Mobile Web Sites

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Has Your Search Engine Traffic Dropped Lately?

Google has now created a Mobile Search Index to rank sites for mobile devices.  If your site is not mobile friendly, it doesn't rank well anymore...

We can fix that!

Fast Facts 

  • Well over 50% of online users surveyed say they use their mobile phones to check Facebook and surf the web.
  • There are now over ONE BILLION mobile internet users.
  • 71% of smartphone users search for a product using mobile as a results of seeing an advertisement (Online, print, phone, or TV)
  • Over 400% growth in mobile searches in the last year!
  • 95% of mobile users look up local information in 2015!

Mobile web surfing has hit critical mass and continues to grow at a blistering pace.

There are 2 kinds of mobile-ready websites.  The first is "Mobile Friendly."  This means that your site will show up nicely on a phone or tablet and that text and links are easy to read and click on without zooming or scrolling.  Here's the difference between a non-mobile friendly site and a mobile friendly site:

Notice that the mobile friendly site doesn't require the viewer to pinch-zoom or scroll around to see the content.

The second, optimal setting for a website that is mobile friendly and has the best chance to rank well in Google's mobile search index is a "Mobile Responsive" website.  You can see the difference between a mobile friendly site and a mobile responsive site below...


Notice that the mobile responsive website is far nicer to look at.  The pictures resize properly and the experience for the visitor is much richer.  THIS is what Google is after and this type of site experience is what ranks highest in Google's new mobile search algorithm.

Whether you go with mobile friendly or mobile responsive, the time is now to get your site back into Google's graces.  The traffic you're missing out on is worth a lot of leads and sales for your business!

It's Definitely Time For Your Business To Get Mobile!

Our team can guide you through the two options.  All you have to do is fill out the form below and we'll set up a time to talk to you about your options!