How do you stand out in a world of technological innovations, expansive internet coverage, advertising blasts, and the rise of artificial intelligence?

The answer is simple – “personalized marketing”.

digital handshake
photo source: pixabay

Despite the ability to reach customers in an instance, most consumers no longer find advertising blasts appealing. While artificial intelligence has the capability to learn and advertise based on a consumer’s behaviors, it lacks the emotional response that people are looking for.

Technology has risen to new levels, but at its core, it is still simply an electronic-based device operated by apps and other forms of software. Your customers are in search of a “connection”; a personal connection.

A Personalized Experience

In a recent study, it was established that 80% of all people are more likely to do business with companies if those companies offer a highly personalized experience. In a world that is constantly advancing and evolving, personalization is not only expected, it is highly valued among consumers.

Personalized marketing is not about tailoring your approach to marketing, it is about the immediate reaction to the complex shifts and evolutions that occur with consumer behaviors. Consumers are not only in search of personalized marketing; they have the unique ability to take 100% control over the marketing in which they are exposed. Consider the following facts:

  • Over half of all of the people on the internet today are blocking advertisements on their online devices – be it a desktop computer, a reading device, a tablet, or a smartphone.
  • Approximately 95% of all of the internet users have a smartphone. This means that smartphone ownership is now considered to be “universal” and most consumers are constantly connected to the internet.
  • Three out of every four people are making online purchases each and every single month.
  • 30% of all of the people that purchase online are making use of VPNs to avoid advertisements and solicitations.
  • 98% of all of today’s internet users are part of a social network platform. This means that nearly ALL audiences for your business can be reached on these networks.

Deep Insights

In a world that is constantly connected, consumers are reaching towards businesses that reach towards them – on a personal level. Advertising based on an age group, gender, location, social status, income, and ethnicity are no longer the “norms”.

You must obtain deep data to uncover who a consumer or internet user is and then use this data to connect to them on a personal, emotional level. Customers have attitudes and engage in behaviors that make them uniquely THEM. You must do this to succeed.

It is referred to as “micro-targeting”.

By personalizing your marketing and segmenting your audience based on personality, traits, and behaviors, you will find that it is much easier to target their thoughts and influence their actions.

People want and need “real” connections.

By being personal to your target micro-audience, they will connect to you – in return.