In an era where consumers are constantly connected to the internet, the rules associated with customer engagement are consistently evolving. Today’s internet users are being consistently exposed to a vast amount of promotional-based content on various channels.

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In fact, it has been established that advertising is an integral component of our lives.

As a result, businesses should create a digital marketing campaign that steps outside of tradition and incorporates the use of video.

By placing a focus on video integration, you will add value, a high level of authenticity, and an immense amount of information to your digital marketing campaign; therefore, increasing its overall success.

Statistics Supporting Video Integration

When considering the importance of adding video to your digital marketing campaign, consider the following statistics:

  • A recent consumer study conducted by Microsoft concluded that internet users are only prepared to spend approximately 8 seconds on any source of information; that is, unless additional value is provided. Most agree that videos provide that additional value.
  • Approximately 70% of all consumers state that they have engaged in the act of sharing a video from a brand.
  • A total of 72% of all businesses that integrate videos into their digital marketing campaign state that their conversion rate has been drastically improved.
  • 52% of all consumers have stated that product videos help in establishing their confidence level when making online purchases.
  • A third of all activities that occur online is watching videos.
  • Each day, at least a half a billion internet users watch videos on the Facebook platform.
  • Every single second, at least one million minutes of video-based content is expected to cross IP networks across the globe by the year of 2021.
  • Currently, a total of 85% of the entire audience in the United States watches videos on the World Wide Web.
  • A total of 87% of ALL online marketers are using video content in their digital marketing campaign and this is expected to continue to grow by the year of 2019 and beyond.

The 1:1 Video Approach

Most know and understand that film equipment and production carry a hefty cost.

The good news is, with the emergence of the high-quality cameras included on smartphones and other mobile devices, this expense is no longer posing any negative effects on internet marketers.

In fact, most businesses and those involved with internet marketing are now creating personalized videos with these devices.

This is identified as the “1:1 Video Approach” and is becoming the way to go in today’s advertising world.

You no longer have to be a professional to create “professional” videos. You just have to be personable.

Yes, you read that right! By using the standard devices currently available and creating personalized videos, you can experience an instantaneous boost to the success of your digital marketing campaign.

It’s All About Engagement

All those monotonous and highly informational videos are no longer desired by today’s internet users. Instead, consumers are seeking engagement. In order to ensure that your videos are a success, you must know and understand that it is all about engagement.

In a world where consumers are consistently lost within their constantly connected devices, they are seeking to engage with others that are engaged in the virtual world.

This includes businesses.

There are several platforms where engagement is the basis of success for online marketers. Examples include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and those that are similar in nature.

Go Live

To provide a boost to your digital marketing campaign, you should ensure that you “Go Live” as much as possible.

These videos display you as a “real” person. It helps to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of you and your products, allows for a candid view of who you are, and allows consumers to interact with you on a personal level.

People absolutely love the “candid camera” aspect of live videos.

If you want to reach higher levels of success, opt for the “Live” feature at your disposal.

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