Thank you for continuing to follow our series, Optimized Your Blog for Voice Search. Last week, you learned that Google Voice Search is emerging as the leading component in the growth and maturity of search engine optimization. You learned what Google Voice Search is and that, if you own a blog, it is imperative to develop a web presence so that the new Google search tool finds you and that users are able to access the content that you are electing to share.

This week, we will continue to expand on the role of SEO, the Google Voice Search tool, and how to optimize your blog for this new, innovative online search tool.

Dynamic and Evolving

SEO is considered to be a digital practice that is highly dynamic and consistently evolving. In recent years, major search engines – such as Google and even Bing – have drastically increased in their level of sophistication. The processes of crawling, indexing, and ranking have resulted in the development of new tools and features for internet users.

Google Voice Search is one of the newest, yet most respected, channels online. Google Voice Search is a feature and a tool that allows blog users to capitalize on the newest demands as put forth by internet users. Blog owners that optimize their content for Google Voice Search are the individuals that stand to gain the most in the dynamic and constantly evolving world of search engine optimization.

The Three Pillars of SEO Success with Google Voice Search

If you have a desire to optimize your blog for Google Voice Search, there are, basically, three main pillars of SEO success. First, your content. Second, the links pointing to and from your content. Finally, the experience of the user that is subjected to your content. Below, you will find relevant facts pertaining to each of these pillars. If you carefully consider these points when creating blog posts, you are sure to rank high in search results on the Google Voice Search platform:

  1. The content that you place on your blog should not only attract and educate, but, it should also inform and entertain. Keyword research and relevance really has remained the same; however, when you create content, you should focus on being creative with your themes, your angle, and your format.
  2. When creating content, ensure that you use keyword and keyword phrases that internet users are likely to speak, rather than type. It has been established that traditional online search queries are a bit more formal than those that have been performed on Google Voice Search. As a result of this fact, the content on your blog should integrate a few of the less formal phrases in order to draw the attention of Google Voice Search.
  3. When focusing on link building, ensure to hyperlink content from your posts to link back to previously published content. This is an easy strategy that is sure to gain the attention of the Google Voice Search tool. In addition to this, you may hyperlink out to highly-reputable, high-ranking websites.
  4. As a blog owner, you should never purchase inbound links to your content. Search engines will actually penalize your site when engaging in this practice.
  5. In order to optimize the user experience, it is imperative to ensure that your blog loads quickly and users do not have to wait to view your content. An internet user will use Google Voice Search to get immediate results. If your blog fails to load quickly, they are sure to leave your blog.
  6. The next step to ensuring that Google Voice users are attracted to your blog is to ensure that you offer a secure viewing experience.
  7. Finally, your blog should be helpful. It should entice while providing assistance to your readers.

Google Voice Search is more than a trend. It is a feature. No, it is more than a feature. It is a tool.

It is a tool that is sure to become a common element when searching the World Wide Web.

Search engine optimization is different when comparing the written word to the spoken word. If you want to achieve SEO success with the Google Voice Search tool, you must create content, link, and create a user experience that will aid in this endeavor.

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