Video marketing is an effective means of marketing your business. It is – simply put – the practice of promoting your brand, the services that you offer, and/or a specific product to your targeted audience through the film venue. Videos aid in promoting engagement on a social level, generating sales, boosting visits to the website, obtaining signups for email campaigns, and even optimizing customer service.

Today, video marketing is – by far – the most widely used and the most successful form of reach for businesses. In this brief guide, we will share with you the most popular options you have – in terms of types of videos – in marketing your business.

product video for marketing

#1: Product Demonstration

As a business, you will offer either products and services or a combination of both. If you have products, a useful marketing tool can be a video with a demonstration of at least one of those products. It’s a great way to draw interest among your target audience.

Each one of your products has a unique value proposition. Communicate it quickly and clearly in a product demonstration video.

Here’s how. Provide a detailed overview of the product, a compelling explanation of why the product is a solution to their problem, how the product works, and a clear easy-to-follow call to action.

#2: Customer Testimonial

Social proof of the effectiveness of your products and/or services may be achieved by creating a customer testimonial video.

In short, this video will share a story that is highly compelling and includes real-world results from real-world customers.

Allow the customer that you choose for the video to put the story in their own words. This will increase the video’s believability and maximize the overall impact of the video.

video of a womans testimonial

#3: User-Submitted Videos

It is challenging to get your hands on content that is user-generated, but if you do, it is an excellent means of marketing what it is that you have to offer from a realistic viewpoint.

If a customer creates a video that outlines the opening or demonstration of your products and includes their own testimony, this will prove to be highly persuasive to your target audience. Additionally, it assists in building your brand.

#4: Value Proposition Video

As stated previously, highlighting the value proposition of your products and/or services is a great marketing strategy. Your target audience should know and understand the value and/or purpose of that which you offer.

Give consumers the inside scoop on what you do, why you do it, and HOW you do it!

Simply create a video outlining the value proposition. Include how your products and/or services stand out above the rest and are different from that of your competition.

#5: Instructional Videos

We all want to learn. In fact, we are all in a constant state of learning. What better way is there to market what your business offers than to offer instructional videos that teach people how to use what you offer?

Simply break down tasks into small pieces of information that make it easy for your viewers to complete the overall task. While doing it, mention how your products and/or services make it super simple for your viewers to successfully complete what it is that they have set out to do.

These are widely popular. If you elect to do instructional videos, be certain to do them frequently.

#6: Live Video Streams

In recent years, live video streams have gained an immense amount of popularity among internet users. It is in the best interest of your business to take advantage of this marketing technique. These types of videos have rapidly expanded in popularity since the introduction of Facebook Live.

Including Facebook, there are several platforms where you may stream live! These include Instagram, YouTube Live, Wowza, Ustream, Brightcove, and Twitch.

You should make an effort to live stream on as many platforms as possible in order to maximize your overall exposure. You will find that the effort you put into your live streams is worth it in terms of revenue increases!

Demonstration Video for Marketing

#7: Weekly Video Series

The next type of video marketing campaign that you may launch is a weekly video series. You simply choose a topic and provide information about it each week.

For example, if you specialize in car parts, you could create a weekly video series that instructs on how to handle simple auto repairs. An example would be “How to Change Your Car’s Air Filter”.

In the video, you could explain what the air filter is, its purpose, how to check it, and how to change it.

Finally, you could link out to the line of automobile air filters that you offer. Remember, do one video each week. Consistency is the key!

#8: Thank You Videos

Each and every single one of us likes to experience feeling appreciated. You can do this by making a thank you video that is directed to your customers.

Thank you videos are fun, lighthearted, and memorable that make your customers feel special.

Additionally, you should use the opportunity to invite past customers back to enjoy a new sale or promotion that you are offering. Customers – like the rest of us – get distracted with life. Dropping little reminders out there – such as an appreciation video – will remind them how much they enjoyed what you had to offer and they WILL come back for more!

#9: The Office Tour

Believe it or not, consumers LOVE it when you get personal. For this reason, the office tour video is always a HUGE hit! Basically, you just allow the viewer to experience the behind-the-scenes aspect of your business.

You can educate them on how your product or service is created and the process from the time that they order until the time they receive it.

Make certain that everything that is filmed reveals the culture of your offer and you may even introduce various people that work at your business.

christmas video

#10: Holiday Greeting Videos

As a business, you should become familiar with all of the holidays, events, and national holidays that take place. You may then create holiday greeting videos throughout the entire year. While you are delivering your message, you may also include information on your products and/or services.

This is a creative way to connect to your target audience in a personal way, provide a boost to your public relations, and build morale – both in the office and among consumers. Keep it fun and simple! You will find that these types of videos are shared frequently on social media platforms. That means, if one takes off, you will experience even MORE views than you originally thought!

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