Facebook Engagement and SEO Campaign

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How Your Business Can Get Massive Facebook Engagement and Better Search Engine Rankings...

At Brick Road Media, we're always watching, testing, tweaking, and improving results for our clients.  In the years since we've started doing Content Leverage for clients, we've noticed something about the relationship between social media and Google.

Creating more true engagement on Facebook pages that we manage for our clients leads unequivocally to better and more search engine rankings.  And both lead to more targeted traffic to our clients' websites!

We've now discovered the formula for getting more targeted traffic from Facebook and search, while building a social presence where you can actually measure ROI from the effort. -Jack Humphrey, CEO, Brick Road Media

The biggest complaint among businesses today as it pertains to social media is that ROI is very hard to determine and track.  Most businesses give up trying after awhile because they aren't doing the right things to attract and engage their followers on Facebook.  And this leads to poor results where it counts:  new sales, new clients, repeat business.

Brick Road Media has cracked the case!

Our brand new "Facebook Leverage" campaign package is designed to do the following:

  1. Grow your presence on Facebook with targeted, interested fans.  (Not just "Likes" for the sake of a number.)
  2. Grow engagement among your fans to get them to like, comment, and follow links.
  3. Increase your search engine rankings and targeted traffic from Google.

It's not something most businesses have the time, resources, or staff to accomplish.  And that's where Brick Road Media comes in!

For a very low startup and monthly investment, Brick Road will perform the Facebook Leverage campaign for your company and get you the results you've always wanted!

Facebook Leverage Starts at $497 per month with a $497 setup fee plus a modest monthly "Boost Budget."

Part of our strategy for Facebook Leverage incorporates post boosting.  We can even get results with really small budgets to start, and once you see real results, we can go up from there using money from your NEW revenue generated by this campaign.

Firms comparable to ours charge upwards of $1000-$1500+ per month for the same kind of service.  But they don't necessarily know our secret strategy, so they can't get the same results we can for you!

Want to know more?  Drop us a line and we can schedule a time to go through the process, learn more about your business, and show you what you can expect from your investment starting right away when we launch your campaign!

How It Works

  • We do a thorough intake process to get hooked up with your website and your Facebook page.  (Facebook page creation or optimization available as a separate setup, if required.)
  • We look at your current content assets and tweak for use in the campaign.
  • We work on compelling content for your site as well as for sharing and promoting on Facebook.
  • Our proprietary strategy for getting your new content engaged, commented, and shared then kicks in.
  • Our editorial calendar gets set and we unleash our professional and experienced Facebook Leverage team to bring you results, QUICKLY!
  • We monitor, test, track, and tweak for best results, showing you the numbers every step of the way.  You can SEE the results in real time as they stack up:
  • more true fans, more engagement, more traffic from Facebook, more rankings from Google, and more targeted traffic from search!

Find Out More About The Facebook Leverage Campaign by Brick Road Media!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where will the traffic be sent from Facebook?

A: The traffic gets sent back to your website on the particular page or blog post we create and share on Facebook.  A strong call to action then encourages visitors to check out your product or service and/or join your email list.  (We can work with you to make sure what you're getting traffic to converts to buyers, clients, or customers, if you need it.  We do professional funnel design at Brick Road as well!)

Q: When will the traffic start?

A: As soon as we are done with setup (usually takes about 1-2 weeks tops to get set up) on the first day we publish to Facebook on your page.  Results from direct traffic from Faceook, new fans, and new search rankings are very quick with our system!

Q: Are there any hidden costs?

A: No, we're very upfront and open about any additional costs for the campaign.  Here are 2 common additions:  1) A "conversion funnel" or call to action on your site that really converts visitors to optin to your list or buy your stuff.  If that isn't there now, you're going to want it built, and we can help you with that for a separate fee.  2)  Facebook page tweaking and/or setup outside the norm.  If you're page is rocking now, we'll just get started working on it.  If it needs optimization, we'll talk about any extra time needed to get it in shape.  Just ask us about any of this on your strategy session when you fill out the form above!

Q: Can this scale?

A: Absolutely!  Our $497 +Boost starter package can scale to whatever heights you choose to take it!  All the way up to the equivalent of a full-time team working on your campaign and getting you big results!  We can handle any size client.