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August 20, 2012

What Does Brick Road Do?

This is a presentation we created recently to highlight our integrated internet marketing services.  We're not just SEO.  Not just mobile or website design.  We also work with companies who wish to bypass hiring in-house marketing teams, save a lot of money, and get faster, better ROI with an experienced team of professional online marketers.

December 13, 2011

People are spending more time on mobile… WAY more!

People Now Spend More Time With "Mobile" Than Print Mags, Newspapers CombinedAccording to an eMarketer analysis of time spent with media, TV and mobile saw significant gains vs. 2010 — with conventional TV the winner and still champion. According to the data presented, the average US adult spends about 4 hours and 34 minutes per day watching TV.

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Probably time to get your business set up for mobile marketing?

Contact Brick Road Media and we'll build you a mobile site with the latest technology and marketing power available!