One of the main reasons why most websites fail to convert visitors into customers is because the offer simply falls flat. It’s not very exciting. Converting website visitors is the key to eCommerce success.

You have to understand that businesses across the globe are ALL doing the same things you are doing in order to achieve success. These include – but are not limited to – the following:

  • Making claims about the products and/or services that they offer
  • Promising results regarding those products and/or services
  • Attempting to make offers that stand out above the offers of those that are in the same industry

Why are you so special? What makes your business stand out?

This is where YOUR offer comes into play.

You must create an irresistible offer!

Irresistible Offer Reaction
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An irresistible offer not only serves as a cornerstone of your email marketing, it can be the basis of your entire digital marketing plan. An irresistible offer sells itself, making it so easy for your business to succeed online. The only hurdle is coming up with one.

Your offer has to be creative, yet genuine. It has to be different, yet directly related to your industry. It has to truly initiate a change – for the better – in the lives of your potential customers.

In order to create an irresistible offer, you must know your audience.

Knowing your audience – in and out and on every level – is the foundation of success when it comes to your offer.

So, how does a business create an irresistible offer that will be successful?

That is the question we will answer in this guide. To start with, you must ask yourself a few questions. Then, you must consider the elements that will make your offer crazy exciting. Continue reading to learn more!

Basic Questions to Ask Yourself When Creating an Offer for Your Visitors

  1. What problems or issues do those in my target audience have and what do they hope to accomplish?

As a general rule of thumb in any form of marketing, it all starts with your target audience. Take a step into their world. What problems or issues are they currently experiencing? What do those individuals hope to accomplish?

Your offer should solve their problems and aid in their issues. It must be presented in such a way that they find themselves unable to achieve their goals unless they have what you have to offer. When you present an offer in this manner, it will truly be irresistible.

  1. What can be done to make MY offer stand out above any other offer currently available?

Review the offers that your competitors are providing to their audience. Evaluate the guarantee and any other promise contained within that offer that makes it stand out.

Once you have done your research, ask yourself exactly how you can offer MORE value in the offer than that of your competitors.

  1. What can be done to make the lives of my customers easier?

Our world is governed by convenience, by accessibility, and by speed. In order to create an offer that your target audience finds irresistible, you should ensure it is convenient, accessible, and can be provided to them quickly. If you fail in this area, it is almost 100% guaranteed that your competition will succeed.

  1. How can I create a guarantee that is bold and attractive?

Evaluate your offer in a scrutinous manner. Look at it like your competition would. Do you have any doubts? Do you find yourself experiencing concerns? If so, chances are, your target audience will, too.

Consider the methods that will help in reversing any type of risk through the means of a bold and attractive guarantee. What will make YOUR offer seem more promising over all of the rest?

Once you figure out what that is, do it.

  1. How can I back my offer with a sense of urgency?

If you are capable of doing so, inject a sense of urgency in your offer. But, how? An irresistible offer is one that has a limited amount, limited time frame, and/or one that has limited availability.

Creating Your Offer

Now that you have considered HOW to create an offer that is irresistible, it is time to actually create the offer.

In the world of eCommerce, distractions, high levels of procrastination, and competition are commonplace.

You must break through all of this “noise” to transform your visitors into paying customers.

The following steps will lend to your success when it comes to constructing an offer that is considered to be irresistible to your potential customers:

  1. Create Value – In order to create and communicate the value associated with your offer, you must set a price. Remember, the price that you set does not define your brand. The goal is to offer a lot for the money that you are requesting.
  2. The Reversal of Risk – When making your offer, remove all of the risk that is associated with your purchase. This is referred to as the “reversal of risk”. This is done by offering credibility (such as certificates and money-back guarantees) and social proof (reviews and testimonials) that your offer is worth it.
  3. Sense of Urgency – While it is true that we have mentioned this previously, you should never lose sight of it when creating an irresistible offer. There are several methods for using urgency. These include calendar promotions, timed events, scarcity, and even sneak peeks – all will prove to be highly effective.

Tips and Techniques for an Irresistible Offer

The following outlines various tips and techniques for creating a highly irresistible offer that your visitors will find difficult to walk away from:

  1. It is imperative that you make an effort to connect directly to the wants, fears and needs for your target audience. This will increase your conversion rate by 30% or more. Remember, it is not about you…it is about them. Make it about them.
  2. You should specify any time periods associated with your offer. This includes how long it will be available and your trial period.
  3. Keep your headlines simple. You may combine clever with the simple, but don’t overdo it. Get to the point.
  4. When composing your offer, be certain to use words and phrases that trigger emotion. By placing an emphasis on adjectives that are vivid, descriptions that entice the senses, and power words, you will command the attention of your visitors.
  5. Always integrate the word “you” in your copy that promotes your offer – be it a sales page or an email marketing campaign (or, both). This can – literally – double the conversion rate of your offer.
  6. Keep it short and simple. If you remove that which is not necessary, you have the ability to increase your overall conversion rate by up to 65%! That is an amazing increase! Even if your product or service requires long copy, just keep it as simple as possible.
  7. When attempting to explain main points, include bullet points. This makes information that you share easy to understand and your readers will be able to successfully skim it to get what they need from it.
  8. Do not be afraid to tell your customers WHY they should take you up on your offer. In being straight up and outlining the benefits of your offer, you have the ability to double your response rate.
  9. Try the integration of a video into your sales copy. By including both text and a video, you can increase the opt-in rate up to 100%!
  10. Avoid integrating the words “I” and “We”. This could translate into you and your brand being self-centered, which will reduce your overall credibility. Again, it is not about you or your brand. The offer you are presenting is about your target audience.
  11. Make certain that the offer that you present is not a duplicate of an offer that is already on the market. Make it unique – completely different than anything else out there.
  12. Use the process of remarketing. This is easy and inexpensive. Basically, it places a cookie on the user’s computer. Once they leave, they will see the advertisement for your offer on other pages. This is a wonderful way to ensure that they continuously have your company on their mind and if they make the decision to buy, they can easily go back to your offer.
  13. Use a form on your sales page, opt-in page, and website that captures the email address of your website visitors.
  14. Once you have a list of email addresses, set up an autoresponder email program. This will allow you to touch base with your leads and remind them of what you have to offer.
  15. Get the help of a professional company that specializes in website creation, content creation, and SEO. These companies will help in creating a product that will prove to be absolutely irresistible to your visitors. They will also assist in other services that will lend to your overall success.

For more information on creating an irresistible offer for your visitors and achieving higher levels of success in eCommerce, contact us today!