Google Push Notifications

Google Push Notifications can help your business achieve higher levels of success. When you market the right message, your efforts are rewarded. There are multitudes of ways to get the word out. Google Push Notifications are an emerging trend that’s proving to be very effective in business marketing.

What are Google Push Notifications?

Google push notifications are alert-based messages that can be sent to browsers that have elected to subscribe to those messages. Long gone are the days when an internet user must be on your website in order to receive information from you. Push Technology is changing the way information is transferred over the internet. There is no need to obtain contact information for these alerts to push through to their screens. In a world where email now has tighter levels of control, strict filtering systems, and the “instant gratification” rates of today’s internet users, browser push notifications are among the latest and greatest marketing techniques. Google explains how its push notifications work.

The Statistics Speak

People no longer want to provide their personal details on the internet if they do not have to. Additionally, most prefer texting and notifications that can be received instantaneously to ads and email messages that may quickly become overwhelming. When asked how often users agree to allow push notifications through their browsers, the following information was obtained:

  • 33% of all internet users ages 18 to 34 agreed to notifications
  • 5% of all internet users ages 35 to 54 agreed to notifications
  • 5% of all those 55 and older agreed to notifications

Additionally, there is a 7% open rate for push notifications, compared to the 3% associated with general messages. This has increased by double. Out of all push notifications, 54% of internet users actually transition into customers from push notifications, compared to only a 15% conversion rate from other forms of messaging.

Isn’t This the Same as Web Notifications?

In short, the answer is “no”. Browser push notifications are much more effective than web notifications. An internet user does not have to be browsing your website in order to receive alerts, whereas, with web notifications, the internet user actually has to be on your website. In other words, your website is no longer considered to be the “marketing arsenal” for your success. The internet browser acts as that arsenal. Internet users depend on web browsers to maneuver through the World Wide Web. They are constantly in use and constantly able to promote your content, products, and/or services. These offer the following benefits:

  • The notifications are able to reach your target audience even when they are not on your website
  • You no longer need to burden yourself with the task of creating mobile apps for your website
  • These notifications immediately draw the attention of an internet user
  • They just require a click-based confirmation to subscribe
  • They result in higher conversion rates

Are you ready to harness the power of browser push notifications? If you answered “yes” contact us today for immediate assistance.