email marketing in 2017Email marketing is not a dying art. In fact,  email marketing remains one of the most powerful ways to boost your return on investment and to generate an incredible revenue source.

So how do you make it happen?

The process is a mixture of tried and true techniques, along with some new advancements. Perhaps the most important these days is mobile optimization. (Don’t forget that optimal delivery my require utilizing the services of an expert email deliverability consultant.)

Mobile Optimization

Since more Millennials are using mobile devices for handling their online activity, your e-mail marketing efforts must support this. If you don’t you alienate one of the strongest online buying groups.

When you send these e-mails remember to target the most common times for Millennials to be on their device actively checking it.

The best time is either first thing in the morning, or later at night.

Social Media Integration

With social media remaining a dominate force online, you’ll want to keep up with the tried and true method of integration. This can be as simple as introducing a new hashtag and creating a campaign that spreads brand awareness as it rises in the trending categories.

A great way to do this is to use an approach that also benefits them for their participation.

Say you have people take pictures out in the wild with your products. They tag you and include the hashtag to be included in the promotion. You can then incorporate that campaign in your e-mail and then further spread the message with the integration on social media.

Images Strengthen Email

email marketing - emojisAnother trend is speaking to others visually. Gone are the days when you can effectively communicate solely with text. Emojis and pictures are essential for your marketing efforts. They appeal to target age groups. They are more likely to be opened than e-mails that do not use images.

Try to add in relevant images in the text that give off a sense of what you are talking about to help guide these individuals visually.

You can add emojis to subject lines and even the text to stress emotional aspects of your post.

If a video can help to further accent the piece, you may also want to incorporate that also.

Avoid large blocks of text that will cause these individual to feel overwhelmed and become less likely to do more than to click delete and potentially mark you as Spam in annoyance.

Heres some proof. When Litmus Software did a study among over 1,200 individuals they found the following elements were important to their visitors on e-mail marketing:

  • Interactive E-mails
  • Big Data Personalization
  • HTML5 Video
  • Automated E-mails
  • Omnichannel E-mails
  • Email Encryption

Because of how important they are to customers, you’ll want to ensure that you incorporate all of these items into your own e-mail marketing campaigns. That way, you continue to stand out online with the e-mails you send out and that you’ll have the highest return on investment possible!

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