Adam Michael Homes

"The work Brick Road Media has implemented into our website so far has been a great success."

"Our rankings are up and we continue to improve on our rankings online. Whenever we need something to be implemented it is done very promptly. From the time we hired Jack's company to now, everything was laid out on paper with what he was going to do.

You try to find media companies to help with your sites all the time but they never give you a breakdown or timeline with what they are going to do. They just hope you see results. I have used many companies and paid a lot of money for it as well. With Brick Road Media you see what is supposed to be implemented into your website and you see the results. And you see them very quickly too. I think it took around 2-3 months literally.

We look forward to continue working with Jack for many years to come!" - Adam Maizel

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As a partner at Brick Road Media, I help businesses get real results from the web. If you are looking for help building a new site for your business, gaining much more exposure for your website, or wanting to market your business on the social channels, you should contact me to find out what I can do for you!