As we continue our series on mobile trends, we want to outline the fact that Google now penalizes websites that are not properly configured for mobile users. Anyone that has a website knows and understands the detriment that may be caused by search algorithms created and utilized by Google. The worst case scenario, of course, is being completely dropped from the pages of search engine results. Google simply wants to improve the overall search experience for those that utilize mobile-based devices to access the internet. Here at Brick Road Media, we place a special emphasis on ensuring that all of the sites that we assist with are properly optimized and configured for both standard computing devices and mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design

In order to ensure that all of the websites that we create here at Brick Road Media are optimized for mobile devices, we utilize responsive web design. According to research, this is much more productive and beneficial that designing a standard m-commerce website. Responsive web design is actually the top recommendation as set forth by Google. If you want to have a website that may be easily accessible by all mobile users and one that will avoid becoming penalized by Google, we can help you! Responsive web design uses web content and codes that construct one website that will automatically render to the screen size from which it is accessed. This means that no page redirects are necessary. One URL is used so that a website does not have to depend on both a desktop URL and a specially-designed mobile URL.


The next step that must be taken to ensure that a website is optimized for mobile users is that the content must be mobile-friendly. That is, the new voice search commands must be considered when composing content that will be accessible by mobile users. Most people type differently than they talk. As a result of this fact, keywords and keyword phrases must be used within text-based content. This way, when a mobile user performs a voice search, they are able to successfully land on pages that are relevant to their search queries. Brick Road Media employs content writers that specialize in both standard SEO content and voice-based SEO content.


Design is a key component to success in today’s world of SEO. Not only should your site be optimized for mobile devices, but, your content should be optimized for mobile devices. This means that all aspects of your website design should come together to respond to voice search queries, accurately provide the information that internet users are searching for, should be well-presented, and all pages of your site should load quickly. In a world of continuous innovation and advancements, it may be difficult to ensure all of this on your own. If you would like assistance with these tasks, simply contact us here at Brick Road Media today. In order to learn about all of the ways we can assist you, give us a quick call today at: 765-439-4029