Dear Website Owner,

If you are reading this, it is quite likely that you are on the forward march of learning the ins and outs of search engine optimization – commonly referred to as “SEO” – so that you can attract traffic to your website for the purpose and intent of achieving success with your business.

You are NOT alone.

The issue is, it can truly be a struggle to understand SEO and its overall impact on your business website because of the fact that the technologies surrounding it are ever-changing.

Before delving any further, Let’s outline one simple fact:

The first secret to SEO is to keep technical issues on your website to a minimum and the performance of that site to a maximum.

So, what IS SEO?

SEO is a technical step that ensures search engines are able to discover, scan, and understand the content that you have on your website.

What are The Most Common Reasons for SEO Failure?

The following outlines the main reasons that a website experiences SEO failure:

  1. Duplicate Content
  2. Title Tag Issues
  3. Problems with Descriptions
  4. Broken Internal Links Throughout the Site
  5. The Usage of Too Many Links
  6. Low Ratio of Text-to-HTML
  7. Missing Alt Tags on Images
  8. Broken Images
  9. Failure to Declare Language with the HTML Tag
  10. The Site’s Robots.txt File
  11. Mobility Usage Errors
  12. Sitemap Errors
  13. AMP Errors
  14. Slow-Loading Pages
  15. Utilizing Meta Refresh
  16. Low Word Count in Content
  17. Utilizing Black Hat Link Building Strategies
  18. HTTPS Status and Associated Server Issues
  19. Not Utilizing Keywords in High Demand and Low in Supply
  20. Failure to Regularly Update the Website

Where Should One Start in Website Optimization?

Website optimization is SEO. Its primary focus is to increase the overall visibility of the site in the results internet users receive when they conduct a search – like in Google. To initiate the process, you must consider these two facts:

  1. Most website traffic you receive stems as a result of search engines – like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  2. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest also account for a lot of the traffic that your website receives.

So, what does this mean?!?

You HAVE to ensure that you appeal to the various algorithms of major search engines AND people!


  1. The search queries of internet users must be carefully considered and integrated throughout your website as keywords and keyword phrases. Remember to base them on those that individuals would type into a search engine, as well as those that one would use when conducting a voice search on a mobile device.
  2. Avoid creating content on your site that is designed for search engines. Not only is this considered to be spam now, it will not work for SEO. Instead, create content that is truly useful for those that visit your website.
  3. Make certain that ALL content that you place on your website is UNIQUE. Do NOT duplicate content – FROM ANYWHERE – not even your own alternative websites. Oh, and when creating that content – make sure it contains as much information as possible. The longer the article or post, the better!
  4. While it IS your website, remember that it is not about you. Yes, you need sales, but your visitors are looking for something else – a piece of information, some advice, a little help on understanding a topic, or something to solve a problem for them. Keep this in mind when creating content. That CONTENT is for YOUR VISITOR – NOT YOU!
  5. Finally, you should GET SOCIAL! Take your website on social media platforms and while there, INTERACT! This will allow you to connect in a personal way to internet users. Your interactions will help in building your brand, increasing trust, and work to increase brand loyalty – all of which are a necessary component to achieving SEO success!
voice search

Voice Optimization is ESSENTIAL

In a world that is digital, innovations are constantly emerging that change how we all use the World Wide Web. Since the emergence of voice search, the way internet users are searching the internet is changing rapidly. To capitalize on its overall increase in popularity, we must focus on the statistics and trends:

  • 41% of all adults are utilizing voice search at least one time each day
  • More than half of all users of smartphones interact with the voice search technology available on their device
  • More than 30% of all sessions in internet browsing include voice searches
  • In 2021 alone, 14 million smart speakers were sold – and this is consistently rising each year
  • Nearly 70% of all voice searchers will make an online purchase using voice technology

Optimizing for voice search is critical to your SEO success. In short, internet users that use this technology to search the internet do so by asking questions. To optimize your website for voice search, ensure that all of the content that you create includes short but concise answers to those questions that may be asked that are related to your niche.

That’s it!!!

Additionally, you should make certain that you integrate a FAQ page on your website. Here, put the most commonly asked questions associated with your niche. Then, hyperlink the questions to individual posts that you have throughout your site.

featured snippet


Now that you are in full swing of optimizing your website for voice searches, it is time to focus on earning a featured snippet spot on Google. As time progresses and more traffic ends up on your site, all of the virtual-based voice assistant programs available out there will highlight YOUR WEBSITE as an authority within your niche!

Make sure that your questions and answers are written exactly how a person would ask and/or answer them. No need to be all robotic here. Be sure to integrate both standalone keywords and long-tail keyword phrases. You want to ensure that you cover all of your bases! If you do this and manage to make it to that coveted position zero spot on search engines, your SEO will be on par to your website achieving the highest levels of success!

Location, Location, Location

While it is true that ranking in search engines and for voice searches is critical to SEO success, it is also true that you should place an emphasis on reaping all of the rewards associated with a listing within Google Maps!

Simply focus on the following:

  1. Sign up and list accurate information about your website. This includes contact information. Also list your business hours and address of your business.
  2. Place your business within the most appropriate category.
  3. Embed the Google Map on the contact page of your business website.
  4. When writing the description, utilize keywords that people would search for or conduct a voice search for related to your industry and specialty.
  5. Get the reviews from Google so that the reputation of your business increases within the website. Positive reviews provide an instant boost. While it is true that you may receive a less-than-favorable review, remember, how you react to that review could have a positive impact on the impression people get about your business.
responsive design

Responsive Design Results in Response from Users

Responsive design is imperative when it comes to SEO success. In short, the goal of this type of design is to have webpages presented to internet users that automatically detects the size of the screen that they are using, the orientation of said screen, and adjusts the layout of the information of the website, accordingly.

It is divided into three main sections. The query of the media source, the web browser that is being used, and the responsive interface. If a mobile user visits a website that is designed for a desktop pc online, it will appear clunky and they may not be able to see all of the information. As a result, they will leave. If it responds to their mobile device, they will be able to access everything and stay on page longer.

Despite the fact that responsive design is a technical aspect of your website, it is a large contributor to the overall SEO success that you experience with your business.

Reach Out for Help

SEO is a very in-depth component of online success. In some instances, it is mostly technical. In other instances, it may be simply related to the content you create, the keywords that you use, and the way you present that information.

We know that not all website owners have the time or comfort level in ensuring the SEO success of a website. That is why we here at Brick Road Media are standing by to assist you! If you are ready to take your online business to the next level, we are standing by to collaborate and develop a solid partnership with you to ensure your overall success! All you have to do is to call the following to speak with one of our SEO specialists now: 765-439-4029