Thank you for joining us as we continue our series, How to Increase Facebook Engagement. Last week, you learned that, as a business owner, it is important to utilize social media platforms – like Facebook – to increase engagement with current customers, potential customers, and representatives in your industry.

You learned that active response is the number one goal of Facebook engagement – not fans, followers, or “Likes”.

You also learned the first three steps to increasing engagement on Facebook. That is, to be transparent, build trust, and avoid oversharing.

This week, we will continue with a couple of other steps that will have you engaging and converting with ease!

How to Increase Facebook Engagement – Part 2

1. Tell Your Story

Regardless of your industry or niche, you have a story to tell. Tell it! It is a proven fact that a good story carries an immense degree of power – especially when it comes to social media. When you tell your story, others are sure to react. It is your job to absorb those reactions and respond to those reactions.

By doing so, you will be able to connect with others that have been directly affected by your story. These interactions could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship!

2. Create, Find, and Share

Social media is all about sharing and connecting. If you want to build engagement, you should create, find, and share all types of content from various sources – not just your own. It is important to be the brand that is in “the know”.

You should share posts that are funny and thought-provoking. You should create memories. You should ask questions and encourage responses. By taking this step, you are sure to find that more and more people are engaged and converting through your Facebook Page.

3. Act Fast

The 6th and final step that we will be outlining in this series is to act fast. In previous years, it was acceptable to respond to potential customers, current customers, and industry representatives within a 24 hour period. That is no longer the “norm”. You must respond immediately, or, as quickly as possible. The digital/virtual world moves at an alarming pace.

If you do not act fast, you are sure to miss the opportunity to actively engage – especially when it comes to Facebook. People are all about instant gratification and you must be willing to deliver!

Facebook is more than just a place to play and chat. It is a platform that may offer you and your business many benefits in terms of engagement and conversion. In this two-part series, we have presented several steps that you may take to get a jump start on engaging with your fans, followers, and “Likes”.

Here at Brick Road Media, we believe that all businesses should be highly proactive on Facebook. They should leverage the power of Facebook to grow and achieve success. We have even cracked the code on how to attract, engage, and convert quickly and easily on the social media platform.

If you would like to learn more about the secrets that we have uncovered, learn about our Facebook Campaign Services