In a new article by Fast Company, “Your Facebook Fans Are Hiding Your Posts At An Alarming Rate,” Ekaterina Walter takes a look at some stats most businesses don’t pay attention to.

Most of the businesses on Facebook focus, at least initially, on the number of likes they get for their business fan pages.

The reasoning is simple:  more fans equals more exposure to new, past, and potential customers. The problem becomes clear soon enough.  Engagement often doesn’t take off as planned.  With 100 or so new fans should come a higher level of engagement, right?  Your business should see an increase in the activity from your fans as your likes increase, right?

Not so.  At least, not automatically.  It all depends on how you engage your audience on Facebook and how you keep them from hiding your posts.

You’re now in the realm of tracking response rates to your Facebook posts and figuring out a plan to keep fans engaged and passing around your updates to their friends.

When your Facebook marketing campaign becomes more about engagement than building a huge list of fans who may or may not be seeing all of your updates, you have to start thinking about a content plan for Facebook that keeps your fans glued to your updates and engaged with your business.

Read the article on Fast Company to see what you can do to improve your visibility with the fans you have while you’re working to get more fans to follow you.