Having an effective presence online is an essential key to the success of your business. Your website is the core of your online presence. It aids in establishing your brand. That is, the website represents “who” your business is and will impact how your business is perceived.

A website that is poorly designed, outdated, or behind on technological advances and current trends will have a detrimental impact on both your conversations and your sales. In this guide, we will expound on the key factors that will point to the fact that it is time for a website makeover. Continue reading to learn more.

Website Redesign Plan

What is a Website Redesign?

A website redesign is a purposeful process of changing various components of your website. This includes – but is not limited to – the structure of the site, the format utilized, the content posted, and the navigation strategy. The purpose of a redesign is to display the latest trends, integrate the most recent technological advancements, and improve the overall performance of the website.

Upon completion, your redesign will aid in renewing your brand, provide more comprehensive information to visitors, and will have a positive impact on the conversion of those visitors.

When Do You Need a Website Redesign?

While it may seem to be a challenging endeavor to determine when you need a website redesign, it really isn’t. To figure out if it is time to make some changes to your website, consider the following questions:

  1. Does the design utilized throughout the website appear to be outdated and/or sluggish?
  2. Am I experiencing a decrease in the number of conversions that are occurring on the site?
  3. Is there a decline going on with my business in terms of sales?
  4. Does the site seem to run slow or have flaws with its current design?
  5. Have I received any negative feedback regarding the navigation or the general user experience of my website?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above-listed questions, you can be assured that it is likely PAST time to start the redesign process. In previous years, most business owners were encouraged to redesign their website every one to three years. Technology is now moving at rapid speeds. Chances are, your competition is keeping up with those speeds and may even be exceeding them. You should avoid using a set amount of time as a determining factor. If the website is old, sluggish, clunky, and not allowing for the best experience for your visitors, it is definitely time for a change.

What’s the Difference Between Rebranding and Redesigning?

If you are reading this, chances are, you are in serious consideration of a website redesign; however, you may have also heard of business rebranding. What is the difference? Below, we have outlined what each means and refers to in order to clarify your understanding of rebranding and redesigning:

  1. Rebranding – The process of rebranding involves rethinking the marketing strategy of your business with a new logo, a completely new name, or even a new design. The purpose is to create something completely new and reacquaint customers with a different type of identity.
  2. Redesigning – This is the process of engaging in a comprehensive overhaul of the website of your business. The changes are typically quite significant. Elements such as the coding used, the structure of the website, and the visuals will be completely altered in a website redesign. This is done to provide a better experience to website visitors and potential customers.

If you conduct a rebranding, you will definitely need to complete a website redesign. However, if you are doing a website redesign, there is no need to complete a rebranding. Of course, you may do both – the choice is up to you.

Web Redesign UI wireframe

Consider the Best Practices of the End-User Experience

When it comes to your business website, it is imperative that you take steps that will allow it to be effective. The main focus should always be your end-user experience. In short, this refers to what the visitors of your website experience or go through while on your website. Are they able to find what they need easily? Are they able to do it quickly? Not only do you need a good, solid user interface, but you must also consider the components of the user experience (UX). To determine if your site is in need of a redesign, consider the following as it pertains to the end-user experience:

  • The Structure Associated with the Site’s Navigation
  • The Layout of Each Page on the Website
  • The Typography
  • The Hierarchy or Importance of the Visuals Placed Throughout the Website
  • The Color Scheme That Has Been Utilized
  • The Graphics That Have Been Integrated Throughout the Site
  • All of the Images and Their Impact on Your Brand and the Perception of Your Visitors
  • Any and All Animations Utilized

The browsing experience starts the second that a user lands on your site to the second that they leave it. The goal should be that all the previously outlined factors work together to create a rewarding and pleasing experience for the end user. Example Navigation: GenX Flow

If you fail to consider these factors, you will find that your website’s performance will be below average. This is especially true when it comes to engagements and conversions. Internet users expect a certain level of standard functionality when they visit websites. If yours does not meet their expectations, your digital space will require an immediate redesign.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile-Friendly Is a Must

While nearly all of today’s websites are mobile-friendly, there are a few out there that are still behind the times. If yours is one of them, a redesign is absolutely critical and must be done immediately. Your website must be able to be viewed on ANY type of screen – be it a PC, laptop, Kindle, or cell phone.

If it does not automatically adapt, your visitors will experience slow loading speeds, distorted images, and clunky text, and may even have problems maneuvering through the website.

If your website is not yet mobile-friendly and responsive to various screen sizes, it is time to get started on a redesign.

Every minute you wait could be several hundred or more potential visitors you miss out on.

Stay Relevant

The world is moving faster than ever before. Your business is either relevant or it is not relevant. The secret is to stay relevant. In staying relevant, you will remain attractive to internet users. Naturally, those internet users have the capability of transitioning into customers. In turn, that means sales and increased profits for you.

Do not let your website drag you down. While we have listed some strategies for determining when it is time for a website overhaul, the truth is, you likely know when it is time. If you even have a doubt regarding the performance of your website, that is a clue that you need a redesign. It is better to redesign than to completely lose the relevancy of your online presence.

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