January 2, 2013

Local Business Internet Marketing Tips To Start 2013 With A Bang

Fireworks #1

Fireworks #1 (Photo credit: Camera Slayer)

Using the internet effectively to attract new customers and keep your repeat business growing requires a plan.  And with everything you and your staff must do to keep your business running, that plan must be simple and something you'll stick with over time to get the best results.

The web has so much to offer a local business which is visible where locals surf and share information.  Don't be intimidated by the technology.  And don't kid yourself about the fact that the web is your best tool to increase your business cost-effectively.  It's 2013.  It's time to get very serious about your web marketing!

Here's a simple 14-point list of ideas for gaining traction and visibility with your web marketing.  These points should be considered one by one in light of the resources you have to make them happen.  It is highly recommended that you don't spread yourself too thin and try to work on too many marketing tactics at the same time.

Rather, it is best to tackle one or two at a time and really get the most out of them.  Then you can move on to other marketing tactics.  Of course, if you have help, you can tackle more internet marketing tasks at once and get where you want to go much faster.

More local business internet marketing tips from Marie Forleo:


Here's to a great 2013 for your local business!


Jack Humphrey is CEO of Brick Road Media. Jack has been training business owners in digital marketing since 2002. His specialties are SEO, leveraged marketing strategy, inbound marketing, content & social marketing, and synergistic digital marketing training.

  • Cesar M. says:

    Great video I went to the backend of my joomla electrical contractor site and I did changed my meta tags while I paused the video I already have the biz info in the button of all my pages and the main location in the home page is at top. Thanks for the tips
    Cesar M.
    Montes Electric, Inc.
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