In order to create a highly effective income-generating website, you must know the two facets for success; those are, website design and functionality, and traffic generation. A good SEO checkup can help this along.

Regardless of how you attempt to enhance the traffic to your website, construct your list of email correspondents, convert your sales, or design your site – you should make it a point to drive traffic and to convert the traffic that you receive as quickly as possible.

If your SEO activities do not lead to either an increase and/or conversion of traffic, the time and efforts that you have placed into those activities are simply superfluous. Time is precious – especially when it comes to rendering the rewards of a site. As a result of this point, it is essential to hire a designer that knows and understands the importance of design, functionality, and SEO.

It is a true balancing act to attempt to maneuver through the virtual world – which includes numerous algorithms, a high level of competition, and the necessity of ranking for low supply/high demand keywords and keyword phrases. In this brief guide, you will be provided with a basic SEO checklist that will ensure that your site consistently ranks high.

SEO Checkup

  1. Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Google released a ranking algorithm in April of 2015 that rewarded sites that were optimized for mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for these devices, you will not rank highly. In today’s world, most searches are performed using a mobile device. In fact, people have been found to spend more and more time on their mobile devices than any other type of device. If you fail to take advantage of this opportunity, you will fail – in general.
  2. Is your website content one with your social content? Today, search engines are providing social media sites more room in the virtual real estate market. As a result, social media is now ranking immensely high online. Many have predicted that website content and the content on these social media platforms will – very soon – become one.
  3. Does your website load quickly? Internet users want instant gratification. The days of waiting several minutes for a website to load are over. In fact, if a website fails to load within just a second or two, an internet user will likely close out of the page and open a different page with the content that they seek. Load times stem from the design, gadgets, and accessories that you include on your page. You should work to reduce the amount of programming performed on the website so that it may load more quickly.

While this is a very basic list, the items outlined are of the highest level of importance when it comes to search engine optimization. Would you like a SEO checkup performed on your website? If you answered, “yes”, check out our special below…..

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