Brick Road Media Marketing Partnership Program

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Hire An Entire Firm For Less Than What You’d Pay Just One In-House Online Marketing Director

Brick Road Media is comprised of seasoned, proven web marketing, design, and tech professionals who are ready to take on your online visibility campaign as if it was their own.

“Get an entire, experienced online marketing team instead of hiring or managing employees in-house.  You’ll get results faster at a significant cost savings over green, full-time employees.”  -Jack Humphrey, Brick Road Media

Brick Road Media provides enterprise-level marketing services for the average price of just one online marketing professional’s salary.  We carry our own benefits.  We don’t need parking spaces.  We won’t eat all your food at the company picnic.

Compare Costs:

Average Salary:  Online Marketing Manager $63,000/year – $5,250/month (

You Get:  1 full-time person, usually only experienced in 1 or 2 areas of online marketing (but not all) and 40 hours per week.  They cannot possibly get everything done that’s available to take advantage of with online marketing, branding, and traffic-building.

Brick Road Marketing Partnership Program:  Starting at $30,000/year – $2,500/month  (See below)

You Get:  An entire team of professionals working on your web presence.  From an ongoing, professional SEO campaign to social media management to content development and marketing, Brick Road covers every essential element of a proper, results-driven online marketing campaign.  Tailored specifically for your company’s needs.

Search Engine Marketing

Search optimization and marketing is just one of our specialties.  We understand what it takes to get you ranked.  Not for a dozen keywords.  We go for hundreds, even thousands of keyword rankings for each of our clients.

We know Google.  We know Bing.  And we know exactly what needs to be done to make you a prominent player among your competition, no matter how competitive your industry is.

Social Media Marketing and Management

It is very likely that your company is making some mistakes in your social media marketing campaign.  There are two reasons most companies fail at social media:

1)  Not enough experience on your team, or

2) Not enough time spent on doing social media the right way.

We leave competitors in the dust when it comes to the attention we generate for clients with social media.  We design innovative, imaginative campaigns that get attention and generate a following and viral buzz.  Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or YouTube, we know what works and we take your message to the “streets” of the web for the greatest impact possible.

Lead Generating, High-Performance Marketing Platforms

Others build websites.  We build engaging, effective marketing platforms.  The days of simply looking good are over.  You customers are not impressed with flash and style as much as they are interested in being effectively engaged and served the experience they want when they decide to spend some of their precious time on your site.

We revel in the challenge of figuring out just what makes your market tick, and then serving them with one of the most professionally rendered on-site experiences they’ve had.  And part of that experience is quickly and confidently becoming involved with your company as followers, evangelists, and customers.

From product funnel design, followup automation, copywriting, to heroic attention to details in our testing and tracking and watching your analytics like a hawk, Brick Road knows how to get the the best performing marketing system as quickly as possible.  So you can boost revenue, engagement, and lead prospecting and look like a hero for going with us.

Brick Road Gets Your Company Serious Results!
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
60 minute initial consultation for keyword discovery.
Site setup:  plugins, Google analytics
Monthly, in-depth reporting on progress and focus for upcoming month.
On-Site SEO for local search rankings
Hand-submission to Google Places, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp and other local directories up to…
Monthly link building
SEO Content: posts per month
Hand-submission to industry-related directories.
Article creation and syndication (articles per month)
Social Media Marketing
Setup: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn profiles
Social Media Marketing Management (monthly)
Relevant top-level context links per month
9 banner and links

Ask us about custom online marketing packages for a complete hands-off online marketing solution for your business!

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