to tackle one or two at a time and really get the most out of them.  Then you can move on to other marketing tactics.  Of course, if you have help, you can tackle more internet marketing tasks at once and get where you want to go much faster.

More local business internet marketing tips from Marie Forleo:


Here's to a great 2013 for your local business!

December 10, 2012

Light SEO Reading For Geeks Like Us

Ever wonder what kind of SEO and local internet marketing reading material is on the Brick Road team's phones, tablets, or desktops?

Here's a snippet of what I've shared so far today:

4 Ways to Link Build Without Asking for a Link | Search Engine People | Toronto »

It's important to remember that there are other methods of link building out there besides the traditional blogger relations-style pitch. For example, here are four ways for you to link build without...

Mobile Search Beyond Google: Search Engines Inside Apps »
A couple months back, I covered the rise of a new generation of Windows Phones, and how they will slowly bring more mobile search market share to Bing. But, there’s more to mobile search than just Goo...

You Must Blog and Blog Smart in 2013
Blogging has had its ups and downs as an SEO, social media, and content marketing activity. But there’s no doubt whatsoever that blogging will be crucial to all three areas in 2013. These two big-picture 2012 developments are what have elevated business blogs from optional to essential.

Boning up on the new WordPress 3.5 release coming soon.

Top 10 Most Shared Social Video Brands Of 2012
Social video has been on the rise this year, with more brands turning to sites like YouTube to get their brand messages out than ever before.  Unruly Media has compiled a list of the top 10 most shared social video brands of 2012, based upon the number of shares each brand’s social video campaigns attracted on Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere.  Together, these brands accounted for over 36 billion shares!

The above reading list is just from this morning.  I'm not sure, but willing to bet we have to read more and keep up on more tech, social, search, and marketing news and training than professions like doctors and lawyers do.  Of course, those professions don't change and add new things to be aware of on a weekly basis either.

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