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"I had a website for my dental practice for nearly 3 years and I never looked at it because, frankly, I hated it. When I met Jeremy Kean, I told him my dilemma and he said that he thought he could do something about it. He looked at my website and gave me several options on what we could do to make it better. Now, I’m not a very ‘hands on’ guy when it comes to things like this and I told Jeremy this. He said that was no problem that I could have as much or as little input as I wanted to. Jeremy took the reins and designed a website that was 100 times better than my old site. When it was completed, and just about to launch I wanted to add a couple of small things, which is where it is so great to have a personal relationship with Jeremy at Brick Road Media, I called Jeremy and told him what needed to be changed and added, and within a couple of hours it was done. I would highly recommend Jeremy and Brick Road Media for a website design." – Dr. Swinney

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Jack Humphrey is CEO of Brick Road Media. Jack has been training business owners in digital marketing since 2002. His specialties are SEO, leveraged marketing strategy, inbound marketing, content & social marketing, and synergistic digital marketing training.