Technology is known to evolve quite rapidly. Trends in the world of web design are no different. Specific elements and features utilized on websites that were once considered to be advanced, innovative, and modern are known to become overdone, cliched, and boring as time progresses. In fact, if your website appears to be outdated or fails to adhere to today’s unique standards, it is quite possible to have an extremely low conversion rate, or no conversion rate at all. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn about the latest and greatest in today’s website design trends and will learn why those trends are an effective means of building a business that is reputable and produces immense profits.

Bold, Oversized Lettering

In recent years, headlines and subheadings that are bold and in oversized letters are all the rave. What started out as a “trend” has now emerged as a standard in the industry.

This is because of the fact that they instantly draw attention.

Additionally, it has been found that this helps internet users scan the page for the information that they seek.

Long gone are the days when internet users have to read through long, mundane pages just to pick out the bits and pieces of information that they desire. Now, they can instantly discover this information.

Combined with a flattering background and the use of just the right number of images, bold, oversized lettering is also very appealing to the eyes. Not only will you find that this trend increases your conversion rate, but you will also find that your visitors return time and time again!

The Asymmetrical Grid

Web Design Trend - Asymmetrical Grid

In the earliest days of the web, designers attempted to create a balanced appearance by carefully ensuring complete symmetry. While this resulted in beautiful aesthetics, many internet users discovered that this particular website design was not very user-friendly. That is because one component seemed to hold just as much importance as another component on the site.

Then, emerged the asymmetrical grid.

Not only was this different, but it provided a ton of freedom for website designers. Now, it is considered to be the new “norm”. Users are capable of instantly discovering the most important features and elements of the page, while moving from one component to another – with ease! This grid design allows you to quickly outline the areas of focus for your visitors and – in its own way – guides your users exactly where you want them to go -such as a landing page for your most popular product and/or service! has an entire web design course dedicated to the Asymmetrical Grid.

The Art of the Hidden Navigation System

Hamburger Menu

When websites first emerged, there was always a heavy emphasis on your navigation system. You wanted it big, bold, and right out there in the faces of your visitors. This is no more. Now, the hidden navigational system is what’s in!

This works in correlation with the concept of “minimalism”.

While all of us are starving for information, we all want to experience the path of least resistance, so to speak. We prefer to look at a clean, easy website design that gives us just the right amount of information to get to where we need to be.

There are numerous strategies for implementing hidden navigation on your website. You may use small buttons that open up a menu when hoovered over, a standard mid-sized button, or even incorporate other features – such as videos – that will lead individuals to the menu that opens up the “wealth” of information that you have set up for your website visitors.

Illustrations and Graphics

Dynamic GIFs, specially-designed illustrations, and infographics – are immensely popular. In fact, they are just as popular now as they were when they first emerged. If you are in search of a website trend that is here to stay, illustrations and graphics will surely light your way!

These are capable of serving data in a visual way, transforming standard content into a billboard hit, and are often used to provide personality and life to websites.

When using illustrations and graphics in website design, be certain that the content does not slow down the loading time or response time of your pages. If so, you will need to either change to a compressed file, a smaller file, or forego the imagery completely.

If possible, though, try to avoid complete elimination. Illustrations and graphics will drastically enhance the appearance of your website. If possible, they should be used to liven up your business and the virtual space that represents it.

Video Usage

In the earliest days of the internet, it was very difficult to integrate videos onto a website because the files were just too heavy for the servers. It would slow down the loading time and the response rate of the site. Video files were just too bulky and too difficult to work with; however, now they are immensely popular.

They capture attention, they are capable of interacting with your visitors, and they beckon the curiosity. Now, you can even place a video as the background of your website. In most instances, the files are designed in such a way that they do not affect loading speed or response times.

They will draw the interest of your target audience and captivate them. This is a trend that is sure to continue. If you want to have a stylish, professional website, always attempt to incorporate some time of video into it. The movement from such an element is sure to draw in and maintain the attention of your target audience.

Split-Screen Website Design Elements

Split Screen Layout

Originating – mostly – in the year of 2019, the split-screen website design is a trend that is definitely here to stay. This design features helps to organize content on a website and provides an enhanced level of visual flow.

It actually works on the concept of a traditional design, but stacks the content in a side-by-side manner.

Best of all, it is highly responsive. It does not matter if it is viewed on a desktop PC, a tablet, or a mobile device, internet users are able to see all of the elements of the page perfectly and access the information that they are seeking quickly and effectively. It is usually set up from left to right; however, depending on the product it is being viewed on, it may be stacked. Regardless, it is easy to navigate and highly appealing.

The Parallax

Parallax Design Trend

What if we told you that it is possible to design your website with 3D elements that will actually scroll as your website visitors scroll? This has recently emerged as a website design trend and promises to remain a trend for some time to come.

It is referred to as “The Parallax”.

It seems that its overall effectiveness rests in the fact that it creates a memorable experience for the web user. It is completely unique and has a high level of interaction. There are many creative methods that may be used to set this type of design element up on your website. If you choose to integrate this, it is advised that you seek the assistance of a website design company as these professionals will be able to set up the site to your advantage. A way that is truly unique to your business and works for your customers.

Incorporating the Use of Organic-Based Shapes

Once, sharp lines that were heavily restricted were the norm for website designers. Over time, though, it was established that this really restricted the design process.

Today, the new trend is natural shapes – which are often asymmetrical and highlights imperfections.

You may wonder how this is viewed as the in and the strict lines and sharp images of the past are viewed as what is what’s out. The relaxed imagery and organization help people feel more relaxed and more comfortable while they are on your website. It creates a human element that allows people to explore and interact, with ease.

By using organic, natural shapes and imagery on your website, you will discover that your visitors spend more generous amounts of time exploring what you have to offer. In the end, this will result in massive amounts of conversions.

The Microinteractions

Web Design Trend - MicroInteractions
source: pixabay

There are small design elements that will help provide your website with a little more personality. They almost seem to breathe new life into your site. These are referred to as “microinteractions”. If you have ever noticed an element on a website change, light up, or perform animations when you hoover over it or click on it, you have experienced a microinteraction. It is a small design element that will make a large impression on both your visitors and your conversion rate. The best part is, it is possible to get truly creative with these elements. It almost allows you to interact and communicate with your website visitors, even when you are not there to do so.

Lightening-Speed Load Times

Page Speed Score

When it comes to website design trends, lightening-speed load times is at the top of the list. This trend will never grow old! According to research, if a page does not load quickly or a link does not present a resource in 2 seconds or under, an internet user will quickly veer away from a site. When it comes to SEO and conversion rates, lightening-speed load times is an absolute must. The performance of a website has a direct impact on its overall bottom line. If your site does not load quick, it will be ranked at the bottom. Your financial “bottom line” will be non-existent. By working with a company that designs websites and helps you create your site, you will never have to worry over missing out on this trend, but if you do – somehow – miss out on this trend, you will miss out on virtually every possibility for success that you could have achieved by having a site.


Chat Bubbles
source: pexels

Today’s internet users no longer want to interact with the boring, mundane, and seemingly unhuman websites. They want to see interactive features that are personalized and human. This is where chatbots come into play. These will instantly start up a conversation with your visitors, based on many factors that are being analyzed by the program that you elect to use. For example, many may keep track of searches conducted on your website. In turn, they will take that information, make an attempt to connect with the user, and encourage solutions pertaining to their searches. This creates a customized experience for each individual that visits your site. In addition to being interactive, the personal touch may be just what is needed to transform that internet user into a customer!

Voice-Activation and/or Search Features

OK Google Voice Search on Smart Phone

By far, one of the most critical trends of website design today are voice-activated features and/or various types of voice search features. People are no longer taking the time to search for information that they seek. They are simply talking into their devices in order to make an inquiry or conduct an internet search. Right now, voice features are not considered to be commonplace, but as we advance in technology, these features are going to take off. It is much easier to speak than to type. It is faster. You should make certain that you incorporate voice-activation and/or voice features on your website so that you can be a part of the one trend that promises to be extremely relevant and profitable in the coming years.

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