If you offer a product and/or service to consumers, it is quite likely that you also specialize in creating content that will educate, inform, and persuade those consumers as to why they need your products and/or services and how they will benefit. Not only does content help us open the door of communication with our potential clients, it also helps ranks our blogs, websites, and product pages higher in search engines. In turn, this makes it much easier for potential clients to find us online. It is a known fact that, until recently, most of the online shopping and online searches for needed/wanted products and services was done on an actual computer – such as a desktop PC or a laptop computer. Things have now changed.

The Mobile Takeover

Mobile devices are seemingly omnipresent. As a result, web access is widespread. In evaluating the 2015 holiday shopping trends, it was established that 18% of all sales stemmed from mobile devices. In 2014, this number was 13%. That may not seem significant, but, it is. A special research product determined that 60% of all of the digital-based shopping is performed on tablets, as well as smartphones – all mobile devices. The mobile takeover is here and it is going full speed ahead. As a retailer or products and/or services, you must take part in this mobile revolution. You must create mobile-first marketing plan that will ensure that your website is accessible and discoverable by mobile users.

Serve Your Customers

In order to take part in the mobile revolution, you must refine your content to attract mobile customers. First, you will need to design your sites so that they respond, positively, to the devices that mobile users utilize. Then, you must study your target audience. At this point, you must come to know the problems and needs that these users have and create a mobile-friendly marketing plan that will allow you to show and tell your mobile customers how you will help them. Once you have come up with this information, it is time to create your content.

Content Matters

Once your site is ready and you have adjusted your site search and created navigational-based approaches for your mobile customers, it is time to write the content created for those individuals. First and foremost, it is important to use keywords and keyword phrases that are commonly used in text-based searches and mobile voice searches. Next, you should make certain that you spend time in setting hyperlinks in your content that will direct your mobile clients to other areas on your site. Content is very important to any business – regardless of product and/or service. By refining your content, you are setting sail – full speed ahead – into the mobile revolution.

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