cloud-income-propertiesSuper big day for Brick Road Media Today. We just signed a joint venture deal with Cloud Income Properties to manage and monetize all of their web properties

Press Release: Cloud Income Properties Announces Joint Venture with Tale Chaser Publishing Inc.(Brick Road Media’s Parent Company) and The Abundance Group LLC


Phoenix, Arizona, August 18, 2014 – Headquartered out of Phoenix, AZ, Cloud Income Properties Inc. is excited to announce the signing of a Joint Venture Partnership Agreement with Tale Chaser Publishing Inc., and The Abundance Group LLC.
At Cloud Income Properties (Cloud), we believe in the power of the Internet, and have witnessed the incredible growth of online commerce world-wide in the past decade. We’ve seen how the Internet is an incredibly powerful instrument, capable of creating profits in virtually any product or industry, and Gina Gaudio-Graves of The Abundance Group LLC along with Jack Humphrey of Tale Chaser Publishing Inc. are experienced masters in online commerce.