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May 29, 2017

The Importance of Local Citation Building for SEO

citation building

Digital marketing is all about acronyms. “SEO”, “SERP”, “KPI”, “PPV”, “CPM”. Confused yet? Recently, a new acronym was added to the list – “NAP”. This in effect means Citation Building.

citation building

NAP stands for “Name, Address, Phone Number”. Since the induction of this acronym, virtual business and/or website owners have been introduced to a large assortment of books, guides, sales copy, articles, and blogs about the importance of NAP and its overall level of consistency.

We understand how important local citation building is for your business.

We know the tactics and strategies for ensuring that your business is successful, relevant, present, and trackable through NAP. Now, we are going to share some vital information with you regarding local citation.

Geo-Targeted Searches

Geo Target for Citation Building

NAP is a critical component to geo-targeted searches. Major search engines – like Google – take the name, address, and phone number of your business highly into account when it comes to geographical-based searches.

Have you ever been in a neighboring city and received information on your smartphone about restaurants, businesses, and even the weather in that region? Of course, you have! That information is all made possible by the inclusion and proper placement of NAP on your website! It is THAT simple! While placing this information on your website is essential to search engine optimization, it does not just stop there!


The next crucial element to local citation for SEO purposes is the placement of your NAP information. You should submit this information on the top region of each of your web pages, and it should be consistent among all locations. Basically, this means you should make certain that your information is up-to-date and that it is properly placed.

Additionally, placement of your NAP information should extend out from the pages of your website. You should submit or claim your listings for certain geographical areas to websites such as Yelp. In taking this measure, you are sure to rank for your niche, your industry, and your specialty in your area!

The Benefits of Citation Building

Incorporating NAP information across your web pages and other online sites that is consistent will aid in improving your search rankings for keywords, keyword phrases, AND certain locations. It will provide you with the unique ability to increase the amount of organic traffic that you receive to your website, and will result in total optimization when it comes to the number of potentially successful leads that you obtain.

We specialize in the proper placement of your NAP information, the proper format of this information, as well as keyword optimization and general website creation and presence.

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March 13, 2017

SEO in 2017

SEO in 2017

Top SEO Trends for 2017

SEO in 2017

Even if you’re only relatively new to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you probably already know that the industry’s trends and best practices are in a constant state of change. FOR SEOs, content managers, and site owners, it is critical to stay on top of the key changes that arrive each year, especially when they can make the difference between a successful site and one that fails to grow.

The best way to remain competitive in your niche and ensure that you can maintain or grow your search presence, is by anticipating changes and quickly reacting to the ones that might take you by surprise.

If you’re ready to develop your strategy for the rest of 2017, then these three key SEO trends will need to factor significantly in your planning.

Dense Content is Going to Be More Important than Ever Before

 In SEO, it’s not unusual for content developers and SEO experts to aim for short form content that is easily digestible, and sometimes lacking in real value. In the past, it has been possible to get away with content that is more focused on keyword ranking than it is on the audience. That trend is changing, and there’s already an observable shift where content producers are moving to longer content that is richer in information. In 2017, you may need to adjust your own SEO strategy to focus on comprehensive topics that can truly engage and educate your audience.

The Focus on Mobile Will Continue to Grow

Mobile search queries already outnumber those that are performed on desktop computers, so 2017 will see a trend where content and websites are increasingly optimized for mobile users. Responsive web pages will become the norm, especially now that Google ranks websites based (in part) on how well they are able to render on mobile devices. If you’re developing a new site in 2017, then you’re going to need to ensure that your web design is responsive from the ground up. If you’re yet to modify your existing sites, then you’re going to need to change your focus if you want to remain competitive and visible.

Structured Data Could Help You to Climb in Search Rankings

Both Google and Bing, the world’s largest search engines, are starting to provide top results for structured data. This means that snippets of instructions or answers to direct questions will have a higher chance of hitting the first page, often as the top result. In SEO, these are called Featured snippets.  Moz did a great study on this about "Ranking Zero"

This means that you’re going to need to think about the exact phrases and questions that your audience will be entering into a search engine, and developing at least some of your content with appropriate structure that can easily be crawled and interpreted by machine learning algorithms. Lists and how-to articles may therefore be one area where you push with your 2017 content strategy.

Preparing yourself for these trends, and continually monitoring for other signs of change, will put you in the strongest position when it comes to your Search Engine Optimization strategy in 2017 and beyond.


If you need help with SEO in 2017 for your business, give us a call today


3 SEO Tips for Improving Online Visibility

seo tips

seo tipsIf you have a business on the internet – whether you specialize in selling products and/or services, have a website that you have elected to monetize, or, simply share information through a blog where you profit from an affiliate program or pay-per-click – you must focus on your online visibility.

By consistently working to improve your online visibility, your products, information about your services, your website content, and/or your blog posts will reach a larger audience. Regardless of your industry, your niche, or your goals, a larger audience will render larger profits. In the digital landscape, search engine optimization is essential.

In this brief guide, you will learn a few SEO tips that will assist in optimizing your online visibility. Follow these tips, and you are sure to experience vast amounts of success!

Tip # 1: Ensure Only Quality Content is Posted

The first and most important tip for improving online visibility is to ensure that you post only high-quality content on your website, your blog, and/or your social media pages. You should avoid pushing sales on a consistent basis. Today’s internet user wants comprehensive information. You could create posts about your products and/or services, how to use those products and/or services, and how your products and/or services may help to solve a problem for your target audience. You may use written content, graphics, infographics, videos, and more! There are many ways to create the desirable content that your target audience is searching for online. Just make sure it is creative, it is high in quality, and it does not seem as if you are consistently pushing for a sale.

Tip # 2: Build Website Connections

The next step to increasing your visibility in the digital world is to build website connections. You will want to ensure that the connections are to websites that have similar types of content. Once the connection is established, consider offering to link back to that website if that website will link to your website. Not only will this increase the amount of traffic that your website or blog receives, but, it will increase your website or blog’s ranking in major search engines, such as Google.

Tip # 3: Use Keyword and Keyword Phrases That Your Target Audience Would Use

The third and final tip in this guide to increase online visibility is to use keywords and keyword phrases within your content that your target audience would use when searching the internet. Remember, a lot of people are now using voice search programs on their mobile devices to discover content. Because of this, you may want to use more relaxed and/or conversational keyword and keyword phrases.

Brick Road Media is dedicated to helping you succeed in the digital world. Not only do we have the expertise to assist in website and/or blog development, but, we are also well-versed in the creation of high-quality, SEO content, and social media advertising campaigns.

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October 17, 2012

Local SEO Checklist for New Websites

Continuing from a recent post about SEO prep for new websites, here Rand Fishkin goes over a nice checklist for local SEO for new sites.


Of course, some things stay the same with local SEO, and others change frequently. Since this video, just one year ago, many new local citation services have come online, and others have changed policies. At the same time, businesses that have changed addresses but not their listings with local directories, or major players like Google Places, aren't getting anything from that initial work. Changes in local SEO must be tracked constantly and your data kept up to date.