If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you have successfully performed the launch of your business and have acquired a few customers.

Congratulations! You are now traveling towards the success that you desire.

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You are now probably quite eager to expand your local business in such a way that you can experience growth and a higher return on your investment. Expanding your customer base is a necessary, but challenging endeavor.

The good news is, it is not impossible. By simply engaging in content marketing, you can quickly attract the customers that you seek.

Step #1: Target the Local Keywords

In order to attract customers in your area, they must first be able to discover you – or, at least the content that you market. In order for them to discover what you have to offer; you must figure out what the locals are searching for.

In other words, the words and phrases that they use to search for local businesses on the internet. Once you have determined what the keywords are, you must include those within the highly valuable content that you share.

In taking this measure, the customers will discover you and your company. In turn, this means a higher level of clientele for your business.

Step #2: Create Guest Posts

As a business owner, you are part of a niche. You are an “expert” on that niche. What better way to share your expertise and promote your local business than to create guest posts for other websites?

You lack the writing skill? That is no problem!

You can have a professional writer or freelancer ghost write the content for you and submit it to the other websites out there using your name and providing a link to your local business. This is a super easy and relatively inexpensive means of driving traffic to your online business as well as your brick and mortar business.

Step #3: Build Popularity by Linking to and From Other Businesses

In today’s world, the new “business card” is the website of your company. It is essential that it is indexed in all major search engines for the purpose and intent of discoverability.

If you are attempting to grow a local business, it is quite likely that you have developed relationships with other local businesses.

If they have a website, you should build connections with them by backlinking to one another. They link to your business, and you link to theirs.

This will increase your online popularity and – in turn – also build your local popularity!

Let Us Help

If you are ready to indulge in the art of content marketing, we here at Brick Road Media can assist you! We will start by providing you with a FREE snapshot report of your website. We will then create a custom marketing plan for you which includes having your content written by professional writers, keyword integration, social media marketing, and more!