Top SEO Trends for 2017

SEO in 2017

Even if you’re only relatively new to the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you probably already know that the industry’s trends and best practices are in a constant state of change. FOR SEOs, content managers, and site owners, it is critical to stay on top of the key changes that arrive each year, especially when they can make the difference between a successful site and one that fails to grow.

The best way to remain competitive in your niche and ensure that you can maintain or grow your search presence, is by anticipating changes and quickly reacting to the ones that might take you by surprise.

If you’re ready to develop your strategy for the rest of 2017, then these three key SEO trends will need to factor significantly in your planning.

Dense Content is Going to Be More Important than Ever Before

 In SEO, it’s not unusual for content developers and SEO experts to aim for short form content that is easily digestible, and sometimes lacking in real value. In the past, it has been possible to get away with content that is more focused on keyword ranking than it is on the audience. That trend is changing, and there’s already an observable shift where content producers are moving to longer content that is richer in information. In 2017, you may need to adjust your own SEO strategy to focus on comprehensive topics that can truly engage and educate your audience.

The Focus on Mobile Will Continue to Grow

Mobile search queries already outnumber those that are performed on desktop computers, so 2017 will see a trend where content and websites are increasingly optimized for mobile users. Responsive web pages will become the norm, especially now that Google ranks websites based (in part) on how well they are able to render on mobile devices. If you’re developing a new site in 2017, then you’re going to need to ensure that your web design is responsive from the ground up. If you’re yet to modify your existing sites, then you’re going to need to change your focus if you want to remain competitive and visible.

Structured Data Could Help You to Climb in Search Rankings

Both Google and Bing, the world’s largest search engines, are starting to provide top results for structured data. This means that snippets of instructions or answers to direct questions will have a higher chance of hitting the first page, often as the top result. In SEO, these are called Featured snippets.  Moz did a great study on this about “Ranking Zero

This means that you’re going to need to think about the exact phrases and questions that your audience will be entering into a search engine, and developing at least some of your content with appropriate structure that can easily be crawled and interpreted by machine learning algorithms. Lists and how-to articles may therefore be one area where you push with your 2017 content strategy.

Preparing yourself for these trends, and continually monitoring for other signs of change, will put you in the strongest position when it comes to your Search Engine Optimization strategy in 2017 and beyond.


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