The use of AI (artificial intelligence) in business marketing this year has increased immensely. Once considered science fiction and a notion of future usage, it is now a tool that is considered to be absolutely vital to the overall success of many businesses. In fact, it drives the success of many businesses. It is a tool that is accessible and highly beneficial to businesses of all sizes – even those businesses ran from home or those cozy little shops on the corner. In this guide, we will expound on how AI can help small businesses in their marketing endeavors.

AI Helps Small Business Marketing

AI Statistics

According to statistics, up to 35% of all businesses have adopted some form of AI. Nearly 78% of all electronic-based devices currently in usage include some type of AI. Every 9 out of 10 organizations have been found to support AI in order to have a competitive advantage in their industry. It has been determined that by the year of 2025, artificial intelligence will eliminate approximately 85 million jobs but will create a whopping 97 million other jobs, which will result in a net gain of a total of 12 million new positions.

As of right now, AI has the capability of boosting the performance of a business by up to 40%. A total of 72% of companies that use AI feel that it simplifies their jobs. A total of 59% of companies believe AI-based applications will enhance data operations in their business. Out of every 5 companies, 4 consider AI the highest priority in their business strategy. A total of 63% of all organizations plan on incorporating AI into their operations within the next 3 years. In short, 97% of all business owners feel that ChatGPT will benefit their business in one way or another.

The Take-Off

While it is true that AI has been around for a while and that users have dabbled wit it a bit, the true take-off was in November of 2022 when ChatGPT conducted its public launch. Since then, the app for ChatGPT has actually set the record – in terms of the fastest growth of any app – with an almost instant 100 million users.

Companies are now considered to be “bullish” when it comes to AI. As a business owner, it is crucial that you consider the potential of AI for enhancing the capabilities of your business and lowering costs.

Practical Uses of AI In Small Businesses

AI utilizes technologies that have the capability of mimicking that of human intellect. The AI systems emerging today have the ability to sift through information and data, analyze and predict potential outcomes, understand every single language, and learn from historic events.

There are many practical uses of AI in today’s businesses. These include improving speed, performing tasks with the highest level of accuracy, targeting customers and more. If you want to enhance the marketing efforts of your company, artificial intelligence will contribute in a positive manner.

The Benefits of AI on Small Business Marketing

The following outlines the benefits that artificial intelligence has when it comes to small business marketing:

  1. Improved Efficiency – All of the artificial intelligence tools currently in use by small business have resulted in routine and tiresome tasks being completed quickly and without error. As a result of the immediate automation, many hours are saved by companies that want to spend more time on key aspects of their business – such as client engagement.
  2. Improved Audience Targeting – If a business has an ad campaign, they can benefit from AI conducting target audience targeting and unique personalization features. In short, the AI watches the user’s actions and learns what they like. It then creates a customized advertisement that results in higher click rates and conversion rates.
  3. Decision-Making – AI has the ability to discover trends that show themselves in raw data associated with a business. It then transforms that data into visualizations and information that shows the company where to place their resources so that they can experience an increase in lead generation and other components of their business.
  4. Improved Return on Investment – AI makes it possible to utilize tools and features that help businesses cut costs in order to experience a higher return on investment. By utilizing technologically-advanced tools and resources that are – at their core – artificial intelligence, your business is capable of saving an immense amount of money.
AI For Business Marketing

Utilizing AI for Marketing

The following provides some optimal examples of how your small business may use AI for marketing:

  1. Brand Identity Building – It is a known fact that having a strong brand identity is a core component for long-term success. AI has the ability to create logos, create personalized marketing campaigns, infographics, and other types of visualizations that represent your brand.
  2. Website Construction – An online presence is a necessary component for your business. Today, AI plays an intricate role in the creation of professional websites. Many website creation companies are now utilizing artificial design intelligence in order to generate templates for business websites, according to their needs.
  3. Content Creation – In the past year or so, artificial intelligence has gained an immense amount of popularity in creating high-quality content that aligns with the voice of the brand of businesses so that the content appeals to target audiences. Currently, approximately 44% of all the small businesses in the United States are using AI for the production of content.
  4. SEO Improvement – AI is now capable of improving the SEO (search engine optimization) of your blog, website, and other areas where you post online content. SEO is the foundation of connecting your business with your target audience on the internet. AI may assist in identifying keywords that are low in supply and high in demand in your industry, keywords and keyword phrases that may boost visibility and optimize traffic, content gaps, and a general snapshot of the SEO health of your online presence.
  5. Personalized Customer Experience – In today’s world, customers are looking for a personal experience. In fact, chatbots have become a basic tool among businesses of all sizes. A total of 62% of all internet users would prefer to conduct business with a chatbot to a human. These automated virtual assistants have the ability to handle a vast number of queries at once, at any time, on any day. There is never a drop in quality or the level of efficiency with these bots, either. These automated forms of AI have the ability to save your small business a lot of money. You will no longer have to spend on human agents or worry over human error.

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