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February 15, 2017

Facebook Marketing for 2017

Facebook Marketing for 2017

Facebook Marketing for 2017

Facebook is consistently evolving. Today, the platform is constantly undergoing the process of testing, putting out updates, and rolling out new and exciting features – especially for those that want to build a personal and/or professional brand. Facebook marketing for 2017, as we can guess, will be no different. Facebook loves to change things around.

This year, were sure to see several new expansions to the site that will aid in marketing people, products, and services.

In this brief guide, you will be introduced to several different predictions that directly pertain to Facebook marketing. While many of these predictions are based on speculation, there are those that are based on research, facts, and figures directly publicized by Facebook.


The Introduction of Monetization Bots


In the past, the creator of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg – has stated that, unless a product reaches the point of one billion users, it is not considered to be a meaningful endeavor.  He continued by saying that once this point is reached, monetization efforts will be pursued.

The messenger program associated with Facebook has now reached one billion users. Now that this messenger program will be implemented with branding opportunities, it is important for businesses and individuals to create pages that will promote organic-based interaction with users.


Facebook Live


In 2017, we can expect to see higher levels of monetization in Facebook Live.

Advertisements are sure to be placed in the live streaming videos that will be placed on Facebook Live.

Each and every single day, approximately 500 million individuals watch about 100 million video hours. Companies should elect to integrate this form of marketing into their daily regimen of brand-building as it promises to be highly successful.


Call to Action Buttons Make Their Mark

facebook call to action button

Facebook recently integrated specially-designed Call to Action buttons on the platform for pages of local businesses.

These buttons aid in making the consumer experience optimal – on every level.

Now, people have the capability to shop, order, and contact local businesses with ease. If you want to take advantage of this marketing endeavor, you must look more into this feature. GPS technology will help customers find your business and learn about that which you offer.


What We Offer

Here at Brick Road Media, we offer a multitude of packages and marketing strategies that is sure to enhance the overall success of your business. We build supersites. We offer content marketing services, content leverage packages, and Facebook engagement.

Simply contact one of our many specialists today to learn how we can help with your Facebook marketing campaign:


December 7, 2015

Engagement More Important Than Likes On Facebook?

In a new article by Fast Company, "Your Facebook Fans Are Hiding Your Posts At An Alarming Rate," Ekaterina Walter takes a look at some stats most businesses don't pay attention to.

Most of the businesses on Facebook focus, at least initially, on the number of likes they get for their business fan pages.  

The reasoning is simple:  more fans equals more exposure to new, past, and potential customers. The problem becomes clear soon enough.  Engagement often doesn't take off as planned.  With 100 or so new fans should come a higher level of engagement, right?  Your business should see an increase in the activity from your fans as your likes increase, right?

Not so.  At least, not automatically.  It all depends on how you engage your audience on Facebook and how you keep them from hiding your posts.  

You're now in the realm of tracking response rates to your Facebook posts and figuring out a plan to keep fans engaged and passing around your updates to their friends.

When your Facebook marketing campaign becomes more about engagement than building a huge list of fans who may or may not be seeing all of your updates, you have to start thinking about a content plan for Facebook that keeps your fans glued to your updates and engaged with your business.

Read the article on Fast Company to see what you can do to improve your visibility with the fans you have while you're working to get more fans to follow you.

Want help increasing your Facebook Page engagement, but don't have the time? Let Us do it FOR you! Click HERE for More Info.

March 31, 2015

Facebook Tips and Tricks – How to Grow Your Facebook Following FAST!

facebook-tips-and-tricksIf you are searching for Facebook tips and tricks that will allow you the unique ability to grow your Facebook following fast, you are not alone.

By conducting a simple Google search on the keyword phrase, “Facebook Tips and Tricks”, you will find that just over 120,000,000 million search results are returned in just over 30 seconds.

While many of these search results are geared towards Facebook users that simply want to learn how to enhance the appearance of their pages or successfully engage in some type of Facebook tweak, other results are geared towards businesses that want to increase their business page followers on Facebook.

In recent years, most searches done on Facebook tips and tricks have, in fact, been performed by businesses. On a social media platform that has over 1.39 billion active users each month, it is no wonder that more and more businesses are trying to find their place on the social media platform and have an interest in learning how to get those active users to their pages.

In this guide, you will learn how to attract Facebook users to your business page so that you may make the most of your Facebook marketing endeavors.

Why Facebook Growth is Critical to the Success of Your Business

Before delving into the Facebook tips and tricks that will allow you to grow your Facebook following fast, we would like to share some basic statistics that will allow you to see why Facebook growth is a critical component to the overall success of your business:

  • 890 Million Individuals Log Into Facebook in a Daily Basis, and This Number Continues to Grow….
  • Approximately 4.5 Billion “Likes” are Generated on a Daily Basis, and This Continues to Increase….
  • 1.9 Billion Facebook Users Access The Social Media Platform Through Mobile Devices….
  • The Most Common Ages on Facebook are Individuals from 25 to 34….
  • Each Second of Each Minute of Each Hour of Each Day a Total of Five PLUS Profiles Are Created….
  • 300 Million Pictures are Uploaded Daily on Facebook….
  • Nearly 500 Billion Pieces of Various Types of Content is Shared on Facebook, Daily….
  • Nearly 50% of all Internet Marketers Claim That Facebook is CRITICAL for the Overall Success of Their Business….

Facebook Marketing Tips

In order to harness the true power of Facebook for your business, you must be able to attract Facebook users. The Facebook marketing tips outlined below will allow you to do just that:

  • First, it is important to ensure that your business page is completely optimized. That is, it should contain a search engine optimized keyword or keyword phrase as the title, keywords and keyword phrases should be used in composing the description, and the content that you elect to post should be optimized.
  • You should ensure that the Facebook Page that you create is linked from your website. You should then update your Facebook Page by adding posts from your website.
  • In order to attract more users, be sure to add content to your business page from the Facebook Pages of others, or the websites and blogs created by other individuals and businesses.
  • In order to increase the amount of fans that you have on your Facebook Page, be certain to post content that is interesting, funny, innovative, and highly relevant. Not only will your current followers enjoy the content, they will be more apt to share it, which will result in more “Likes”.
  • Increase the openness and the disclosure associated with your business. Essentially, simply show what goes on in your company.
  • Optimize the access of your business. That is, show availability for customers and fans that you attract and want to attract by providing ways for them to interest directly with your company.
  • Ensure that you make the experiences of your customers highly enjoyable, exceptionally pleasant, and positive.
  • Network with others within your niche. That is, show shared levels of interest with your followers, your fans, and other companies that specialize in the same types of products and/or services that you specialize.


In order for your business to achieve a high level of success in the virtual world, you must have a successful Facebook Page. The Facebook marketing tips outlined in this guide will provide you with the competitive edge that is necessary to instantly increase your following. Given the vast amount of interactions that occur within this social media platform, there is a high potential for getting your “share” of the success that so many businesses, worldwide, currently experience. Simply follow the Facebook tips and tricks contained here to grow your Facebook following FAST!

October 10, 2012

How to market your local business on Facebook

Facebook marketing for local businesses is an important tool for generating engagement among current and potential customers.

If a fan of your business page (not your personal profile on Facebook, but a real business page) sees and shares a status update on their wall, their friends are going to check it out.

Everyone knows the value of a personal recommendation in real life (IRL).  Today, Facebook is where the vast majority of personal recommendations are happening between friends, associates, and family members.

You have to be there, and you have to do it right to get traffic and new customers.

Step 1:  Get a real business page

Using a personal profile for a business is not kosher on Facebook.  It can be deleted at any time.  Personal profiles are for people.  Period.  If you have a business listed like you or me, the way our personal profiles work, you're doing it wrong.

Sorry about that, but you're going to have to start over.  And all those "friends" you've generated for that profile?  Well, you're going to have to do your best to get their attention and get them to like your new business page.

Here's how to set up an official business fan page on Facebook:  Hire Brick Road Media to set it up and optimize it for you or do it yourself.

Step 2:  Realize that people are on Facebook to see cool stuff.  Period.

Facebook users don't care if you added a new Terms of Service page to your website.  They don't care if you just surpassed your sales goal this quarter or that you just sold another house.  (Unless the house is haunted, a former missile silo, or painted in Hello Kitty style.)

Facebook users care about cats, celebrities, gossip, whatever is trending, politics, and local news that is relevant to them, useful and worth sharing.  And cats.

Look around at what your own personal Facebook friends are sharing and talking about.  And then make your status updates on your business page relevant, some how, some way.  Again, Facebook doesn't care if you get completely ignored.  Post status updates and links to boring, irrelevant stuff, and you'll simply be hidden by the majority of your fans.

Watch what successful businesses do on Facebook and copy the process:  make it interesting, make it fit with what people in your area care about, and test the crap out of everything you do.

Step 3:  Test the crap out of everything you do!

Your Facebook business page has useful stats that pop up right at the top.  Watch your engagement metrics.  Track what's getting shared and liked and what's not.  Use the tools Facebook gives you to see how you're going.

tracking facebook engagement

Step 4:  Make it a real campaign and not something you push on a soon-to-be-disgruntled secretary!

Get everyone attached to your business bought into the Facebook campaign.  Have them prime the pump by liking and sharing updates you post.  (And don't embarrass them with the pressure to share and like stupid stuff!)  Identify your best fans who can help you get a lot of exposure and give them "goodies" for mentioning, liking, and sharing your stuff to their bigger fan base.

A free dinner or some other small perk goes a long way in getting the "thought leaders" in your network to pay more attention and spread your page around to their considerable following.  If you do something really cool for someone, you don't even have to ASK them to share their experience on Facebook - it's already going on there.  It's automatic.  They're addicted to Facebook, remember?

Step 5:  Problems with regularity?

If you post a status update "whenever you remember to" you're going to have a problem with engagement.  For one, your updates will simply slide out of view on your fans' pages.  Facebook has an algorithm to consider.

They want to keep Facebook user timelines looking snappy and fun, and they have ways to keep your updates from even being seen if they determine you're too boring or erratic or self-promotional to send updates to your fans' walls.

(And you already know about not being boring or too self promotional!)  Just update your business page wall with news relevant to your industry or simply relevant to living in your area.  There's plenty to talk about all the time.  You just have to open up to the reality that your page isn't a big commercial for your business in the traditional sense.  People hate those pages with passion and block their updates.


  • Be interesting.
  • Find cool stuff to share that isn't about your business, but makes your updates interesting to follow.
  • Don't be too self-promotional
  • Be regular and set a schedule for your Facebook business page updates
  • Treat it like a campaign - don't push it off on an employee and expect great results unless you make it a real campaign
  • Set up promotions like coupons once a month or a contest or giveaway
  • Track what works and what doesn't.  Do more of the stuff people seem to respond to.