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How to Increase Facebook Engagement

How to Increase Facebook Engagement

As a business owner, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that you are engaging with potential customers, current customers, and industry representatives on Facebook. You must increase brand awareness; however, it is important to use the social media platform like a telephone when it comes to engagement – not a loud, annoying megaphone.

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, are more than just a method of boosting self-promotional messages to passive audiences. You must listen to the community, craft content that is designed to meet their needs and solve problems for them, and you must elicit and invite responses from that community.

In this multi-part series, you will learn several productive tips that will help you increase your brand’s engagement on Facebook.

Active Response is Essential

In order to successfully engage on Facebook, you must first understand that active response is absolutely essential. Many brands make the mistake of believing that successful engagement is based upon the number of fans, followers, or “Likes” that their page receives when, in fact, it is about who is responding and the number of people responding.

The goals of engagement may include humanizing your brand, managing the reputation of your business, creating advocates for your brand, generating leads, handling issues, resolving issues, and generating sales. Regardless of your goals when it comes to engagement, it is essential to elicit active responses.

Now that you understand that, it is time to move on to the steps that will result in active response and increase engagement on your Facebook Page.

1. Ensure Transparency

In order to promote engagement on Facebook, you must be transparent. That means that you must be open. By being open, those that follow your page will form a sense of involvement with your brand. They will feel and appreciate the fact that you put your trust in each of them.

Examples of transparency may include providing a behind-the-scenes look at your brand, reacting to reviews, soliciting feedback, and introducing people that are on your team.

2. Build Trust

The next step to encouraging engagement on Facebook is to build trust. There are several creative ways to accumulate trust on this social media platform.

First, you may encourage employees to be open and share their thoughts and ideas. You may display empathy and interest in people and your community. You may act as a helpful resource to those that are involved with your brand’s page.

3. Avoid Oversharing

Many brands choose to share consistently as they believe that it will encourage engagement. This is not always the case. In fact, oversharing should be avoided.

According to numerous studies, sharing too much – be it posts, pictures, updates, etc… – has the potential to be a real turn off to online audiences. You should post in a precise, organized fashion. Use a social media calendar, if you must!

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