Since the beginning of 2020, we have experienced many new and highly significant changes to the way that we live, work, and play. In fact, many refer to the arrival of the coronavirus and the associated consequences as a “life-altering crisis”. COVID-19 quickly swept through almost every single country and made itself known in every hub known for its major population. Travel-related restrictions, stay-at-home orders, business closures, and shortages all impacted the financial scene. As a website owner, you know – firsthand – that it had a direct impact on your virtual real estate. The good news is, there are digital marketing strategies that are proving to be highly effective for websites. Today, we will share these with you.

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Focus on the People, Not the Technology

COVID-19 is continuing to oversee and rule the economic-based landscape. It has forced businesses around the globe to actually rethink and completely reinvent the strategy that they use for marketing.

Since the development of the crisis, consumers have turned to a new strategy, themselves; that is, becoming exceptionally more mindful of exactly how they spend. This means people are looking for products that are inexpensive, solve their problems, and are engaging in high levels of research prior to committing to a purchase.

Not one person could have made a prediction about how COVID-19 would – ultimately – change the marketing landscape.

Today’s trends are now suggesting that the future of all businesses and all associated marketing should be completely inclusive, highly diverse, and directly connected to the needs of the customer. While technology will always push forward and advance, the ultimate focus of your marketing efforts post COVID-19 should be the people, not the technology.

Digital Acceleration

There is one thing that all website owners in the digital marketing realm need to know. That is, while the world continues to grapple with the effects of the pandemic, it is that same pandemic that is completely accelerating the speed of what it means to “go digital”.

It is now powering online businesses in a unique manner.

While you must focus on the people, it is also essential that you make your marketing decisions based on the fact that going digital is happening faster than ever before. You want to use the world’s newfound and nearly complete reliance on various technologies to your advantage.

Taking Care of Your Current Customer Base

Before attempting to attract new customers with your marketing efforts, you should first focus on taking care of the customer base that you already have in place. There has been a significant economic-based downturn in the world. Despite facing their own financial challenges, your current customer base is still remaining loyal to you. They have new needs now, though.

Offer discounts, refunds, and other types of assistance. Yes, you may lose a little money at first, but it will be quickly returned through growth through customer loyalty, an increase in brand awareness, your organic-based traffic, and your engagement on social media platforms.

Direct to Customer Services from Social Media Platforms

Direct to customer/consumer-based sales (D2C) are now fully integrated and supported by social media platforms. This is a wonderful marketing tool. You will be able to have your brand actually develop relationships with your customers.

These platforms will aid in collecting critical information on your customers and will help you reduce your overall expenses. You can create an authentic and highly personalized purchasing experience for your customers and that places you in an optimal position for the journey of the buyer.

Analyze the Voice of the Customer (VOC) to Create Marketing Strategies

If you engage in any type of digital marketing as a website owner, it is quite likely that you have heard of “Voice of the Customer” or “VOC”. This describes the act of analyzing comments, various types of reviews, opinions, sentiments, the expectations, and critiques of a customer based about a product and/or service.

By analyzing VOC, you can improve your products and/or services and even the service you provide to customers by listening to what they have to say.

By developing a smart solution by using the Voice of the Customer, you can take action and directly respond to their opinions, comments, and critiques.

Use Voice Search Optimization to Your Advantage

Voice search optimization is a unique process that involves you using SEO catered to how people use voice search so that your website pages show up in the voice search results. When your pages are on voice search results, your website has the chance to be read verbally by a device that includes a voice search assistant.

When coming up with keywords and keyword phrases, make certain that they match what a customer would say while using voice search.

Now – in the post-COVID-19 arena – more people than ever before are using voice search. If you use it to your advantage, your website marketing efforts will prove to be highly successful.

Facebook Ads Are Your Friends

Now that many people are at home and depending more and more on technology to conduct various tasks and connect with users, there has been an immense return on investment on PPC ads, such as those displayed on Facebook.

These advertisements are considered to be very affordable. You may promote products, services, discounts, promotions, and more through Facebook Ads. This social media platform utilizes highly-granular targeting tools in order to attract audiences. Best of all, the prices of these types of ads have been significantly lowered to assist businesses during the pandemic.

Exclusive Offers

Now that businesses are starting to reopen, an effective marketing strategy includes posting exclusive offers from your website. You can advertise these offers on your social media platforms, through promotional emails, and through other types of digital media. This will attract your current customer base and will also attract new customers.

Exclusive offers are considered to be highly effective incentives that capture the attention of those you wish to attract.

Create an Email Marketing Program

When it comes to digital marketing, an email marketing program is an extremely popular strategy for attracting people to your website and the products and/or services that are offered on that site.

This type of marketing campaign helps to provide a direct link from your brand to your current and potential customers. When compared to various types of digital marketing, email campaigns are said to have the highest level when it comes to return on investment. According to statistics, customers that buy products and services that are put in front of them through an email marketing campaign spend approximately 138% more than the customers that do not get the offers in their inbox.

Inbound Blogging Campaigns

The next effective strategy for marketing post-COVID is to create an inbound blogging campaign. Basically, you create web pages that are designed to appeal to local clients. You should focus on providing information that you are very familiar with and that your target audience wants to read.

Blog posts should be useful, educational, and even entertaining. You should include information on your products, services, content about your industry, guides on your business, and even information on the community where your business is located. Not only will this help in search engine results and voice search results, it will also help in local search results.

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Make Sure You Are on the Map

The next marketing strategy for the post-COVID world is to make sure that you put your business on the Google Map. This is called “Google My Business” or “GMB”, for short. Make certain that you complete all relevant information about your business – such as the address, hours of operation, menu, and other items that are similar in nature. This will help customers in your area find you and it will also assist in your placement as a local search.

Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes in many forms that will help in successfully marketing your website and business in the post-COVID world.

One of the most popular forms of artificial intelligence used by site owners are chatbots. These create an engaging experience for your customer without having to personally answer each one.

Many AI programs will provide real-time information and statistics that will help you in determining who all makes up your target audience.

This information will prove to be exceptionally helpful in creating other types of marketing campaigns.


By having post-COVID marketing strategies in place, your business will be able to experience a vast level of success. The goal is to stay a few steps ahead of your competition. In doing so, you will find that you produce even more sales and generate even more leads than anyone ever considered to be possible.

Simply focus on the needs, problems, and priorities of your customer. Do not create a website for technology. Create it for the people. We here at Brick Road Media can assist in creating an immensely popular and lucrative website. For more information, you may visit us today at: