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The Advantages of Teaming up with Other Businesses to Leverage Content

Leverage is now considered to be the newest, most innovative form of achieving higher levels of success on the World Wide Web. By becoming content partners with other businesses within your industry, you have the unique ability to diversify the revenue streams that your business experiences, add a higher level of syndication to the content that you produce, reach new platforms, attract new markets, create a brand that is considered to be highly authentic, and increase your company’s level of adaptability. Innovations in the world of digital marketing, online promotions, and advertising have quickly changed the method in which publishers currently conduct business. From developing branded content, creating social media campaigns, and syndicating content, the content marketing industry within the United States – which is a $44 billion industry – is completely diversifying the way that businesses are able to create streams of income. By leveraging with other businesses and becoming content partners, you will find that your business is able to attract a larger following. In this guide, you will learn how to harness the power of leverage for your content strategy.

Content Marketing Statistics

In order to truly understand the amount of power behind leverage, it is first important to become familiar with a couple of statistics that pertain to content marketing. The following outlines the three most important facts that you should consider, as it pertains to content marketing:

  • According to studies, it has been established that 70% of all consumers have a preference of getting to know a company by reading the articles that they create and publish, rather than reading and seeing the advertisements that they create.
  • Approximately 20% of all the internet traffic occurs as a direct result of content that is shared among content partners and social media platforms.
  • Businesses that own, operate, and actively post to a blog are able to get up to 67% more leads than businesses that do not.

Leveraging Content – Brand-to-Brand

Since the induction of syndication, publisher-to-publisher forms of syndication have been exceptionally popular; however, in recent years, brand-to-brand publishing is becoming even more popular. Brands have audiences; many of which are massive. All brands require content. This content may be placed on blogs, listed on social media platforms, placed within a company website, or included on mobile-based apps. Brands – much like your brand – are searching for content that is trustworthy, has a high level of reliability, and is high in quality. This is where leveraging content comes into play. As a brand, you are searching for the same things. Why not collaborate with similar brands? Not only will you share content, but, you will be able to include links, hyperlinks, and resource boxes that will drive a brand’s audience to YOUR website! In return, you offer them the same consideration. Then, your audience will be driven to their website. It is a win-win situation to become brand-to-brand content partners and leverage content in order to maximize the potential for success on the World Wide Web.


In order to truly leverage content, you must become content partners with other brands that are shifting towards digital innovation. A global, comprehensive-based content strategy must be developed in order to reap the success that you desire for your business. The first step is reaching a larger audience, in a faster amount of time. In order to achieve success in acquiring a larger audience, steps must be taken to make yourself known to that audience. The easiest and most productive means of doing this is through leverage. By harnessing the power of leverage today, you and your content partners will achieve higher levels of business success on the internet for the rest of your tomorrows!