Content Marketing Service

The Brick Road Media Content Leverage Service addresses the greatest need for our clients…

Professional marketing and sales conversion that gets the results you are looking for! 

We create engaging content targeted for your customers’ interests and drive social engagement for you.

Google monitors this, sees that you are able to engage on your relevant topics and ranks you accordingly above anyone else in the market who is not engaging people in this way.

The reason for doing a content marketing campaign this way is that you have professional, talented people (US!) thinking deeply about your business, your products, and how well your site converts visitors into sales.

You get the equivalent results of a full-time content marketing specialist without the management or cost!  Most of all, you save time and money by having this important job done right.  And you don’t have to worry about whether what you’re doing online to attract new customers is working or not.

Packages range from our basic content marketing service at $497/month to custom packages ranging from $1200/month and upwards.

Here is exactly what we do for you:

  • Audit your current site and find all opportunities to optimize the pages on your website to align with the competitors that are out ranking you in your space.
  • Search the Web for all of the places you currently show up and compare to the list of places you should be.
  • Set up and maintain all of the accounts you should have for maximum visibility to the search engines. Setup/optimize your Social Sites, and your Blog so you (and WE) are ready to distribute and share awesome content.
  • Based on your business and niche we develop a custom content marketing plan and start developing highly engaging pieces of content such as blog posts, ultimate guides, and infographics that are designed to get the conversation started on your social media sites. We Post and Share all of this developed content on your behalf.
  • In our top package, we’ll even seek and secure leveraged opportunities for more sales volume with partners you should have on your side.  (Businesses that have the rapt attention of your ideal customers in big numbers!)
  • Every week and every month we watch and analyze what’s working, adjust and tweak, and keep raising your metrics.
  • In our top package, we make sure you have a high-converting call-to-action (CTA) so that none of your traffic is wasted.
  • Track and Analyze all data througout the month, compare the data to the benchmarks we have set and determine the next months strategy.
  • Share these reports with you on a month to month basis so you are constantly involved and in the loop.

The Brick Road Media Professional Content Marketing Campaign

The web works differently today than it did even 9 months ago.

They say content is king, and that’s still true, but today it’s only to the extent that it gets people talking about it.

Google measures the value of content largely on “behavioral metrics.” In other words, they are watching how much people talk about it, share it, and “Like” or “Plus” it on Facebook or Google+.

This has created a very large demand for content marketing experts to help companies like yours to accomplish the all-elusive engagement metrics needed to rank in search, be constantly and actively relevant, and attract new customers from new sources of targeted traffic.

In fact, what most SEO companies are doing for clients these days to get them ranking well in Search is “content marketing.”

This is a very big indicator of where the majority of attention is these days when it comes to, not only search engine marketing, but direct traffic generation from social and other websites.

What is Content Marketing and how does it work on today’s web to bring you more attention and customers?

Having a blog and posting content on it is NOT content marketing by itself. Most experts are on record advising business owners to “do great content” to gain attention and new customers from search and social.

It is one thing to put content on your site and pass it around on social. It is an entirely different animal (with far better results) to conduct a professional content marketing campaign.

Professional Content Marketing includes more than blogging:

  • Specially designed engagement pieces (blog, social updates and shares, curation)
  • Social campaign that matches and supports your content.
  • Creativity and thought behind each piece of content that goes FAR beyond simply writing around a keyword phrase.
  • Conversations are more important than keywords or topics. Keywords are part of conversations. Conversations don’t start based on keywords. They start based on interest, relevance, and timing.
  • Keeping conversations going as long and as much as possible on the website, and in social. It’s not just posting and moving on to the next blog post. Conversations are “designed,” then nurtured and encouraged through social and comment systems.
  • Content and strategy are constantly tweaked in reaction to things like relevant breaking news, issues, pop culture, as well as the ability to react to stats and analytics on previous conversations/content.
  • A proper, professional content marketing campaign takes many different factors into account and is able to turn on a dime, try new things, react to news and developments immediately, and take full advantage of the “always moving” nature of things that people can be interested in at the drop of a hat.

What to expect from our content marketing service?

  • The Intake Interview: Where all principals meet to discuss assets and campaign ideas. We get to know you, get your access information to work on your site and social accounts, and discuss the possible starting points and ongoing efforts in content development and promotion as it relates specifically to your company, products, and vision.
  • The Campaign Design: We come back with a report on where we’ll start, the specific upcoming projects, and how we’ll use the assets in intake interview to best effect in CMP.
  • The Implementation: Implement, track, and report results. Testing and tweaking content pieces, social engagement strategy.
  • The Monthly Reporting: Know exactly what the campaign is doing for you in traffic, attention, rankings in search, and growing social influence.
  • The Ongoing Coordination: via email and on social to make sure you and/or your staff are part of the campaign and sharing/supporting the campaign on social and getting us any additional materials we need to supplement the campaign.

Who is this for?

  • Companies with a monthly budget of at least $1500. The person working on your campaign is a professional, and they HAVE to be. This is not something you outsource to someone with no experience, poor writing and communication skills, and who doesn’t have the experience necessary to pull off this kind of high-level campaign successfully.
  • Individuals without the ability or time to learn and implement such a professional, results-oriented, and very specialized campaign.
  • Companies who really need targeted traffic and social media (growing your social fanbase) results. We are only focused on generating results in traffic through social and search as a result of our work. The only actions we take are those designed to get a reaction from your market. Cause and effect. Analysis of what’s working, what’s not, and constant refinement for the best results possible on an ongoing basis.
  • People who plan to give a MINIMUM of 3 months. It takes some time to ramp up, PLUS it takes time for Google and Bing to react to the new activity so they can start putting you in new keyword rankings based on the new data.