Many businesses mistakenly believe that simply getting their business listed through Google is enough to be successful. Unfortunately, this is only one small component of the process. To truly reap the rewards of Google Maps, a business must be ranked high in the local map stack.

Essentially, this means that your business must appear near the top of the search results pages in Google Maps. While it is not possible for all businesses to take that top spot at the top of the page, those that want to achieve massive success must strive to make it – at least – on the first page of search results. In this quick post, we will provide you with a few steps that may be taken in order to ensure your ranking on Google Maps.

  1. Verify and ensure the accuracy of the business information that is shared with Google. You should make certain that your website information, contact information, and business hours are listed.
  2. Focus on appropriately categorizing your business. In most instances, you will list a keyword or a keyword phrase that is related to your industry or represents your industry. This should be followed by local classifications that pertain to your business. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may also place keywords pertaining to the type of food you offer, the beverages offered, the area where the restaurant is, and the theme associated with the restaurant.
  3. Once you have your listing in place, make certain that you place a Google Map directly on your website. This should be embedded on your contact page.
  4. When creating the description for your listing, ensure that you utilize keywords that pertain to your industry, as well as local keywords. For example, if you have a restaurant that is situated on the St. Johns River in Florida, you should include “St. Johns River” in your listing. Also, always make sure that you utilize local telephone numbers and avoid the popular “800” numbers.
  5. Finally, get reviews from Google. These will help in optimizing your business on Google Maps and will increase the reputation of your business. While it is true that you have no way of knowing what people will say on your reviews, it never hurts to ask those that have dealt with your business and are happy with it to leave a positive review. This will provide an instant boost.