The J&J Winery Case Study

Client: / Big Dawg Brewhaus
Brick Road Work:  Website redesign and marketing, including SEO, local search, and social media marketing.
Status:Current client


New Website Design

The winery niche gives us a lot of imagery to work with including beautiful scenery, interesting environments, tools of the trade, along with a rich history for a wide range of content options.

Add in a cafe and a micro brewery, and you have a recipe for a very popular local and regional interest website and business.

We’ve chosen wineries and breweries to work with over many other niches for just these reasons. Given the right products and the rich sources of content which people are searching for, Brick Road works wonders to bring in new and repeat business.

We actually did 2 designs for J&J Winery.  One for the overall winery domain, and a design to represent a “brand-within-a-brand” the Big Dawg Brewery, a relatively new addition to the business.

Promo Video by Brick Road

You can see we had a lot of fun with this theme and merged design and marketing to produce an aesthetically pleasing look with a powerful set of promotion tools  and optimization to bring the traffic and new business.


The monthly marketing Brick Road is conducting for J&J includes:

  • Search Engine Optimization:  Focused on local search as well as global search, our SEO work is bringing more awareness from local people who are coming to more events as well as attention from people around the region who are able to increase distribution for J&J and Big Dawg products.
  • Social Media:  Brick Road is harnessing the power of social media to increase J&J’s reach on the local level and, again, globally.  We’ve run offers with great success, and continue to network with important players in the local community to grow J&J’s presence for events, wine and beer sales, and laying the groundwork for more regional distribution.
  • Content Marketing:  Through a new podcast called “What’s on Tap” and a planned podcast including the wine side of the business, we’re creating content of interest to wine, beer and food lovers and attracting more attention than simply listing specials and announcing events ever could by themselves.

The Bottom Line

Though we’re just getting started on J&J’s real growth in 2013, there have been some standout results so far since the start of our campaign mid-2012:

  • Facebook likes, Fan engagement all up since we’ve been helping spread the word about J&J events with our network.
  • Site traffic is nearly double compared to this time last year.
  • Website reservation system is being used by more customers making reservations for event tables and for the Cafe since the new overhaul.
  • The site is rockin’ the very latest in design, social engagement, and search engine optimization tactics available.  We stay extremely current on the latest and greatest ways to get our clients targeted attention from the web!
  • Bigger presence on Google+.
  • Bigger presence on YouTube.
  • New video podcast “What’s on Tap” with the brewmasters – allows for wider reach on video channels and social.
  • Totally optimized for local search:  J&J is prominent and correctly submitted to all of the important, and many minor, directories from Google Places on down.

What We’ve Learned About The Winery Business

  1. That we love the business and that winery owners are cool people to work with.
  2. That you have a ton of options for promotion.  Unlike a local attorney or plumber, wineries have a rich depth of things to promote, which makes our ability to get you more traffic, more customers, and more sales much faster.
  3. That we’d like to continue our work with wineries and specialize in wine and micro brew marketing.
  4. Now that we know so much about the business, we’re ideally suited to jump in at high-speed where other marketing and design firms would have months of learning to get to our level of understanding of your business.

We just wanted to introduce ourselves to you and show you a little about what is possible.  If you’d like a free “Possibilities Assessment with Jack and Jeremy, the owners of Brick Road Media, we’d love to talk to you about what you want your site to really do for your business.  Whatever that may be, Brick Road can do it!

Thanks for taking the time to visit us!

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