Converting your website visitors into solid leads is the very first and most basic step in establishing a relationship with a potential customer. This is where landing pages come into play. Though they don’t really have magical powers, it will feel like it if you get them right.

Landing pages are designed to – ultimately – convert your internet visitors into leads. Let’s learn all about landing pages and how to use them to your advantage.

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What Makes a Landing Page Different from Other Pages?

A landing page is unique in that its overall purpose is simply to convert visitors to a website to leads. It includes a form that allows for the capturing of the information of the visitor and – in turn – offers an exchange of an offer. It will have no type of navigation.

How Does a Landing Page Work?

A visitor will land on a landing page by following a call to action somewhere on the website. Once they arrive, a form will be present. It will offer some type of incentive for the visitor to fill out the form.

Once they do this and submit the information, that visitor has transitioned from a visitor to a lead.

The information that was obtained is then placed in a database that stores lead information. You then use that information obtained to contact the lead directly or market to that lead based on the information that you have obtained.

What is a Landing Page Used for?

A landing page is a type of follow-up on promises that you have committed to through the content on your website. It is a necessary step that will move a visitor to become one of your customers. It is an area where you make a trade or an exchange.

This may include a special offer, some type of information, or a deal.

To obtain what you offer, the visitor must provide their information to receive it.

What’s Included on a Landing Page?

A landing page typically includes a very basic headline, some type of description, and a very strong call to action.

It also includes some type of offer that you are providing to visitors in exchange for the information that you would like them to provide.

Is a Website Necessary to Have a Landing Page?

You do not have to have a website to have a landing page; however, a website is advised. It is the information that you are after. Examples of information include name, email address, general location, interests, and items that are similar in nature.

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Are Landing Pages and Websites the Same Thing?

Websites are designed to provide information to visitors that may be explored. Landing pages are customized to obtain specific types of information from visitors and transition those visitors into leads.

Landing pages – essentially – make an offer and guide visitors to the indulgence of providing information to the entity that created the landing page.

The landing page may be a part of a website, but does not have to be included on a website. It may stand alone. Studies show, though, landing pages are more effective when included as part of a website.

How Much Content Should be Included on a Landing Page?

When creating landing pages, you should make certain that it contains at least 500 words of high-quality content. This is about the amount that is necessary to provide enough information and build enough credibility that will influence the visitor to the point where they will share their information with you. In addition to building credibility, you should also outline any associated benefits associated with the products and/or services that you offer.

What is the Average Cost of a Landing Page?

Landing pages may cost as little as $500 or as much as $5,000. In short, it depends on how complex the creation process is, the technologies that are utilized to create the landing page, and the strategies implemented. Regardless of cost, a landing page done correctly has the capability of duplicating your return on investment several times over and over.

Is it Possible to Get Free Hosting for a Landing Page?

Yes, you may host a landing page for absolutely zero costs; however, the free hosting account may not offer the features, quality, and benefits that are required to maximize your return on investment. Paid hosting services often offer immense levels of support, numerous features, and many other benefits. If your landing page is included on a website, it is likely best that you use the company that hosts your website. The all-in-one support and features alone will be worth bypassing any free landing page hosting company.

Is the Landing Page the First Page of a Website?

No, the homepage is the first page of a website. The landing page is not. A landing page has no type of navigation. Its traffic stems from advertisements and calls to action. The homepage traffic comes from numerous sources. Homepages aid in promoting the browsing of a website.

Landing pages only have the goal of exchanging something in return for the information of the visitor.

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Are There Steps for Ensuring a Landing Page Converts?

Yes, you should use a simple structure that utilizes only short sentences. You should also use only words that are short and easy to understand. You should make sure the content is clear and very succinct. You want the visitors to understand what you are saying and provide their information. If you are too wordy or lengthy, this may cause the visitor to click off the of the page prior to providing their information.

What is a Conversion Landing Page?

A conversion landing page is one that uses a conversation rate to determine how many people completed your call to action to the amount of people that actually landed on the landing page.

Generally speaking, 2.35% is the average conversion rate. Websites that are in the top 25% have landing page conversion rates of 5.31% and, sometimes, even higher. To land in the top 10% of websites, your conversion rate should be 11% or higher. This will offer you the highest potential for success.

How Many Landing Pages Do I Need?

It is best to have anywhere from 10 to 15 landing pages. If you do, you will find that your conversions are increased by at least 50%.

If you go as far as to have over 400 different landing pages, you have the potential to increase your conversions by about 500% and higher!

Are Landing Pages Considered “Bad” for SEO?

No, landing pages actually help in search engine optimization. If you have landing pages, you are capable of tracking and even analyzing the actions of your visitors/users. You should always place an emphasis on optimizing the experience that each of your visitors have on your site. The information obtained from landing pages will help in creating marketing campaigns that will help your website achieve a high level of success.

Does Google Like or Dislike Landing Pages?

Google has no qualms with landing pages. The company believes that landing pages are essential to creating a highly productive sales funnel for any type of business. The company has rules that should be adhered to when creating landing pages.

In doing it according to the information that they provide, your landing pages will actually rank and likely quite high when Google crawls the website. In addition to this, there is a Landing Page Builder offered by Google. It is basically point and click. If you are new to landing pages, it is likely best that you enlist the assistance of a professional.

Is a Landing Page Necessary?

If you want to achieve success with your website, yes, a landing page is necessary. These are a necessary component to any and all types of marketing strategies.

What Kind of Professional Makes Landing Pages?

Just about anyone is capable of creating a landing page, but it is best to have a professional copywriter perform the task. That way, you will receive content that is tightly focused and to the point.

These professionals know how to target a specific audience and place an emphasis on one product or service. Website creation companies are also a good option for landing page creations. We here at Brick Road Media are capable of creating gorgeous landing pages that instantly convert!

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