Every business should define its purpose. To establish a philosophy and values at its core. Learning how to write a mission statement can help you shape these ideas and present them to the world. It’s why you exist as a business. The mission statement also outlines the basic, and not-so-basic needs you intend to fulfill.

Write a Mission Statement for Your Business
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There are several advantages to having a mission statement. It develops rapport and credentials with customers. It can also guide the business to set priorities that lead them to success.

In this guide, you will learn how to write a mission statement that draws attention, is compelling, and is highly effective. A mission statement is different than a vision statement. You can also read how to write a vision statement.

What are the Three Parts of a Mission Statement?

Based on information derived from Chris Bart, Professor of Strategy and Governance located at McMaster University, a mission statement associated with a business or other type of commercial-based organization has three fundamental components.

The following outlines these components, along with a brief explanation of each:

  1. The Key Market – Who is your target audience? To which group are you offering goods and/or services that would find them beneficial? The key market is the first component that must be created when composing a mission statement. You must be able to successfully draw in the attention of your target audience and keep their attention in order to have an effective mission statement.
  2. Your Contribution – The next component to a successful mission statement is outlining your contribution. In short, this is the products and/or services that your business or organization offers.
  3. Distinction – The next component to a highly effective mission statement is distinction. You must use this time to determine exactly what makes your goods and/or services unique and why consumers should purchase it from your business or organization over others that sell similar items in your industry.

What Does Your Company Do?

When creating a mission statement, you should initiate the process by defining the purpose of your business or organization.

Ask yourself this question. Why are you in business? Why does your establishment exist?

You should consider these questions in order to effectively communicate exactly what your purpose is to your customers and even those that are part of your team. It is helpful to initiate this process by spelling out the “good” that your business or organization does for consumers. And if you have a unique selling proposition, consider that too.

How Does Your Company Do It?

Now that you have outlined what your company does, it is time to outline how it succeeds in that endeavor.

Do you integrate advanced technologies? Do you practice in such a way that it is positive for the environment? Does your company incorporate diversity to succeed in its endeavors?

Outline the “differentiator” that you strive for while keeping specific and concrete goals in mind.

In most instances, this places a focus on the customers and what the company believes the consumer wants to hear. Though, mentioning employee training and the empowerment of those employees may be a strong point in outlining how your company does what it does.

Why Does Your Company Do What They Do?

Your ‘why’ might be the most influential turning point in a potential customer’s decision-making process.

There is a purpose behind everything that your business or organization does. In essence, this is your “purpose”.

Before writing this aspect of your mission statement, it is essential that you consider the strategies that your company utilizes to achieve its goals.

What are your goals? Do you specialize in products that make life easier for families? Do you work to provide high-quality products at low prices in order for low-income individuals to gain access to the goods and/or services that you provide? Do you work to offer “clean” or “green” solutions that will positively impact the environment?

Define the purpose behind the work ethic of your company.

By outlining this in your mission statement, you will not only attract those in your target audience, but you will also appeal to your employees and give them a sense of pride in what they do while employed with you.

Why Compelling Content is Necessary for Your Mission Statement

Your mission statement is at the immediate center of your success. These are proclamations that expound on the “why” of the existence of your business or organization.

Mission statements are a critical component of your company’s branding. Much like your logo, your website and sites articles, and your presence on social media, your mission statement must be fantastic.

It takes a high level of strategic planning and a certain degree of brainstorming in order to define the core values and the general-purpose behind your business or organization.

Your mission statement must be compelling to truly be effective. It conveys the unique purpose of your business or organization and why you exist. It’s not only a value proposition for your target audience, but also for your partners and your employees.

The following outlines the three main elements that will aid in creating the most compelling mission statement as possible:

  1. Focus on Establishing a General Sense of Direction – The mission statement should motivate by providing a direction on what you stand for, in general. It should aid in generating high levels of support, a high commitment level, and a creative level of inspiration.
  2. Focus on Shaping Strategy – A mission statement should create boundaries, exhibit the responsibility of your company, and also outline your level of authority.
  3. Display Innovation and Adaptability – The mission statement should compel by displaying a high level of innovation and being extremely adaptable. Remember, as your company evolves, your mission statement should also evolve.

A great mission statement is convincing, right to the point, and memorable.

Mission Statements Work Hand-in-Hand with Vision and Organizational Values

While it is true that a mission statement should be able to stand – successfully – on their own, it is important to understand that this statement works hand-in-hand with both your vision statement and the values of your company. Based on numerous studies, mission statements accomplish the following:

  1. They help in providing focus and assisting in the provision of direction among organizations.
  2. They assist in creating a high level of coherence and aspiration among employees, partners, and consumers.
  3. They create a direct correlation between the work that a business or organization does on a daily basis to a larger direct purpose.
  4. Mission statements are capable of providing a high sense of energy, creativity, and pride among those that work for a business or organization and those that work with that entity directly – such as consumers, vendors, and partners.
  5. Among all, these statements have the ability to create a sense that ownership is shared among many individuals and entities.
  6. Mission statements are capable of creating highly meaningful actions in order to lean the business or organization towards their overall goals.
  7. When a mission statement has a vision that is extremely focused, a detailed mission, and unique values, they are found to be higher performers than businesses or organizations that do not have these components in place.
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Integrating Values into Your Mission Statement

If you are struggling to create a mission statement or are looking to appeal to the senses of your target audience, remember to integrate your values right into the mission statement.

By incorporating these guiding and strong principles into your mission statement, it will describe the intrinsic values and the general behaviors associated with your business or organization.

Additionally, it will define how your business will act in the commercial district.

Examples of popular values that you may integrate into the mission statement include accountability, diversity, integrity, respect, loyalty, social responsibility, honesty, teamwork, and openness.

The Importance of Mission Statements

A mission statement successfully articulates the purpose of your business or organization as well as your motivation for engaging in the work that you perform. It also serves as the basis of determining the overall success of your company.

Your mission statement will help in ensuring that you are properly adhering to the purpose of your company and may assist in determining strategies for moving through the future. It will attract customers, partners, and trust.

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