Brick Road Media is proud and excited to welcome James Strauss!

james straussJames is our latest client and has a very interesting story to share with the world. (Actually, he’s got many stories both nonfiction and fiction.) Strauss is the author of “30 Days Has September,” a full account of his time as a Marine in the Vietnam war. 

Strauss’ other works are available on his site for free, or on Kindle, and include:

James is taking a different approach to publishing in that he is putting all chapters of his books on his website for free. If people would like to download to their favorite reader, they are also available on Kindle and in paperback.

30 days has september

Caution: Once you start reading his Vietnam war story, it is going to be hard to stop. The level of chatter this book-in-progress is generating on the site and all over social media is amazing… and intense. Vietnam vets from all over are finding James’ style and honesty refreshing in an age where this war has been all but forgotten, along with the surviving soldiers who fought in it. (And still fight to this day!)

About James Strauss

James Strauss was born into a Coast Guard family during WWII. He’s lived in four countries and twenty-seven states, in places from South Manitou Island, to Santa Fe, New Mexico, to Honolulu, Hawaii. He’s held a variety of positions in many careers, from being a Marine Corps Officer wounded in Vietnam, life insurance agent, timeshare salesman, physician’s assistant, and a college professor in anthropology.

As a CIA team leader in the field he traveled to 122 countries, where he remains welcome in most of them to this day.He is credentialed in the areas of deep sea diving, fixed wing and rotary piloting and hot air ballooning. 


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