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February 1, 2016

Mobile Trends Now Play a Large Role in SEO Success – Part 4

Mobile Trends

Mobile TrendsThank you for continuing with our series, Mobile Trends Now Play a Large Role in SEO Success. In the past several weeks, you have learned about the emergence of voice search on mobile devices, visual-based advertisements, responsive web design, content optimized for mobile users, the increase of mobile searches over desktop searches, spoken language digital assistants, and the fact that social content will be heavily indexed by search engines this year. In this installment, you will learn about the growing mobile trend of intuitive search.


In a previous installment of this series, we touched on the importance of using keywords and keyword phrases in content. We also placed a bit of an emphasis on the importance of creating content that is conversational. Now, it is time to drop the bomb on you. That is, intention will now be a driving factor as it relates to search results. At one point in time, search results were based solely on what words and phrases were typed into search engines. Now, with the increase of mobile users, this will change. Now, search engines are smarter. They usually know where you are and what you are doing. If you are in a major city, for example, and you search for “restaurants with the best foods”, you will now be provided with restaurants that are in close proximity to your location. Search engines now have a high level of intuition about you and your intention. In order to improve your SEO rank, you must keep this important fact in mind.

Interactive Content

The next mobile trend that will have a direct impact on your SEO rank is interactive content. When creating content, it is going to be more important than ever that you hyperlink certain words and phrases. This will allow mobile internet users to move quickly between pages that are relevant to them and their needs. Mobile users love to point and click. You must ensure that your content provides them with the ability to do this. The average attention span of internet users is now less than 9 seconds. As mobile devices become more readily available, this attention span will rapidly reduce. To help offset the detriment to your website, it is imperative to ensure that you provide them with a way to quickly move between your pages and products. This is where hyperlinking comes into play.


Technology moves fast. If you want to have top SEO ranks, you must move with it. Your websites must be designed for voice-based searches and the rapid ramblings of mobile users. Long gone are the days when desktop search optimization was the highest priority. SEO is shifting. Search engines are shifting. You, too, must shift. Failure to optimize your content for the mobile trends that have been covered in this comprehensive series will result in failure. Brick Road Media is on top of all of the emerging mobile trends. Let us help you get on top, too! Contact us today at: 765-439-4029

January 26, 2016

Mobile Trends Now Play a Large Role in SEO Success – Part 3

mobile-trends-3Thank you for continuing with our series, Mobile Trends Now Play a Large Role in SEO Success. In the past couple of weeks, you have been informed that mobile voice search is on the rise and that it is imperative to have a website that is optimized for mobile devices. You have also learned about the role of responsive web design in achieving high ranks among popular search engines, such as Google. This week, we continue on with our series about mobile trends as it relates to SEO. If you want your website and/or blog to rank high in 2016, continue reading for important information that will help you achieve SEO success.

mobile-search-mag-glassMobile Optimization Takes the Lead

Since the introduction of the World Wide Web, desktop optimization has been the standard when it comes to search. In the first week of 2016, mobile searches have exceeded the standard desktop searches for the very first time. As the year continues, the numbers of mobile searches are only expected to increase, dramatically. In fact, most predict that desktop searches will start to become obsolete over the course of the next few years. When creating content and optimizing that content for search engines, it will be more important than ever before to use keywords and keyword phrases that are commonly utilized by mobile users.

Conversational Content a Must

Search queries will start to change. This is mostly due to the increase of use of digital assistants. According to major search engines, these queries are adding a layer of unique complexity to search engines. This is because the queries made from these assistant programs are those of the spoken language. Based on research, the search engine queries that are spoken are much different than the queries that are typed. This means that websites and blogs will need to focus more on conversational-based content.

Social Content Will Be Heavily Indexed

The next trend that will emerge this year is that the content from social media platforms will be indexed more heavily by search engines. In fact, Google has already made deals with both Twitter and Facebook. This means that if you search for something in the news, for example, you may stumble across a Facebook post or a Tweet. In fact, it is believed that many posts on social media platforms will carry just as much value as a page from a standard website!


As you can see, mobile trends are emerging at a highly fast rate. If you want to achieve search engine optimization success, you must be willing to adjust to these trends. At Brick Road Media, we offer many unique services and packages that will aid in your 2016 SEO success. It does not matter if you need social media content, articles for your website, posts for your blog, sales copy, or an eBook or informational product; we are standing by to assist with your needs! Simply call us today for more information: 765-439-4029

January 18, 2016

Mobile Trends Now Play Large Role in SEO Success – Part 2

Mobile Trends -2As we continue our series on mobile trends, we want to outline the fact that Google now penalizes websites that are not properly configured for mobile users. Anyone that has a website knows and understands the detriment that may be caused by search algorithms created and utilized by Google. The worst case scenario, of course, is being completely dropped from the pages of search engine results. Google simply wants to improve the overall search experience for those that utilize mobile-based devices to access the internet. Here at Brick Road Media, we place a special emphasis on ensuring that all of the sites that we assist with are properly optimized and configured for both standard computing devices and mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design

In order to ensure that all of the websites that we create here at Brick Road Media are optimized for mobile devices, we utilize responsive web design. According to research, this is much more productive and beneficial that designing a standard m-commerce website. Responsive web design is actually the top recommendation as set forth by Google. If you want to have a website that may be easily accessible by all mobile users and one that will avoid becoming penalized by Google, we can help you! Responsive web design uses web content and codes that construct one website that will automatically render to the screen size from which it is accessed. This means that no page redirects are necessary. One URL is used so that a website does not have to depend on both a desktop URL and a specially-designed mobile URL.


The next step that must be taken to ensure that a website is optimized for mobile users is that the content must be mobile-friendly. That is, the new voice search commands must be considered when composing content that will be accessible by mobile users. Most people type differently than they talk. As a result of this fact, keywords and keyword phrases must be used within text-based content. This way, when a mobile user performs a voice search, they are able to successfully land on pages that are relevant to their search queries. Brick Road Media employs content writers that specialize in both standard SEO content and voice-based SEO content.


Design is a key component to success in today’s world of SEO. Not only should your site be optimized for mobile devices, but, your content should be optimized for mobile devices. This means that all aspects of your website design should come together to respond to voice search queries, accurately provide the information that internet users are searching for, should be well-presented, and all pages of your site should load quickly. In a world of continuous innovation and advancements, it may be difficult to ensure all of this on your own. If you would like assistance with these tasks, simply contact us here at Brick Road Media today. In order to learn about all of the ways we can assist you, give us a quick call today at: 765-439-4029

January 12, 2016

Mobile Trends Now Play Large Role in SEO Success – Part 1

Mobile TrendsIf you own and/or operate a blog or website, it is imperative that you understand that mobile trends now play a large role in SEO success. One of the biggest trends, to date, is the introduction of voice-based search. Recently, consumers actually ranked this type of search over the traditional text-based search. While it is true that consumers are able to successfully conduct text searches and voice searches on their mobile devices, a study conducted by Usable Products Co. has determined that the newly-integrated voice search options are quickly gaining momentum among consumers. Now that the New Year is here, we here at Brick Road Media feel that it is essential that you are made aware of the various mobile trends. By reading this multi-part series, considering the trends outlined in this series, and allowing us to help you with your website and/or blog, you are sure to experience the SEO success that you desire in 2016!

Mobile Trends - voice searchThe Study

When consumers were asked to participate in the study pertaining to voice search, most indicated that they felt as if it would be too difficult to use on their mobile devices and enthusiasm for the new search strategy was low. Once those same consumers experienced an hour’s worth of voice search activity, they were all highly enthusiastic. Once they discovered just how easy it was to use – compared to text search – they all expressed an interest in the continued use of the voice search feature.

Advertisement Ratings

Next, participants were asked about various types of advertisements on their mobile devices. It was discovered that 79% of all people in the study actually were in favor of mobile searches being supported by advertisements. An estimated 37% of the participants stated that visual-based banner advertisements enhanced their search experience. Unfortunately, text-based advertisements were rated as being extremely detrimental to the user experience.

Query Success

It is a known fact that people speak differently than they type. When queries were made in the voice search sessions, 88% were successful in submitting those search queries. Out of that total, only 53% of all of the participants were able to locate results that they considered to be relevant to their initial search queries. The response time between submitting the voice search query and the search engine responding with an answer averaged approximately 142-143 seconds.


Mobile voice search is on the rise. While it is still important to utilize keywords and keyword phrases in order to rank high in search engines, it is also important to ensure that you rank for words and phrases that people would say, naturally, to discover your content. Your content must be created in such a way that people are able to discover it quickly. Soon, no one will be standing around typing in words and phrases to discover items of interest. They will, instead, simply speak into their mobile devices. When outlining your SEO marketing plan, you must consider the rise of voice-based search. If you fail to do this, you will fail to rank. Additionally, it is imperative that you consider integrating visual-based advertisements and banner ads in your mobile marketing plan.